If you can’t get enough of Batman and don’t want to spend hours in front of a TV or computer screen, you should definitely take a look at this list of the Best Batman Board Games. It features board games for kids but also for adults. Hours of fun guaranteed!

The Best Batman Board Games:

Batman Gotham City Mystery Game

The Batman Gotham City Mystery Game is a unique game that allows you to play the character of Batman, Batgirl, Robin or Nightwing. Also, you can play the role of a Batman’s roguish enemies to defeat Dark Knight. It comes with four fully painted Hero movers.

Batman Almost Got IM Card Game

The Batman Almost Got IM Card is a Cryptozoic Entertainment 8 Player game which is quite easy to learn. It features a style from the classic werewolf public deduction-style game astute evolution. The public personas and the poker hands give the game players something to mummer about.

Batman: Gotham City Under Siege

Batman: Gotham City Under Siege is an IDW Games Animated Series that includes five highly detailed miniatures. The game design is by Richard Launius and Michael Giugliano. It also features an all-new artwork from tabletaffy and Leonardo ito. It’s a complete game you can play for hours.

Batman Road Trip Board Game

The Aquarius Batman Road Trip Board Game is an exciting strategy game that includes character pieces, action cards, scorecards, dice, evidence token, Batarang, and more. Inside this game, the player gets to travel through Gotham City, collect data, and create a strategy on how to fight the Villains.

Batman Fluxx Card Game

The Looney Labs Batman Fluxx Card Game comes as a game to give the chance to have fun with the dynamic friend’s duo in the card game, which is never the same twice. You get to draw one and play one. It is a game for every bat fan who want to spend time playing a game night in Gotham.

The Dark Knight Rises Game Box

The Dark Knight Rises Game Box by Batman Miniature Game is a collection of two full crews, vehicles, buildings, dice, and tokens. It comes with everything you need to play. It’s based on the events of the Batman Dark Knight Rises Movie.

Talisman Batman Board Game

In this Talisman Batman Board Game, you don’t take on the role of the Dark Knight but you’ll be one the iconic Batman super-villains. You have to sneak and fight your way through Arkham Asylum and escape without getting caught by Batman or his sidekicks. Can you be a super-villain?

50th Anniversary Edition The Batman Game

This is a steal for the collectors among you. This is an original 50th Anniversary Edition The Batman Game. It comes right out of 1989 and you can even play it in the dark thanks to the glow-in-the-dark board. The goal is to battle the foes and uncover their hideouts.

DC Comics Complete Batman Chess Set

If you are a Batman and chess fan, we have the perfect Batman present for you. This Batman Chess set was a huge success and the supplier is restocking as we speak so we you will have to be quick!

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles

The Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is a unique scenario-based miniatures board game created by Monolith Board Games LLC. When playing 2-4 players play to control the Dark Knight and allies in the never-ending war against crime via an open and asymmetrical game system.