The Coolest Bucket List Posters & Scratch Off Maps

Looking for the Bucket List Posters & Scratch Off Maps.

Everybody has a bucket list these days. Not having one is almost the same as not being alive. As you need to work towards goals and all that idiotic stuff that make people do what they do each day. But where did the word “bucket list” come from? It actually comes from the movie The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson created by Justin Zackham. Justin had his own list with things he wanted to do before he died, he called it “Justin’s List of Things to Do Before I Kick the Bucket”. Because it was too long, he shortened to “Justin’s Bucket List” et voila the word bucket list was born.

People often make impossible bucket lists. I have seen travel to Bora Bora and standing op the top of Mount Everest a dozen times on the same list. If you start with a bucket list, start slow. Therefore we have made a list with Coolest Bucket List Posters & Scratch Off Maps to get you started.

Here are our favorite Bucket List Posters & Scratch Off Maps:

#1 100 Must-See Movies Bucket List Poster

Top 100 movies Bucket List Poster

An easy bucket list to start with is this one. It features 100 must movies like Enter The Dragon, Se7en, Jaws, The Dark Knight. Yes, even In Bruges is on there. Every time, when you have watched a movie you can scratch it off your list. Find it here

#2 100 Books Bucket List Poster

100 Books Bucket List Poster

The 100 Must-Read Books Bucket List is a real looker. It combines fun with a beautiful design that will look great in your living room. Which books are on there? The Odyssey, The Lord Of The Flies, 1984, Moby Dick,… They are all classics so it’s a great gift for every book lover. Find it here

#3 100 Things to Do Scratch Off Bucket List

100 Things To Do Scratch Off Bucket List

If you want a bucket list that gets you out of your house, the 100 Things to Do Scratch Off Bucket List is great for that. It has some really fun challenges like Catch A Fish, Run A Marathon, Learn A Magic Trick,… With this list you have exciting times ahead for sure! Find it here

#4 100 TV Series – Scratch Off Map

100 TV Series - Scratch Off Bucket List Poster

TV series are as popular as movies these days. In the old times, actors went from the big screen to the small screen to end their career. This is now over. We see great actors in cinema and on TV now. This bucket list has some great titles on it like Sherlock, 24, Dr. Who, Band of Brothers so a really nice mix to old and new together. Find it here

#5 100 Dishes Bucket List Poster

100 Dishes Bucket List Poster

Get out of your comfort zone with 100 Food dishes you should try before you die. It has some classics like mac & cheese and croque monsieur. But also some more expensive challenges like Wagyu steak or oysters if you’re up for it. One rule: If you don’t swallow it, you can’t scratch it off! Find it here

#6 100 Cocktails Bucket List Poster

100 cocktails bucket list poster

This is a great gift for women. When I found this one, I immediately bought it for my wife. Her reaction was wonderful: “I will do it but you will have to do it with me! It is really fun to do, you can make your own cocktails at home or decide to go out and let them be made for you. The choice is yours. Find it here

#7 100 Beers Scratch Off Poster

100 beers scratch off poster

Here comes a challenge that almost every man wants to do. Drink 100 different beers. But be aware that it can be quite though this one. As you need to find beers like Bofferding which comes from one of the smallest countries in the world Luxembourg. Good luck and bottoms up! Find it here

#8 100 Video Games Scratch Off Bucket List Poster

100 Video Games Scratch Off Bucket List Poster

Video Games are insanely popular since the 70’s when Pong came out. It’s crazy how this has evolved into a billion-dollar business where people stand in line for hours to play a new game that only will come out the next year. This video-games bucket list features some new but also great classics like Frogger (1981). Find it here

#9 100 Kids Books Scratch Off Map

100 Kids Books Scratch Off Map

Getting kids to read these days can be very difficult. With all the TV, smartphone & video games, books are often one of the last things that kids want to do. You can make it little more entertaining with this 100 Kids Books Scratch Off list. Find it here

#10 World Map Travel Scratch Off Map

World Map Travel Scratch Off Map

For the globetrotters among our readers, we have the perfect Travel Bucket List. A world map with all countries, you can scratch off every country you have visited. If anyone has ever finished this, please let us know. Because that would be incredible. Find it here

#11 Kama Sutra Positions Bucket List

Kama Sutra Positions Bucket List

If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, you might try this Kama Sutra Positions Bucket List. It features 100 positions so more than enough to try out. Find it here

#12 American Football Stadium Scratch Off Map

American Football Stadium Scratch Off Map

This map probably holds the dream of every NFL fan, to visit every football stadium across the US. To remember the games you have watched, you can add the opponent at the bottom. Also, when you scratch off the stadium, you can enter the date of the game. So you will never forget it. Find it here

#13 North America Scratch Off Map

North America Scratch Off Map

If the World Bucket List Map is a bit too much, you can always start with this North America Scratch Off Map. It features some extra challenges and it even glows in the dark at night! Find it here

#14 Kids Bucket Lists

Kids Bucket List

There’s a bucket list for everything even for kids. I know what you’re thinking: “Do kids need a bucket list?” No, they don’t. But this list features some great activities that you could do with your family. You will be creating memories with this one. Find it here

#15 New York City Scratch Off Map

New York City Scratch Off Map

So we already showed a scratch-off map for the world & North America, but we can narrow it down even further to New York City. There’s additional info on every district when it comes to restaurants, museums, parks,… Find it here

#16 National Parks of USA Scratch Off Map

National Parks of USA Scratch Off Map

A hiker’s dream, visiting all 59 National Parks of USA. When you scratch off a national park, a beautiful art-deco artwork underneath the scratch layer reveals itself. Find it here

#17 Scratch Off World Map with Tags & Pins

Scratch Off World Map with Tags & Pins

We know that we already add a world map to our list. But we really wanted to add this World Map as well, as it comes with a lot of extra features like tags & pins so you can completely customize to your own needs. Find it here