If you want your kids to start early with a Batman addiction, you should definitely take a look at these great small batman Lego sets. They are low in price and have hours of fun guaranteed.

Here are the best Small Batman Lego Sets

Lego Mini Batmobile (84 Pieces)

This Lego Batmobile is an excellent addition to your Batman collection. This particular set contains 84-pieces of the well-loved Lego. The collectibles are of exceptional quality for durability. Also, the pieces come in handy to help you build three distinct vehicles of the popular Batman. What a great way to indulge in a fun-filled, exciting building game. These pieces come in an ideal polybag to keep them secure and compact for easy storage. The best part is, it comes with instructions so you will not have a hard time. As for the movie lovers, this is a great way to actualize and relive some of the scenes. The Mini ultimate Batmobile is a great gift choice for young kids.

Lego Batman vs The Riddler (59 Pieces)

This brilliantly designed kit allows your kids to be introduced to the great adventures of the iconic Batman. It is based on the Batman against the Riddler robbery scene. This toy playset has 59 pieces, featuring the Riddler and Batman mini-figures, everything you need to play. A simple guide is included to help children build the Batmobile from scratch. It is a fun yet creative game giving your children a learning experience as well. They can role-play some of the famous superhero stories in this thrilling game. The kit is designed to give kids a natural time building, given the starter brick chassis on the Batmobile.

Lego Joker Balloon (124 Pieces)

Are you a Batman fan looking for a more tangible and fun way to experience the great Superhero? Well, Lego had you in mind in their new building kit. It is based on the Joker balloon escape scene of your favorite movie. The 124 pieces in this set include Batman’s weapons, such as the grappling gun that has strings attached, and accessory elements such as his cape, utility belt, and Joker’s purple coat-tail among others. Also, it features Batman and Joker mini-figures, besides Joker’s balloon backpack that contains five balloons as well as two translucent flame elements. It is fully equipped to give you the ultimate thrilling experience. Relive the scene in Gotham City, where Batman was confronting Joker as you play out this game.

Lego Batman vs Scarecrow (141 Pieces)

Bring happiness to any child with this impressive building kit. If you are a movie lover, this is the ideal playset as it is inspired by the Batman movie, particularly the scarecrow scene. Join hands with your favorite Superhero to stop the scarecrow from spreading fear. This game set offers you a fun-filled experience with the included 141 pieces. With two mini-figures, Batman and Scarecrow, and other accessories, you have everything you need. It comes in a bag to keep your game pieces together after use for effortless storage. The building kit makes a cool birthday gift for youngsters.

Lego Junior Batcave (151 Pieces)

The Lego Junior Batcave kit by LEGO assures hours of fun for your child and friends. They can engage in the thrilling experience to help their favorite Superhero as well as Robin in defending the Batcave from the invader, Joker. It involves building and role-playing in this exciting hero against villain battle. This kit is designed to give kids an easy time to build, given the big starter bricks and quick –start bases. Not forgetting the simple manual to help all catch-up and play fast. This kit comes in handy to help you relive those favorite moments in the movie. The best part is, it is suitably compatible with all the other LEGO sets.

Lego Super Heroes Batman (155 Pieces)

The Lego Superheroes Batman set is a cute kit and fun to play with. It helps you recreate great scenes from the movie as you build. Batman is on his way to save Gotham City in the great battle of Talon assassins. With the 155 pieces included in this set, you can ride the great Batman’s bike into the struggle, attach some weapons to the bike and fire stud shooters. Experience all this thrill in one pack. It features Superhero mini-figures from DC Comics, among other accessories to meet all your needs. The set is an ideal gift choice for many kids who are enthusiastic fans of both Lego and Batman.

Lego Batman and The Joker Escape (171 Pieces)

This building kit is a good value for your money. You will not regret purchasing it when you see the joy and happiness on your child’s face. This toy playset is a great way to introduce your kids to the adventures of the well-loved Superhero Batman. It is easy to build thanks to the included simple guide so your kids can easily role play and have great fun. The 171 pieces are all-inclusive, so you have everything you need, from Harley Quinn’s bike, super-villain possessions, Batman’s Batcopter, Arkham Asylum security, prison wings, to the mobile catapult. It is complete with four Lego mini-figures; Batman, Harley Quinn, Joker, as well as a correctional officer. With all these, all you have to do is indulge in great adventures. This is one of my favorite small batman Lego sets.

Lego Batman, Mr. Freeze & Robin (200 Pieces)

If you are thinking of a great gift idea for your young one on his upcoming birthday, I advise you to check with LEGO. They have designed yet another great building kit to give your kids the ultimate fun-filled playtime. This Batcycle playset is great for Batman enthusiasts. With the two bikes, you can role play as either Batman or Robin in an adventure to catch Mr. Freeze. The Batcycle comes fully equipped with a grappling hook shooter, a stud shooter, and many more. It is designed with a split function and detachable weapons to assure a fun building and exciting play experience for your kids. Complete with three mini-figures, you have absolutely everything you need.

Lego Batjet (269 Pieces)

Yet another interesting Superheroes Batman Building kit from LEGO to spark your child’s excitement. Join Batman and Batwoman in an action-packed bid to save the world by conquering Omac and Brother Eye. They also have the golden opportunity to fly the Batjet to Brother Eye’s satellite. This kit has 269 pieces to enable you to create one of your adventures. You can open the cockpit, fire the stud shooters, and role play with the three mini-figures, Batwoman, Batman, and Omac cyborg. Your kids can recreate their favorite moments in the movie. The set is an excellent choice of a gift on any gifting occasion to the young ones.

Lego Batmobile & Joker (342 Pieces)

The Lego Batmobile building kit is a great little set for a DC or Batman fan. With the mini-figures, Batman and Joker, your kids can role-play and, at the same time, build a classic toy car model. Building the Batmobile from scratch offers unlimited fun and sparks children’s creativity while at it. The features are designed with beautiful details such as the eye-catching cockpit’s dashboard. With other accessories such as foldout stud shooters and spinning flame exhaust, your kids have everything they need to play. Also, this set is an ideal gift choice for Batman’s young die-hard fans.