The Best The Punisher Comics To Start With

The Punisher is one of the most interesting characters in Marvel comic universe. He not only has a huge arsenal which includes everything from sniper rifles to grenade launchers, but also great fighting skills. These are not the only reasons why you should be interested in him. Frank Castle is a character that keeps many things buried within himself and he doesn’t let anyone know about them. In the comics, we get to see this special side of him on several occasions.

He is an amazing character and his comics are absolutely brilliant. I love diving into his backstory. It’s fantastic to explore the incredible character of Frank Castle. Even though some might find it hard to read about a seemingly cold-hearted character, the Punisher brings out a different emotion in many readers. He is an anti-hero, whose brutal methods aren’t just to punish those who are bad; they also help him make sense of his world and cope with his loss.

Now that you know who The Punisher is, and why he’s such a great character, you might be interested in learning about his stories as well. Well, I’ve got them right here! I’m going to list the best Punisher comics to start with and that you should definitely check out.

Punisher: Max

Have you thought about reading The Punisher comics? Thinking about how they would tie into the larger Marvel Universe? The Punisher is a very strong, very interesting character, and seeing his actions played out in the pages of a comics series can be a satisfying way to explore the darker side of superheroes. It’s also an excellent place to get introduced to some of the more obscure characters in superhero lore surrounding Frank Castle. This guide was written for those who have already been introduced to the character(s) and would like more details about where they fit into the larger Marvel Universe.

In Punisher Max, we find the original story on what happened to Frank Castle and how he becomes a one man army called The Punisher. This comic collection counts 388 pages and should be your first step in reading The Punisher.

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Punisher: Born

The best graphic novel to start with is The Punisher – Born. This book is one of the best graphic novels ever written; it’s filled with action, adventure, horror, and moral ambiguity which makes it perfect for a new comic reader or seasoned comic book reader looking for something new.

The best comics are the ones that put a new spin on established stories. They offer fresh perspectives that address prevalent themes in today’s society. The Punisher: Born is about what war can do with a person and how to move forward in hopes of making a better world for our children and ourselves. What better way to start than with a masterclass in warrior ethics delivered by one of comics’ most avid practitioners?

In Punisher: Born, we find Frank Castle in Vietnam fighting the Viet Cong in the 70’s. To make sure that his platoon makes it out alive, Castle has to make decisions that you wish you will never have to make.

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The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank

The best graphic novels are the ones that redefine properties. The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank puts the character back into the underworld of crime fighting as we’ve never seen him before. What follows is a grueling, hit-man story that encompasses several decades of Frank Castle’s life and all of humanity’s relationship with crime. Frank Castle is a good man who takes his job seriously.

The best comics are the ones that start off simple yet never lets you down. The best stories are told with mundane details yet big ideas are expressed effectively. Frank Castle, The Punisher is one of those characters who doesn’t just have a good time beating up criminals, he has a real need to do right by his adopted city, and when the going gets tough he finds a reason to keep struggling on.

In the The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank, we find Frank Castle in Manhattan who is ready to take on the crime family from Ma Gnucchi. We also encounter some other characters like The Russian, Mr. Payback, and The Holy.

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The Punisher: Circle of Blood

The best comics of all time are the ones that simplify our understanding of the world. The Punisher makes bad guys easy to understand because he shows us exactly why they’re bad. He doesn’t let us get bogged down by “this one big twist” that happens after the fact. This makes the story easier to follow and more interesting to think about. The best crime comics don’t shy away from violence. They emphasize it, give us reason to root for the good guys and punish the bad guys. The best comics never give you what you expect. They keep you on your toes, waiting for something unexpected.

It couldn’t get any easier for Frank Castle as he is in jail. Now that the criminals have nowhere to go and he can tick them off one by one. Unfortunately while he is in jail, his black-and-white trademark is used on the outside to clean the streets but it is not him… This collection has compiled the Punisher #1-5 from 1986 in a great mini-series.

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Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher

All superheroes have their own flaws, but when you get right down to it, they are all about doing what’s right. When that right is put in jeopardy, it concerns us all. The Punisher is a dark and violent character who doesn’t feel the need to seek out forgiveness or explain his actions. His mindset is clear: if you crossed me, you better think twice before doing it again. It may be hard for some to relate to this character, as he was designed as an anti-hero, but Frank Castle is a fully fledged personality who happens to be combat-ready.

This is probably one of the most unique takes on the Marvel Universe that you can find. Due to a plague on Earth our superheroes that we know and love have become infected. Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Thing and many others have turned in to cannibal predators that will stop at nothing. Luckily, the Punisher makes his entrance and as we know he also stops at nothing.

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