The Best Doctor Strange Comics To Start With

There is some confusion on which of the best Doctor Strange comics to start with based on the new movie hitting theaters in November so we wanted to help by listing what we think are the top options. We know there are a lot of great choices so you won’t see every single volume/issue but hopefully this will help narrow things down.

Thanks to the self-contained nature of each comic book, plus the fact that many Dr. Strange stories deal with extradimensional concepts, it’s not difficult to jump into any given issue without feeling like you’ve missed out on four years’ worth of continuity. That said, there are enough gems throughout his 50+ year run (he’ll be celebrating his 60th anniversary next year) to make reading all of the Doctor Strange comics worthwhile and enjoyable for starting readers.

There are several different comic book series out there starring the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. With numerous arcs, characters and stories to get through, it’s hard for new readers to know where to start when looking for a Doctor Strange comic book title. That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the best Doctor Strange comics, along with lots of background info, so that you can jump right into the world of Stephen Strange and the Masters of the Mystic Arts without any confusion.

Doctor Strange: Strange Origin

The best Doctor Strange comics are the ones that put the character first and allow the reader to connect with him. Doctor Strange: Strange Origin is essential in understanding how the character works and will shape your relationship with him going forward. After that, you can read the comics as needed but they won’t give you all the background knowledge needed like this one. This keeps the story exciting and new for new readers while also rewarding experienced readers with insight into how different aspects of magic and science work in the world of Doctor Strange.

If you want to know how it all began for Doctor Strange, you don’t have to look any further. Doctor Strange: Strange Origin tells you everything that you need to know how Stephen Strange became the Sorcerer Supreme. This comic collection counts 136 pages and tells a great story about a surgeon with an attitude and a martial artist (Wong) with temper find out together the rules of magic.

(Image Credit: Marvel Comics)

Doctor Strange: The Oath

There are so many comic books out there featuring the incredible Doctor Strange that you could spend hours combing through them to find the very best comic book series featuring the Strange. Even if you’re not a comic book fan, there are moments in each issue that really stand out and make you feel like the story has some greater meaning. This is what you will experience with Doctor Strange: The Oath.

Where do you begin when you have to investigate an attempted murder? Now imagine where you have to begin when you have to investigate your own attempted murder? That is right! In Doctor Strange: The Oath, Stephen Strange has to take his paranormal investigation to the next level or let’s say to the next dimension in order to avoid being killed. Get ready for a trip that will bring you to the weirdest and darkest dimensions in the Marvel Universe.

(Image Credit: Marvel Comics)

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme

In Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme, you will be thrown from one great story in to another. This Omnibus is 1064 pages long so it will require some dedication in reading it but the stories you get in that Omnibus are amazing. Just to give you a couple of examples:

  • Doctor Strange is dead and Dormammu has taken control of his body
  • He will go toe to toe with foes like Hobgoblin and the Enchantress
  • He will face vampires like Baron Blood
  • The Silver Surfer makes his appearance
  • And many many many more (as it is 1064 pages long)

(Image Credit: Marvel Comics)

Doctor Strange by Mark Waid

For a lot of comic book fans, Doctor Strange was their first introduction to the world of comics — and an important one at that. It introduced readers to the world of magic and exotic locations, and introduced readers to the iconic sidekick of the story, Wong. While there have been numerous Doctor Strange spinoffs and movies based off of the comic book series, Doctor Strange by Mark Waid is a unique piece that everyone should have read.

Doctor Strange by Mark Waid will blow your socks off as soon as you start reading it. Simply because Doctor Strange is not able to perform any magic anymore. So what is the Sorcerer Supreme without his magic? Nothing actually. So in this volume, we will go on a quest with Iron Man to get Stephen Strange’s magic back.

(Image Credit: Marvel Comics)

Doctor Strange: The Way of the Weird

Stephen Strange is one of the biggest and most popular superheroes in existence; his adventures have been adapted into numerous movies and television shows spanning several decades. He stands as one of the most powerful and integral individuals in history, yet his origins are frequently misunderstood or overlooked.

In Doctor Strange: The Way of the Weird we find Stephen Strange in an unknown place with barely any clothes. There are no spell books or weapons to help him out. He doesn’t even know how he got there.

(Image Credit: Marvel Comics)

BONUS: The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange

In the Marvel Universe, there are many powerful individuals with superhuman abilities and backgrounds. One of the most powerful is Doctor Strange, a brilliant neurosurgeon who specializes in the removal of mental illnesses and the reconstruction of physical systems. Not only is Strange powerful beyond mortal comprehension, he is also incredibly patient with those around him—often to their detriment. Although he is immensely powerful, Doctor Strange prefers not to use his physical abilities for battle – instead using his vast mental prowess to shape reality around him to his will.

If you want to know more about Doctor Strange but you don’t have the time to read through a bunch of comics, you can always read The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange. It summarizes all the stories and facts in one book and gives you a deeper understanding of the Sorcerer Supreme. Add to that some amazing artwork and you have a collectible for every Marvel fan.

(Image Credit: Marvel Comics)

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