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Music has given us some iconic drummers Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Keith Moon (The Who) and John Bonham (Led Zeppelin). John Bonham is listed as the number 1 drummer of all time according to Gibson.com.

Of course, we all know drummers who made the switch to a singer like Dave Grohl & Phil Collins.

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To honor all these musicians, we have made this guide with the best drummer gifts:

The Drummer’s Toolbox

Brandon Toews and Drumeo present The Drummer’s Toolbox, a well-detailed and bestselling instructional book here to help you learn 100 drumming styles. It has all skill levels with a comprehensive introduction. The hardcover also has over 900 groove examples, and 1000 recommended recordings listen to suggestions. It’s a perfect book for any drummer serious of expanding their musical vocabulary. Find It Here

Born to Drum

This a fun and educative paperback on the truth about thegreatest drummers –from John Bonham and Keith Moon to Dave Grohl and Sheila E. It does offer a great insight into the sport, especially for non-drummer and beginners. It also has a story about the achievements of these great drummers, making it a perfect gift for any musician and a drummer. Find It Here

The Drummer’s Bible

Drummer’s Bible is the second edition on how to play all drum styles from Afro-Cuban to Zydeco. It has an updated list of over 50 additional drum grooves available as a comprehensive book and two-CD set containing over 450 musical examples in standard notions, possible variations, and showing slots. It’s an incredible, useful, and accurate gift for any drummer, beginner, or expert. Find It Here

Slammin’ Simon’s Guide

Slammin’ Simon’s Guide is that perfect paperback ideal for Mastering Your First Rock & Roll Drum Beats in drumming, and it’s available in a large print. Slammin’ shares his practical resources perfect for use in a lesson room by instructor working with young students and at home by parents of children learning to play some percussion. Find It Here


Whiplash is a Blu-ray movie that gives you an inspirational story of a promising young drummer who enrols at a cut-throat music conservatory. Here his dream of greatness gets mentored by a vicious jass band instructor who stops at nothing to realize students’ potential. It’s an amazing movie – a must-watch for drummers and jazz fans. Find It Here

Gene Krupa Story

Gene Krupa Story by Sal Mineo classic motivational movie –a must-watch for any aspiring jazz drummer. The story is all about how the legendary jazz drummer, Gene Krupa, was obsessed with playing drums and making music. Without his parent’s approval, wanting him to be a priest, but his persistence paid off. It’s quite a story with lots of lessons to learn. Find It Here


Birdman is a fantastic, thrilling movie with an inspirational story. Here Michael Keaton heads an all-star cast. It’s a riveting story of a former musical superhero film star grappling with deteriorating fame, an estranged daughter, some theatre critics, and inner demons. It’s quite interesting, especially for anyone in the music industry. Find It Here

In My Head I’m Playing The Drums Shirt

Make your next tour, crew come-together, or a theme party full of fun by getting this high-quality Drums T-shirt. It’s a great looking matching band T-shirt made from cotton. The classic fit and the lightweight design allows the shirt to be ideal for any-time-of-the-day wear. It’s a perfect drummer T-Shirt gift for anyone who loves drums. Find It Here

Drummer Definition Shirt

As an official drum geek band T-shirt, it’s a great way to leave a statement of how well you know drumming. It has a lightweight, classic fit allowing you to feel quite comfortable while wearing it. As a funny T-shirt with a message to deliver, it’s a perfect gift for the drummers and drum fans. Find It Here

Weapons of Mass Percussion Hoodie

This Drummer Unisex Hoodie Sweatshirt is a nice looking hoodie ideal for wearing any time. Its funny ‘Weapons of Mass Percussion’ print does give you a perfect way to express yourself on a stand with drumming. It comes with a soft, comfortable polyester and cotton construction allowing it to keep its shape for quite a while. It’s an amazing gift for any drummer or drum enthusiast. Find It Here

Drummers Backpack

Vic wants you to have the perfect day carrying your necessities in this perfectly built Firth VICPACK Drummers Backpack. The backpack expresses your love for the love of the great American musician, Vic Firth. It’s a uniquely designed backpack with two huge and full-zip padded compartments, a detachable stick and removable laptop insert. Find It Here

Drummer Socks

Perfect comfortability, originality, and loyalty to drumming are what you get from this K. Bell Socks. The socks are made from 62% Pima Cotton, 36% Nylon and 2% Spandex to keep them soft and comfortable. The sock also possesses a trend in fashion, style, and elegance, making them perfect for gifting your drummer or drum fan. Find It Here

Best Drummer Ever Mug

A cup of coffee can give a Drummer a perfect day with some warmness. It’s a perfect, fun, and unique way to enjoy a cup of coffee. The mug comes with a perfect design and a high-gloss finish allowing you to fascinate them every time by using it to reveal a secret or surprise. It’s an ideal gift for your drum buddy. Find It Here

You Know You Are A Drummer If Mug

You Know You Are a Drummer If Mug is a ceramic Coffee Mug with an 11oZ capacity. It does feature unique drumming inspirational prints printed on both sides. It’s perfect for home and restaurant use, microwave and dishwasher safe. It’s a perfect any-occasion gift you can give to your drummer friend. Find It Here

Drummer’s Cookbook

The Drummer’s Cookbook Paperback is here to take your drumming creativity to another level. The text in this book is written to encourage and develop your drummer’s ability to create or develop your own ideas from a solid foundation. It’s one in a series of books that any drummer should read for expanding on rock drumming and rhythm improvisation. Find It Here

Rock Band 4 Wireless Pro-Drum Kit

Unlock your professional mode with Rock Band 4 Wireless Pro-Drum Kit as you experience RB4’s top challenging setting, the Pro model. It comes with a responsive and sound-absorbing design allowing you to rock all night without waking your neighbors. It’s quite a quick and easy setup for any drummer to enjoy. Find It Here

Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4 PlayStation 4 is a fantastic drumming game set that any drummer should try out. It supports a single-player and a local multiplayer set. It does include a standard edition of Rock Band 4 for fun. It’s a great game you can enjoy you and your drum buddies for a perfect game night. Find It Here

VTech Drum Set

VTech has done something great, the KidiBeats Drum Set that gives your kids a learning drum toy with three drum pads and a cymbal. Best of all, each cymbal has its unique sensory development sound. It’s a great way to allow your child to love and feel the experience of being a real drummer. Find It Here

Best Drumset For Kids

Inspire your kid’s drumming dream by getting him this 3-Piece Kids/Junior drum set that comes with a Throne, Cymbal, Pedal, and Drumsticks. There is a bass drum with four legs with a brass pedal, and amounted tom with four lungs, a mounted snare with four lugs, and a cymbal with a cymbal arm. Find It Here

4 Pair Of Different Drumsticks

Get a this COCODE Drumstick set and get to enjoy a pair 5A sticks, a maple drumsticks set, a pair wire brushes, a retractable stick brush and a couple of hot rods sticks for you to have a perfect Jazz drumming. It brings you the chance to play some acoustic music or show some love for a music Lover by gifting him or her. Find It Here

Metal Drum Model Kit

Metal Earth Drum Set comes as a 3D Metal Model Kit, unassembled and packed in an envelope accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions. With no glue or solder needed, the parts can be easily clipped to the metal sheets. It’s a 2-sheet model with a moderate difficulty level. The kit is ideal for ages 14 and up. Find It Here

Nanoblock Drum Set Building Kit

Experience some fun as you join together this Nanoblock Drum Set Building Kit. The Nanoblock Drum Set Building Kit includes original designs and licensed sets. The package also comes with a clear, easy to follow instruction you can use as a guide to putting together the set. It includes around 80 to 150 pieces. It’s a perfect fun gift you can give a drummer. Find It Here

Blue Bright LED Drumsticks

Rockstix 2 HD Bright LED Light up Blue Drumsticks aren’t your usual drumstick as they are here to set your gig on fire. Drummers globally rely on these drumsticks for their durability, quality, and fabulous sh0w-enhancing colored lighting effects. They are perfect high-strength polycarbonate for unparalleled performance. Find It Here

Drumstick Pen

This Drumstick pen set includes two Blue Ballpoint pens which work like standard pencils and transform into office instrument when the time is right. They are perfect for a spontaneous office drumming session. With this set, you can now unleash your inner Phil Collins and get to drive your colleagues, friends, artist, and fellow drummers crazy. Find It Here

Personalized Drum Set Night Light

Transform a drummer’s or musician’s décor with this personalized gift, the Drum Set Night Light. It is an excellent gift idea with night light decoration that acts as an eye-catcher during the day while creating a pleasant atmosphere at night. The best part is, you can personalize it with the musician’s or drummer’s name. Find It Here

Drumstick Necklace

Rock your casual look with this Drumstick Stainless steel Necklace Drum Stick Pendant Charm Jewelry and get to showcase your love for drumming. It features a premium quality as it’s made from hypo-allergenic surgical grade stainless steel for durability and elegance. It’s a perfect gift for any man or woman who is a drummer or musician. Find It Here

Heavy Drum Throne

This 6608 Heavy Drum Throne is here to make you comfortable as you entertain your audience. It’s made from top-grade foam to ensure you get maximum comfort. On top of that, it’s double braced and has a motorcycle-style vinyl seat. It has everything you might ever want from a perfect drumming seat. Find It Here

Drummer Parking Only Sign

A substantial 040 aluminum novelty street sign printed with UV resistant inks is what you get when you acquire this Drummer Parking Only Sign. And you know what, it’s also weatherproof and rust-resistant. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The sign features a rounded corner and two holes for easy mounting. Find It Here

Beware Of The Drummer Sign

Beware of the Drummer Sign is a cool-looking sign designed with drummer novelty in mind. It’s perfect for decorating your workspace or hanging in your den. It does also make an ideal gift for any drummer. It comes with pre-cut holes for easy mounting and hanging. The printing is done using ultra-durable ink that gives it a scratch-resistant finish. Find It Here

Drumstick Spoons

MIX STIX Drumstick Spoons come in a set of 2 that includes one slotted spoon and one solid spoon. The spoons are made of solid beechwood for durability. They are reusable and washable. With these spoons, you can now drum your pots and pans when you are not stirring. They make a perfect gift for any drummer who loves cooking. Find It Here

Drummer Wine Glass

Enjoy a special moment with your drummer buddy as you drink your favorite wine from this Drummer Wine Glass. It’s an attractive drummer glass featuring a unique design and funny custom-printed saying. It’s a perfect, unusual drummer lover/wine lover gift to make everyone laugh and also a great way to start an evening conversation. Find It Here

Cymbal Clock

Are you a drummer, or do you know someone who loves drumming? This Cymbal Clock made from a real Zildjian cymbal is a great way to appreciate your drumming work or someone’s effort in drumming. It’s also a great piece to help a drummer keeping time. The clock is battery operated. Its realism makes it a perfect gift for any musician, drummer, or a drumming enthusiast. Find It Here

Low Volume Quiet Cymbal Pack

Make your day perfect with a quieter Cymbal Pack with a Remo Silentstroke Drumheads. They will make sure the drumming session explode and keep the noise 70% – 80% lower than traditional cymbals. Now you can play longer and not get ear fatigue or hearing damage. It’s a to-notch quality cymbal pack ideal for gifting your drummer friend. Find It Here

Zildjian Cutting Board

The K Con Cutting Board is a perfect way to have some new ways of cutting your vegetables and onions in your kitchen. It’s made from a 100% real bamboo and engraved with the K Constantinople logo. Another thing, it comes with a juice groove around the perimeter of the board. Best of all, it does come with an eco-friendly packaging that’s also giftable. Find It Here

Drumstick Pencils

These Novelty Wood Drum Sticks and Pencils are high Office & School Supplies, Desk Toys, and Drummer Gifts. They come in a set that includes two drumstick pencils per pack. It’s a set of high-quality drum sticks available as functional HB pencils. They are made sustainable wood, and you know what, they make a perfect gift for any drummer or aspiring drummer kid. Find It Here

Drum Ornament

Do you have a drummer buddy or a drumming enthusiast needing a great home and Christmas decoration? If so, then this detailed, intricate design miniature replica ornament is the best idea. It does include a matching color string hanger, which makes it easy to hang on the Christmas tree or anywhere in the house. Best of all, it comes in a box for stress-free wrapping if giving as a gift. Find It Here

Drum Pad And Sticks Practice Pad

Drum Pad and Sticks Practice Pad include a premium pad for adults and a pair of 5A drumsticks. It’s a perfect snare drum practice kit for both beginners and pro drummers. With this set, you can now hone your skills. It does make a terrific, realistic, inexpensive gift for any drummer. Find It Here

Kurt Adler Drum Ornament

Give you’re a drummer’s or a music lover’s holiday décor a perfect look with this Brass Musical Drum Ornament. It’s a drum set replica that includes a bass drum, two toms, and cymbals. They all have golden bodies and white skins. It’s a perfect way to show some appreciation of what the drummer or a music lover. Find It Here

Drum Set Sheet & Pillow Case

A perfect night is what you’ll be gifting yourself or a drummer/musician when you get this Rock Music Fitted Sheet and Pillow Sham Set. The pieces are printed with a Doodle Drawing Sketch Style Drummer Musical Inspirations Monochrome Arrangement. It’s a perfect decorative printed 3-piece bedding decor set any drummer/musician would love to sleep on. Find It Here

The Dark Side Drummer Shirt

As an awesome Drummer T-shirt, this Dark Side Drummer Shirt is a lightweight, classic fit shirt that any drummer would love to wear casually or during a crew meeting. The shirt features a fun print that starts in the letter that looks super great on the shirt. It’s a great, funny, and cleverly designed gift for any drummer. Find It Here

Personalized Drumsticks

Nothing cooler than having your own personalized drumsticks. You can choose to have your name on it or your band name. One thing for sure, nobody will ever steal your drumsticks again! Find It Here

Colour Changing Led Light Drumsticks

These drumsticks will light up with every beat. They come with 13 color effects and are made of poly-carbonate which makes them almost indestructible. Find It Here

Drummer Evolution T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a gift for a drummer. You can’t go wrong with this drummer evolution t-shirt. It pictures the evolution of mankind till the moment of the drummer. Find It Here

Da Vinci Drummer T-Shirt

Da Vinci’s Homo Universalis as a drummer, I find this hilarious. With this shirt you can really show your love for drums. Find It Here

Mini Finger Drum

If you can’t get enough of drumming, try this Mini Finger Drum. You can now even train your skills when you are at work. It will probably piss one or two colleagues off but with greatness comes a price. This is one of our favorite best gifts for a drummer! Find It Here

Vintage Patent Drum Posters

These posters will look great in any room. It pictures the blueprints of a drum set. So it looks like you own the patent on the drums. Find It Here

Drum Stick Holder

If you’re looking for a more practical gift, this drum stick holder is perfect for that. It can hold up to 8 pairs and the clamp attaches to most stands. Find It Here

Metal Earth Drum Set

This Metal Drum Set will look great on your desk in the office. The coolest thing is that you have to build yourself. You don’t need glue or anything. Just put the pieces together. Find It Here

Drummer Tie Clip

Nothing stands out like a drummer tie clip on your suit. Everybody will know directly that you are a drummer. It is made out of brass nickel so you can’t go wrong in terms of quality. Find It Here

Desktop Drum Set

This Desktop Drum Set is awesome for doing the perfect drumroll in the office. Every time there’s an announcement, you can do a drum roll. It also doesn’t take a lot of space as it is only 6 inches tall. Find It Here

Ultimate Drummer’s Tool

Another great practical and low-cost gift is this drummer’s tool. It has all the tools in it to assemble your drum kit and it easily fits in your pocket. Find It Here

Electronic Drum Kit

This is the drum kit of the future. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t take a lot of space. It comes with a module with 40 ready-to-play classic and modern kits, 60 play-along tracks and 350+ expertly curated sounds. Find It Here

Low-Budget Electronic Drum Set

If the previous drum kit was too expensive, you still also have this low-cost solution Paxcess. It only costs $65 but the quality is outstanding according to all the reviews we read. So you can’t go wrong with this one as well! Find It Here

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