The Coolest Dragon Ball Z Lamps That You Can Buy

Looking for the perfect dragon ball z lamp? Dragon Ball Z is probably the most popular manga tv show on the planet. We have made a list with the coolest Dragon ball Z lamps that you can buy. Because how cool is it to wake up and see Goku powering up for a Kamehameha or Spirit Bomb.

For the ones who are not familiar with Dragonball Z. This is an insanely popular manga show that was written by Takao Koyama. The main characters in the show are Goku which is the hero of it all and his son Gohan who fight to protect the universe from evil foes. The first episode already dates from April 26, 1989. But still every day, young people discover the show and get hooked to it. Guilty as charged.

Epic moments in the show are when Goku unleashes the Kamehameha or Spirit Bomb. Or even when he turns Super Saiyan. Did you know that you have dbz lamps featuring these epic battle moments?

It’s hard to pick a favorite one from this list but our top 3 are for sure:

  • GOKU Super Spirit Bomb
  • Goku & Freeza
  • Vegeta Super Saiyan

Check out the full Dragon ball Z Lamp list that we found by scouring the web:

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We know it’s hard to choose because you want to have all the Dragon Ball Z Lamps. Just choose one, you will wake up with a smile every day when it’s the first thing you see!

Did you find another lamp that we have to feature here? Let us know in the comment section and we’ll take a look.

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