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Looking for the best gifts for an engineer?

Engineers have been around since the first men walked the earth.

According to the dictionary of Cambridge, the definition of Engineering is the use of scientific principles to design and build machines, structures, and other things, including bridges, roads, vehicles, and buildings.

If you see how the world is evolved in terms of engineering, you can only be amazed. Especially in the last 50 years, engineering has made an incredible leap forward. Just think of the smartphone, PC, aerospace,… and every day we still see new inventions come to life.

But what gifts for engineers should you buy? An engineer is a person who’s interested in seeing how things work or to create things. These type of gifts, you will be able to find in our list.

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To Engineer Is Human: The Role of Failure in Successful Design

It is a fantastic paperback written on ‘The Role of Failure in Successful Design.’ the book brings you the story on how a simple design error caused the great disaster of the 1980s, which was the collapse of the Kansas City Hyatt Regency Hotel walkways. It’s a book of many lessons which can be an excellent piece for any engineer. Find It Here

Ara the Star Engineer

Ara, the Star Engineer, is a perfect, inspiring, and inclusive book about computers and technology with real-life trailblazers. As a STEM book, it’s here to inspire a young girl with some computer and technology enthusiasts. It brings a story of Ara, a young girl who loves significant numbers and her sidekick droid, DeeDee. It’s an excellent gift for a computer engineer or someone who wants to be a computer engineer. Find It Here

101 Engineer Jokes For Engineers

Make someone’s day marvelous by gifting them this humorous book which is a collection of engineer jokes explicitly created for a scientific and mathematical minded person who appreciates a little smart added to the humor. It examines frustrations of a project, the struggles of engineering school, dealing with clumsy co-workers, and some science puns. Find It Here

The Wright Brothers

This hardcover by David McCullough is here to inspire you as an engineer and tell you the story-behind-the-story of the courageous Wright Brothers and their journey to flying. It is #1 New York Times bestseller and two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. As thrilling as the story is, you could inspire an engineer out there by gifting him/her with this hardcover. Find It Here

Industrial Gear Bookends

Keep your bookshelf tidy and well organized in an ‘engineer’ way by getting this Industrial Gear Bookends. They are Decor Rustic Vintage Styled bookends made from polyresin. They make a great addition to any home or office library and does add a style touch to your decor. They are also an excellent gift for any book lover, especially an engineer. Find It Here

The Martian

The Martian is a smart, thrilling, and surprisingly funny 2015 film that offers a faithful adaptation. It’s all about an astronaut who becomes stranded on Mars when his team assumed him dead and worked on relying on his ingenuity to find the best way to signal to Earth that he is still alive. It’s an excellent piece for any engineer. Find It Here

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game is a fun and inspiring film that tells a story of Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician and a father of computing. The movie celebrates the great mind of an engineer, and that would be more than inspirational for any engineer out there. It’s an excellent gift for any engineer. Find It Here

Impossible Engineering Season 1

Impossible Engineering is a series documentary that records several already-done impossible engineering as an educational, motivational, and inspiring piece. It details how some giant structures, war chips, record-breaking buildings, and space crafts were and are built and how they work. It’s an excellent gift for any engineer out there who wants to learn about past and modern engineering. Find It Here


Megastructures come as an eye-popping tour series giving you an insight into the greatest structures and machines that were ever created by human hands. The story shows some miracles of engineering, materials innovation, construction, and design. It’s inspiring, motivating, and educating series that any engineer would enjoy watching. Find It Here

How To Get An Engineers Attention Shirt

This Funny Engineering T-Shirt is an excellent attire for starting a conversation or showing some pride in engineering. It’s a great way to show some love for some engineering work and also an excellent crew shirt. The funny prints on it also set a new mood that people will keep reading while you walk along the street; it’s an attention catcher. Find It Here

Funny Engineering Shirt

This Funny Engineering T-Shirt comes as a funny-printed Mechanical Engineering T-shirt with a lightweight design and classic fit. The Shirt features a mechanical printing displaying how sophisticated engineering is in a humorous, ironic way. It’s perfect gift aerospace, chemical, biometric, civil, electrical, computer, and mechanical engineers. Find It Here

Engineer Definition Hoodie

A pleasant warmth and a way to showcase your engineering side is what you get when you acquire this Engineer Definition Pullover Hoodie. It’s a durably designed hoodie with the entire engineering definition. It’s a perfect geeky engineering gift with an elegant look, a classic fit, and a twill-taped neck. Find It Here

Tool Backpack

The Backpack is an electrician tool bag, a tradesman pro organizer with 25 pockets and a laptop compartment. Apart from having a durable ballistic weave construction, this backpack also has a unique design that gives it a special engineering touch. It’s a perfect tool back for keeping your engineering tools, making it an ideal engineer gift. Find It Here

Engineer Socks

Give yourself the mission to spread some happiness through socks by getting this Engineer Socks to a real engineer or someone who is aspiring to be an engineer. The HAPPYPOP Men’s Novelty Funny Socks combine a unique design approach and a love for a nicely-crafted product to turn an everyday accessory into colorful merchandise that also spreads happiness. Find It Here

Engineer Multi Use Tool

It’s more than a pocket knife; Engineer Multi-Use Tool is a uniquely and durably designed portable tool, an ideal gift for Dad from Daughter or Son, and a Unique Birthday Gift Idea for Men, Father or Him. It comes as an all-in-one tool Mini that any engineer who loves to have in their pocket or backpack. Find It Here

Funny Engineer Mug

As funny as it may seem, this humorous engineer mug is more than just a coffee mug, it’s a motivational and inspiration piece printed with encouraging prints printed on both sides. It comes as a high-quality ceramic coffee mug printed using superior ink, which will never fade or lose glow. It’s a perfect birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s gift. Find It Here

Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Cooks, and Good Food

Cooking for Geeks in perfect paperback for innovative geeks wanting to express their creativity instead of following recipes, wanting to learn how to cook better, and those curious about the science behind food cooking. It’s a great cookbook that brings you discovery, inspiration, and invention in the kitchen. It’s a perfect gift for any geek who enjoys cooking. Find It Here


Minecraft Starter Collection PlayStation 4 is a fun, exciting game you can play and share with your friends on a console, mobile, and Windows 10. With this game, you get to discover community creations in a single in-game store, access some new mini-games, and share the couch with four other players as you play on a split-screen. Find It Here

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 comes as a PlayStation 4 game, which is the next generation of the open-world gaming. It’s developed by Bethesda Game Studios and under the direction of Todd Howard. It’s a fantastic game; you can play with your fellow geeks and share some love. It does also make a great gift idea for any game engineer who loves Fallout games. Find It Here

Power Grid Deluxe

Rio Grande Games Power Grid Deluxe comes as a fun game requiring 2 to 6 Players with 90 minutes playtime. It’s a standalone game that brings you all the fun and joy of playing with your friends. The game makes a perfect time-passing game with lots of tricks. It’s an ideal way to spend some quality time with your fellow geeks. Find It Here

Vitascope Wooden Puzzle

ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle is a battery-free model featuring a small vintage-styled movie projector. As an extraordinary mechanical model kit, it can be a tiny film projector, and when the handle is turned, it shows 58 frames of film. It’s a high-quality puzzle kit with much engineering that will keep you busy. It’s a great Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday gift for mechanical engineer. Find It Here

Da Vinci Clock Kit

Da Vinci Clock Kit is a uniquely designed set that includes the Da Vinci clock assembly unit, a part opener, a clipper, and an English instruction paper. It can be assembled in a wall mount or standing with no battery needed. It’s a great vintage décor improvement piece making it a perfect engineering gift. Find It Here

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit brings a new and more natural way for kits to learn coding by controlling electronics with six-plus new block-based coding missions. It’s an award-winning of over 50 toy awards and gift guides. With it, your engineering-aspiring and -enthusiast kid or your friends’ kids can get creative and inventive if you game him/her as a gift. Find It Here

Nikola Tesla Engraved Quote Pen

Be it a gift for yourself and the engineers, scientists, inventors, nerds, and intellectuals; this Nikola Tesla Engraved Quote Pen can be a real motivation. The twist-style pen cap comes engraved with Nikola Tesla’s signature, which can be quite inspiring and motivating. It has a luxury fine writing pen that makes an ideal gift for scientists, engineers, inventors, and intellectuals. Find It Here

Engineers Black Book

Engineers Black Book 3rd Edition comes as an engineering handbook containing a wealth of useful, hard to find, practical and up to date information. It also has matt-laminated, greaseproof pages ensuring glare-free reading and extended life. With improved and updated searching, this handbook is perfect for any engineer who wants the best, organized notes. Find It Here

Electronic Word Clock

Give your home or office some unique and contemporary décor that this Light up Electronic Word Clock brings. It’s a finished copper clock with an LED light display. It doubles both as a clock and a vintage piece. The general design is an eye-catcher giftable to any engineer, scientist, or innovator. Find It Here

BattleBots Build Your Own

Are you an engineer, engineering student, or an aspiring engineer? If so, then this BattleBots Build Your Own to create remote-controlled combat. It comes with a convenient Snap-on customizable weaponry for some unique designs. Best of all, this giftable set allows you to stand with all new high-torque tank tracks. Find It Here

Multifunction Tool Pen Ruler

The pen comes as a 6-in-1 Multifunction Tool ideal for use as a Ballpoint Pen, Ruler, Stylus, Spirit Level, Phillips or Flat Head Screwdriver. It’s also compatible with all touch screens, smart devices, phones, and tablets. It’s durably made from aluminum, which makes it long-lasting and lightweight. The pen is a perfect Novelty Gift for Men, especially the engineers and handymen. Find It Here

Magnet Building Blocks

These Magnetic Blocks come in a 40-piece Set that includes magnetic cube building toys in assorted colors. The pieces are of simple design, yet with an unlimited imagination. As kids building block toys, they bring a whole new way for the kids to dream big and build big; it’s a great way to inspire an engineer enthusiast. Find It Here

The Evolution of Useful Things

The Evolution of Useful Things is that one perfect paperback that explains how everyday artifacts. It takes a microscopic look into the most interesting facts about objects that we count on but hardly contemplates such pins, fast food containers, and more. It’s a book to keep any innovators and engineers reading in their free time. Find It Here

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