Batman Gifts

The Most Popular Batman Gifts on AmazonAre you a fan of Batman? Batman might be your coolest superhero today. Even me, he is my coolest hero. This is because he has no superpowers. Typically, he is just a regular and normal guy. Uses gadgets to tame the wicked and wildest villains. Behind Batman’s mask, there is a truly a genuine, kind-hearted person. Without counting the millionaire things, the Batmobile and Batcave thing, Batman gifts are always promising and incredible.

After I searched online and in the market, I found amazing batman merchandise. The cool batman gifts will still make you happy and lively. Most of the people have become diehard fans of Batman gifts. I know, you would love to have many Batman gifts. However, you need to make an informed decision when choosing the best Batman gifts to buy.

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Here are the Best Batman Gifts:

Batman Comics

Batman: A Death in the Family Hardcover

The Batman: A Death in the Family comic is one that stands out from the other ones. The reason for that, is that the readers were allowed to vote on the story for this one. Did you know what the readers decided? That Robin had to die… You need to have the hardcover version of this one.

Batman: The Killing Joke, Deluxe Edition

Batman: The Killing Joke has become a classic and an absolute bestseller. It has received more than a 1000 5 star reviews and we would even give more if we could. This comic is a must-have for every Batman fan. The story really balances on the edge of insanity and it will be something you have never read before.

The Batman Who Laughs

Before you read this one, we should warn you. This is probably one of the craziest Batman comics of all time. The Batman Who Laughs is not for the soft hearded. In this hardcover version, you will encounter the most terrifying version of Batman ever. To quote: “A Batman who laughs is a Batman who always wins.”

Batman Statues

Batman Black & White Statue

This Batman Black & White Statue is the best value for our money. It only costs around $70 which is an absolute bargain. If you are a collector, line this one up right across some villains like the Joker. You can just feel the tension right there.

The Batman Who Laughs & Robin Minions Deluxe Statue

This statue is just an absolute masterpiece, if you are really into Batman supervillains. You should definitely check the Joker statues that we have listed.

Batman by Brian Bolland Mini Statue

If you haven’t read The Killing Joke, you should. It is one of the best Batman stories. This Batman statue is based upon that comic and you can even pair it up with the Joker statue which is also available. It is sculpted by David Giraud and only 5000 were made.

Batman by Frank Miller Statue

This polynesian Batman statue is based on the art Frank Miller. It stands 12″ tall and it displays Batman in a way you rarely see him. It shows Batman completely out of breath, beat up and clothes torn apart. This ravaged and gritty looks makes this statue unique and a great gift for Batman fans.

Batman Family Statue

This Batman Family Statue is still in preorder when I found it. But I actually really love it. It shows Batman in a way you rarely seem him. This statue stands over 15″ tall and displays six different characters like Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl,…

Batman Shirts

Funny Batman Shirt

This is one of my favorite Batman shirts as it is so hilarious. “I’m not saying I’m Batman. I’m just saying. Nobody has ever seen me and Batman in a room together.” You can see the grin on peoples faces when they are reading it.

Batman Action Figures

Justice League Batman Action Figure

When buying an action figure for kids, there’s actually one thing you should look out for. Will it break when it falls on the ground. We did the test and this one did not. This Batman Action Figure is an absolute bestseller across the market and got great reviews across the board. You can’t go wrong here.

Tactical Batman Action Figure

This Tactical Batman Action Figure looks like it came right out of the set of Justice League. It has more than 30 points of articulation and features a two head portrait. On top of that, it even comes with a lot of acessories like a trio of Batarangs, three grenades and the iconic grappling gun.

Arkham Knight Action Figure

Not sure if it is possible but I think I’m in love with this Arkham Knight Action Figure. The details on this one are amazing. I actually don’t use him as an action figure but more as a statue as it looks so good anywhere you put it.

Batman Cosplay

Batman vs Superman Costume

Dress up like Batman from the Batman vs Superman movie. The suit is made of 100% polyester so it has to be handwashed which is quite a downside. But you will look like a boss in this costume. Before I forget, the costume comes in 2 sizes: standard & extra-large.

Classic TV 1966 Batman Suit

This is the Classic TV Batman Suit replica that Adam West wore in 1966. As soon as you put it on, you will feel the urge to fight crime while yelling Pow and Bang! Everybody will call upon your help on the next costume party.

Batman Who Laughs Helmet

This Batman Who Laughs Helmet is absolutely amazing. If you are planning to scare some people or want to win the office costume party, this should easily do it. The helmet is made out of liquid plastic and acrylic paint. It is also still possible to see through it as this is quite important.

Batman Funko Pop

Funko Batman: Arkham Knight

The Funko Action figures have become insanely popular over the last years. There are also a big amount of Batman Funko figures but our favorite by far is this Batman: Arkham Knight action figure. The design is based on the Batman: Arkham video game series.

Funko Classic Batman

If you are low on budget but still want to give a great Batman gift, you should go for this Funko Classic Batman. Every Batman collector would love to have one of these and now it is yours for the taking for a very cheap price.

Funko Batman with Light Up Bat Signal

Funko got insanely popular over the last years as they have released a lot of DC Comics heroes and foes for an affordable price. This one displays Batman and Commissioner Gordon with a working bat signal.

Batman Books

The Ultimate Batman Training Manual

So you want to become the Batman yourself, this Batman: The Ultimate Training Manual will help you with that. What kind of skills will you learn with this book? How to train a sidekick, survive a poisin gas attack or how to throw a grappling hook. But our favorite sections were How to Throw a Batarang & How to Make a Batsuit.

Batman V Superman: Tech Manual

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is a Tech Manual Hardcover published on March 22, 2016, by two authors, Adam Newell, and Sharon Gosling. It introduces a beautiful book volume that reviews thoroughly the props, sets, and vehicles used on Batman vs. Superman.

Batman Leather Journal

This Batman Leather Journal is a very unique gift that you won’t see often. It is perfect for those who want to take notes in style or want to keep track of things. It is beautifully bound thanks to the real red leather. It is the perfect Batman birthday present.

Batman Batarang

The Dark Knight Rises Movie Batarang

If you are a big fan of The Dark Knight trilogy and want something that looks like it came right out of the movie. You should definitely go for this Batarang. It is actually made of metal so be careful with it. But also try it out one time, just for the kick.

Batarang 1:1 Scale

The batarang is probably one of the most iconic props in comic history. This Batman Batarang was designed after the batarangs used in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and Justice League. It is one of our favourite props that any Batman would like to have!

Emergency Batarangs Wallmount Display

Do you know what every household needs? Yes, that is right Emergency Batarangs! You never know when darkness is knocking on your door and you better can be prepared. These are real Batman Batarangs made out of stainless steel, so be careful!

Batman Gifts For Men

Batman Rebirth Cowl

The perfect gift for the true Batman fan. This full scale Batman Mask looks like you got it from the Dark Knight himself. The pedestal display is included so the only thing you have to do, is to find a good place to display it. Only 5000 were made of these.

Batman Apron

This Batman apron is the perfect gift for men who like to cook and want to be a superhero at the same time. It is 100% cotton and can be machine washed so you don’t have to worry about that. With this apron, you can make super powered dinners and look great all together.

Funko Batman Keychain

Take Batman everywhere you go with this Funko Batman Keychain. Nobody will ever dare to steal your keys again when you have the Dark Knight guarding them 24/7. The keychain is around 1.5″ tall and you can even add more as there’s also Wonder Woman and Superman available.

Batman Gifts For Women

Batgirl Glow in the Dark Tank Top and Panty Set

This pair is made up of 95% Cotton, and it is licensed for sale by DC Comics merchandise. It comes with a fantastic Batman logo that is accompanied by a batgirl glow. If you like outdoor sports, it can be used as a cosplay or even an official costume that has a vest and matching underwear.

Batman Off Shoulder Slouch Top

It is the best gift for any modern woman. It has a well-made slashed boat neck that makes it look amazing. It comes in different colors and sizes that can fit people of varying body sizes. The 5% elastane and the 95% viscose make the Oops Outlet Women’s Batman Off Shoulder Tops the best for young growing ladies.

Batman Kitchen Timer

There’s nothing more annoying than those kitchen timer with bells. Well, that’s now all over thanks to this Batman Kitchen Timer. It will cast the bat signal on the wall when it is ready. You will never over cook or burn your food again!

Batman Gifts For Kids

Batman Bed

If you want to make sure that your kids sleep like a superhero, you should go for this Batman Bed. It only costs around $70 so it is quite the steal. Its dimensions are 29.5″ width, 54.25″ depth and 17.25″ in height.


The Batbot from Fisher-Price is an absolute bestseller. It has more than 600 5-star reviews and includes 100 sound effects & phrases. It has 2 modes which are robot & tank and you can control it easily via the include remote control.

Batman Malone Teddy Bear

Finding a Batman gift for babies and toddlers is probably the thoughest task a person can have. I’m pretty sure that even the Dark Knight would have trouble completing this quest. But this Batman Malone Teddy Bear will solve all of that. It is so cute that any infant would fall in love with it instantly.

Hotwheels Elite Batmobile

A couple of years ago, Hot Wheels released their Elite line which included some iconic cars. This Batmobile is actually one of them. Because it is it part of the Elite line, it is highly detailed and it is made of metal and plastic.

Lego Batmobile

This Lego Batmobile is the perfect challenge for boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 14 years old who love Batman. The pack even includes Batman, Robin, Man-Bat and two Kabuki Twins figures. The design comes right out of the Lego Batman Movie.

Batman Chair

This Batman Chair is perfect for kids. It is made out of hardwood and faux leather. Therefore it is very easy to clean as this is necessary when you have kids. It can hold up to 100 pounds so the quality is good to last a couple of years.

Batman Video Games

Batman Arkham Games

Batman Arkham games were voted to Game of the Year and we couldn’t agree more. The storyline was exceptional, the fighting was outstanding and the riddles were superfun to solve. This is the best Batman gift that you can buy for any gamer.

Batman: Arkham Origins Collector’s Edition

The Batman Arkham games are still one of the best video games that was released till this day. If you are a big fan, you should have a look a this Batman: Arkham Origins Collector’s Edition. It has a lot of extras like Batman Wanted Poster, Batwing Prototype Schematic, a blu-ray documentary + a very cool Joker statue.

Batman Arkham City Escape Board Game

The Batman Arkham City Escape Board Game is completely based on the game that we all know and love. You will need 2 players to play the game. One player to play as Batman and one player to play as the villians. The game will last around 45 minutes. It is the perfect combination between a board game and video game.

Batman Board Games

4D Batman Gotham City Puzzle

This 4D Batman Gotham City Puzzle is really fun. It has 1000 pieces so it will take you some time to complete. But we also love the extra features it has like the mini-led bat light located on the top of the police department. It even includes an official guide full of facts and trivia about Gotham city

The Batman Chess Set

Want to teach your kids how to chess? But they think the current board is too boring? Give it a try with this The Batman Chess Set. The board is made by the Noble Collection who are guarantee for exceptional quality. To top it off, it is also officially authorized by Warner Brothers.

Batman Playing Cards

These Batman Playing Cards are just amazing. You can now host your very own Dark Night poker nights and feel like Bruce Wayne. It is an officially licensed DC Comics product and you can keep your cards safe and dry thanks to the all-black storage tin featuring the Bat symbol.

Batman Collectibles

Batman Returns Penguin Commando

Oh, if you are looking at this piece. You are true Batman fan. This is a life-size Batman Returns Penguin Commando. It is the perfect replica coming right out Tim Burton’s Batman Returns which featured an amazing Danny DeVito. This only for the true collectors hwo have the money.

Detective Comics #225

If you are looking for a good investment, you might want to consider investing in comics, especially rare comics. Like this Detective Comics #225 which is a very rare piece. It is rare because it has the first appearance of the Martian Manhunter.

Batman (1989) & Batmobile Art Collectible Set

This Batman & Batmobile Art Collectible Set is only for the true collectors. Everything is based on the 1989 Tim Burton movie. What makes these so exclusive, is that everything is made out of polystone and is handpainted. So the quality is absolutely amazing.

Cheap Batman Gifts Which Are Still A Success

Batarang Bottle Opener Keychain

Could there be any cooler way than opening a bottle with a Batarang? I honestly don’t think so and that is why we have listed it here as a cool thing. For a very low price, you can now own the most feared prop by any villain.

Batman Mug

Drink your coffee or tea with your favourite superhero Batman. There are numerous of Batman mugs for a very low price. The only thing that you have to choose is the design that you think, would be the right fit.

Batman Tin Retro Sign

Give your house or man cave a very cool retro look with this Batman tin sign. You can choose out of 10 designs which even includes the legendary comic book covers. These tin signs are 12.5″ width and 16″ height. It has great quality for a very low price.

Batman Christmas Gifts

Batman Cape Socks

This completely made my day today as I found socks with a cape! This Batman cape socks are great when you’re having a super day. The cape attached to the sock is also hilarious and will cheer up every person in the office during the Christmas party.

Batman Ugly Christmas Sweater

This officially licensed Batman Christmas jumper is fully knitted with a patch embroidery design featuring Batman and The Joker in their original animated designs from the classic 90s TV show. Featuring a gag based on the Jingle Bells, Batman smells rhyme, this Xmas geeky sweater has Christmassy details and Batman logos.

Batman Jar Light

If you are looking for a great Batman lamp, you should go for this Batman Jar Light. It stands around 4 inches tall and can be powered by batteries or USB. Also, it is a officially licensed product and a very cool Batman gift.

Batman Watch

Batman Smartwatch

The Batman Smartwatch is actually a very funny gift. When you achieve your health goals, you can unlock secret content but also fight crime! If you are a Batman fan and looking for a way to get into shape and want to have some fun at the same time. This is just perfect for that.

Batman Blanket

Batman Hoodie

Other Batman Gifts

Batman Cowl Light

This Batman Cowl Light is a great and not expensive Batman Gift. The Cowl is able to light up and as extra you get a 48-page hardcover book. In this book, you can read about the many costumes the Dark Knight wore over the years.

Metal Die-Cast Bat-Signal

This Metal Die-Cast Bat-Signal is something that every Batman fan wants to have. The Bat signal is able to turn 360° thanks to the rotatable base. It is completely made out of metal and can project up to 20 feet.

Batman: Year One

Batman: Year One has been reviewed as one of the greatest Batman graphic novels of all time. It’s an absolute masterpiece created by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. If you don’t know where to start reading when it comes to Batman. Batman: Year One will fix that. IGN calls it “one of the most important comics ever!”

Batman Soap

If you know somebody who doesn’t like to take a bath but is a Batman fan. That challenge is now resolved with this Batman mini bar of Soap. It has a fresh milk and cocoa butter scent. So you can now fight crime and still smell super fresh.

Dark Knight Grappling Launcher

Still looking for a Grappling Launcher and you didn’t like the first one we showed you in this list. You can always go for this Dark Knight Grappling Launcher. It is hand-painted and made of cold-cast porcelain. It is also limited edition to 1,500 pieces.

Batman Classic 1966 Bust

We all love Adam West and now you can even add him to your collection with this Batman Classic 1966 Bust. The bust is around 6 inches tall and designed by Barry Bradfield. If you are a big fan of the Classic Batman, this should be for you.

Lego The Tumbler

The best toys for kids is where they play and learn at the same time. This Batman Lego Tumblr will do just that. It has 1869 pieces so the kids will need some help from an adult. But this opens up a great opportunity to spend some time with the kids. It even includes Batman and The Joker minifigures.

Batman Armory

If you are a Batman fan, you have probably dreamed of having access to Batman’s Armory. When now you can. Ok, it is only 12 inches tall but it really looks amazing. Maybe, you can start with a small one and look through our posts. So you can start a bigger one.

Steampunk Batman

If you are looking for a Batman figure that stands out from all the rest, you should take a look at this Steampunk Batman. It has a transparent chest piece that reveals multiple gears and cogs which is super cool.

The Bat-Pod

Also, coming out right of the Dark Knight Trilogy is this Bat-Pod statue. It is made by The Noble Collection which stands for great quality. It is made out of diecast metal and measures around 11″. The display is included as well.

Batman Grappling Hook Gun

If you want to start your own Batman Armory, you need to own a Batman Grappling Hook Gun. This should be your next piece after the Batarang. This Grappling Hook Gun is a piece of art. It is handmade and only costs between $40 and $50. You won’t find any better for that price which is handmade.

Batman FAQ

Who created Batman?

Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. He made his first appearance in 1939 in the comic: Detective Comics #27.

Who are the actors who played Batman?

– Lewis G. Wilson (1943)
– Robert Lowery (1949)
– Adam West (1966)
– Michael Keaton (1989)
– Val Kilmer (1995)
– George Clooney (1997)
– Christian Bale (2005)
– Will Arnett (2013)
– David Mazouz (2014)
– Ben Affleck (2016)
– Robert Pattinson (2021)

How tall is Batman?

Batman is 6′ 2″ or 188 cm.

Who trained Batman?

This is actually a complex question as there are several timelines but the most complete list is this one:

– Henri Ducard or mostly know as Ra’s Al Ghul. The leader of the League of Assassins. Looking objectively, he’s probably the trainer who taught him the most: Surveillance, stealth, self-defense, ninja training,…
– Harvey Harris (Detective from Gotham City): Taught Bruce the art of investigation like fingerprinting, deductive reasoning,…
– Ted Grant who you might also know as Wildcat. He was considered the best boxer in the world and taught Bruce boxing and hand-to-hand combat.
– Lady Shiva, master assassin. When Batman recovered from his broken back, she trained him to get his instincts back. Refresher course in fighting and stealth.
– Bruce is a master of martial arts from around the world. He is trained in over 127 martial arts and a master of senses + pain suppression.
– Autodidact: Bruce schooled himself in chemistry, languages, math, art, science and criminal psychology, …

When is Batman Day?

Did you know that there is a Batman day? It is every year on the third Saturday of September. Several cities put up a Bat Signal in honor of Ol Pointy Ears.

What is Batman’s weight?

Batman weighs 210 lbs or 95 kg.

What is the color of Bruce Wayne’s hair?

It is black.

What color are Bruce Wayne’s eyes?

They are blue.