As a big fan of the Caped Crusader, I really wanted to give you my top 10 Best Batman Action Figures. I have divided them in Batman action figures for kids and for adults. They are great batman gifts for kids but also adults.

Here are the Best Batman Action Figures

Batman Action Figures For Kids

Bestseller: Batman 12″ Action Figure

This officially licensed DC Comics Batman action figure features the fan-favorite caped crusader in his iconic suit from the comics features a heft 12-inch scale and a very accurate representation of the superhero from the classic comics. The figure features a fabric cape for realism, as well as a highly detailed sculpt inspired by the character from the “Catch Me If You Can” mission. It 11 points of enhanced articulation, maximizing the potential poses and allowing the recreating of combat scenes to act out stories. The durable figure and lack of accessories make this safe for children and ready for playtime.

-Detailed sculpt accurate to the classic design of the character
-11 points of articulation for poses and acting out combat scenes
-Safe for children and has no choking hazard
-No accessories and no display mount included

This Batman action figure from DC is an officially licensed collectible with great features to make it the perfect collectible or toy. It is perfect for children, collectors, hobbyists, and fans of the masked superhero from the famous Justice League. Whether it’s acting out scenes or displaying in your collection next to other DC Comics superheroes, this Batman action figure is up to the task.

Batman Action Figure: 5 Pack

Are you looking for the ultimate superhero action figure collection? Well, how about the Batman Missions DC Action Figures collection. This collection is a 5-pack bundle that comes with both black and grey suit Batman action figures, Robin, Nightwing and of course – The Joker. These are some of the most sought after action figures in toy stores all over the world.


– Great Addition To Your Existing Collection: If you already own action figures from other hit comic superhero films, then you will definitely want to add the characters from DC’s Gotham City to your collection.
– 6-Inch Action Figures: The action figures in this collection are designed and molded according to strict industry standards. The weight and height is just right. Young kids and super hero fanatics will definitely enjoy the Batman Action Figure: 5 Pack.
– 5-Point Articulation: You can expect superior articulation with these amazing action figures.

– Not Safe For Children Under 3 Years: Unfortunately these superhero action figures are not deemed safe for children under 3 years.


The Batman Action Figure: 5 Pack is an amazing superhero action figure package that you can get at an affordable price. The fact that you get 5 action figures in one pack is simply superb.

Justice League Batman Action Figure

The Justice League Batman Action Figure features an updated power suit and realistic movie details. Thanks to the 20 points of articulation, this action figure can help you tell your original version of Batman’s story. The detailed weapon accessory, the realistic costume, and the bonus piece will allow you to recreate your favorite scenes from the Justice League movie. If you are one of the Build A Figure Steppenwolf collectors, you’ll want this Justice League Batman action figure to be part of your collection. This is a standard action figure, and therefore doesn’t require batteries. It is overall a cool purchase.


– Good detail, durability and really nice articulation points that make this action figure a playable toy
– The torso for Steppenwolf is a great addition for collectors
– The new body-sculpt is much better than the previous ones in the series


– No bat gadgets such as batarangs and grapnel gun

In conclusion, this Justice League Barman action figure can make a great toy, but also an exquisite piece to collect and showcase together with other figures in the series. The nice articulations allow placing this figure in a wide array of incredibly dynamic poses. Also, the soft cape allows for placement in a batmobile.

Batman Beyond Action Figure

This Batman Beyond action figure from Mattel brings the famous superhero in his space battle suit into life with a detailed 6-inch figure. Fans of the DC Multiverse and Batman will enjoy this highly posable figure for their collection, display, and playtime. Featuring 14 points of articulation, various combat action and unique poses can be achieved with this action figure. The action figure’s accurate sculpt captures the details of the hero from the Justice League and comes with an interchangeable head and pair of hands for an assortment of poses. Four batarangs are included with the figure, along with a bonus piece of the character Lobo that you can collect with other pieces from different figures in the assortment to assemble an entire Lobo action figure.

-14 points of articulation for many posing possibilities
-Highly detailed and accurate to the on-screen Batman Beyond from Justice League
-Includes interchangeable parts, accessories, and a bonus piece to build a separate action figure
-Display mount not included

Mattel’s Batman Beyond action figure captures every detail of the beloved superhero from the Justice League in his special battle suit for space combat. This high-quality action figure will be enjoyed by kids, collectors, and fans of the masked superhero.

Robin 12″ Action Figure

If you are a fan of the famous Batman and Robin series, then you would probably love to own an amazing Batman or Robin action figure. Of course, there is no Batman without Robin. As you may already know, Robin is Batman’s handy sidekick who sometimes gets on his nerves. The Robin 12″ Action Figure is a perfect representation of Robin’s cheeky looks and dashing superhero costume. The sheer size of this action figure elicits feelings of drama and adventure.


1. Highly Detailed: This is one of the most detailed and artistic action figures you will find in the marketplace. The action figure features authentic comic styling and a cloth cape that makes it so vivid and realistic.

2. Size: At 12 inches tall, this action figure is a beast when compared to your average sized action figures. Your friends and play mates are bound to notice this action figure.

3. Excellent Addition To Your Collection


1. Not A Favorite For Older Kids: This Robin action figure may not be for you if you are in your late teens or early twenties.


Young kids who love the Batman and Robin series should definitely get the Robin 12″ Action Figure!

Batman Action Figures For Adults

Yamaguchi No. 009 Batman Action Figure

The Yamaguchi No. 009 Batman Action Figure, in its dark suit, has the power to protect the city of Gotham from the bad guys. The figure enjoys a great flexibility, thanks to its newly structured shoulder blade parts. Also, the new design of the cape allows it to mimic a “bat wing,” thus making the figure look cool and realistic. This version of Batman comes with two interchangeable facial expressions and with interchangeable hands. A Batarang, a grappling gun and 10 optional cape parts complete the range of accessories included with this statue.


– Newly structured shoulder blade that offers expanded flexibility
– Multiple accessories such as two interchangeable facial expressions, interchangeable hands, a Batarang and a grappling gun, allowing for original and unique positions
– The excellent articulation and accuracy to the real Batman make this Yamaguchi figure one of the best in its class


– The cape requires a relatively high amount of work to put together

If you want a playable statue that’s flexible and realistic, the Yamaguchi No. 009 Batman Action Figure can be a great choice. Its cool design, its interchangeable facial expressions and hands, and its accessories make this an amazing toy for all Batman fans.

Batman Tamashii Nations Action Figure

The Bandai Tamashii Nations Batman Action Figure is sculpted with a great attention to detail. It features the Dark Knight, Batman, as he appears in one of the most popular games in this series, “Injustice: Gods Among Us.”
The figure comes with two types of interchangeable hand types. The two batarang, the bat grenade and the grapple gun will allow you to recreate your own version of the ultimate arch-nemesis battle story. This Batman Tamashii Nations action figure bears the official Bluefin Distribution logo that confirms its authentic license from this company. This means the item is fully compliant with all consumer safety regulations.


– The interchangeable hand parts and the excellent range of movement allow users to create their own version of the battle
– The original design face mask part and the meticulous detail make the figure extremely realistic
– The Bluefin Distribution certification is a guarantee that the figure complies with consumer safety regulations.


– The figure doesn’t come with a stand; the cape serves as the third contact point with the floor

If you are a fan of Batman, you should add this action figure to your collection, as it is a must-have item to recreate an important battle scene.

Batman Tactical Suit Action Figure

The Batman Tactical Suit Version action figure by Maf Ex features movie-accurate details from the film Justice League. The figure is 6 inches tall and boasts an excellent sculpt with great articulation features for a variety of unique poses. It has seamless joints, making it perfect for displays and photographs. The figure’s fabric cape has integrated wires to allow for molding and cape positioning, allowing for various effects. It comes with accessories including batarangs, grappling gun, Kryptonite gun, smoke grenades, mines, and a figure display stand. All features and accessories included allow for creative poses when putting the figure on display next to your collection, or to mimic scenes from the hit film Justice League.

-Extremely detailed sculpt throughout the figure
-Seamless joints for a realistic appearance
-High articulation allowing for many different poses

-No built-in mounts for included accessories


This Batman figure is a masterpiece from Maf Ex and is perfect for collectors, hobbyists, and toy photographers who are looking for a realistically detailed and film-accurate figure. With its seamless joints, excellent articulation, and a fabric cape with integrated wires, this figure offers a countless number of posing possibilities for photographs and displays.

Batman Arkham Asylum By Square Enix

If you played the game, you will know exactly what makes this Batman Arkham Asylum action figure so special. Maybe you remember the great action sequences? Or the atmosphere while gliding through the night sky? Or maybe you remember the distinct Batman suit? Well, you can trigger those memories with this incredibly detailed action figure by Square Enix. Imported from Japan with more than 26 points of articulation, as well as interchangeable items, this is more than a collector’s item. It is like the ultimate trophy for finishing the game. Plus, action figures at this scale do not get more detailed than this.


– The resembles between character and action figure is incredibly accurate

– More than 26 points of articulation

– Switch between different hands and weapons, among other things


– Some models have issues with the arms

Who Will Enjoy The Batman Arkham Asylum By Square Enix?

Given the level of stylings available, it is clearly an action figure for photo-passionate collectors. If taking professional photos (or even fun and basic selfies) is what you plan on doing, this is a very good purchase. But the same can be said for collectors in general. Just the amount of detail is worth a second look.

Batman Sparta Action Figure

The Batman Timeless Sparta Action figure is a must-have for all DC Comics fans and collectors. The pre-painted figure evokes the drama of the battle in a very realistic way, thanks to the heavy armor with intricate details depicting battle scars and metal damage.
The figure includes interchangeable hand parts and a display pedestal. The Batman icon wave and the Sparta military symbolism are very well represented in this noble image that reflects the intensity of a fierce battle. The almighty Sparta army and the Dark Knight Hero form an indestructible team, a surefire recipe for bravery and courage.


– The interchangeable hand parts allow for flexibility in choosing your desired look
– The realistic details, the battle scars and the armor damage contribute to creating a fierce image of this intense battle
– Good size and well proportioned figure


– The lack of detachable pommels make sliding things into the stiff hands a little difficult.

The beautiful details, the high-quality paint work, and the accessories recommend this Batman timeless Sparta action figure as a must for all Batman fans. This sturdy figure stands up just fine even when used without the pedestal, so you can choose to display it as you wish.