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In 1990, even before Michael Crichton published his novel about dinosaurs. Four studios had a bidding war about it. In the end, Universal Studios together with Steven Spielberg acquired the rights for a stunning 1.5 million dollars. Three years later, the whole world would be amazed by the movie (which got the same name as the novel) Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park became such a success that Universal turned into a franchise with a lot of merchandise. You can buy anything with Jurassic Park on it: Games, Lego, T-Shirts, Jeeps,…

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The Finest Jurassic Park Gifts

Jurassic Park: A Novel

The Jurassic Park novel is a good read. Besides the fact that it is rated New York Times bestseller, this novel is based on the all-time favorite movie, Jurassic Park. This book will keep you thrilled and riveted as you read through each page. It is conveniently available as an audiobook. The author, Michael Crichton, brilliantly explained the story in such great detail, and the narrator, Scott Brick, captured the best moments as he tells the captivating story. From the first page to the last, you will be engrossed in the well-described happenings as you are welcomed in the grand Jurassic Park. Join in on the endless adventures in the theme park with all the dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park Little Golden Book

The Jurassic Park little golden book is nothing short of amazing. It is inspired by the most celebrated blockbuster film, Jurassic Park. Keep your little ones thrilled as they recount their favorite scenes from the action-packed movie. Also, by purchasing this book, you join in on the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the grand Jurassic Park. This book also makes a great gift idea for the dinosaur enthusiast as well as the movie fans. From the cover to the story inside, this book will keep your children captivated. As an awesomely composed and illustrated book, it makes a perfect reading material for the young ones.

Jurassic Park Shirt For Kids

Jumping Beans have creatively designed a Jurassic Park shirt. This shirt has a high-density graphic printing of the famous movie in a multicolor design giving it a great look. Also, it is designed with a crew neck and short raglan sleeves. This T-shirt is made of a perfect blend of cotton and polyester for assured comfort and longevity. You can wear this shirt all day long, given the comfortable, soft fabric. It has excellent quality with a never-fading print that assures this shirt maintains a beautiful look. Moreover, it is easy to clean as the material is machine washable. You can gift this shirt to any dear friends or family.

Jurassic Park Velociraptor Shirt

For all dinosaur lovers, this shirt makes a great addition to any wardrobe. It is inspired by the all-time movie, Jurassic Park featuring the great Velociraptor with the lettering Clever Girl in a navy blue background. The printing and graphics are professionally done with high quality ink, so they do not fade even after routine washing. The material used is pure cotton, well selected for its premium quality and supreme comfort. It has a soft touch and is comfortable enough for all-day use. It comes in a wide range of sizes so you can choose the ideal, snug fit. And with all these attributes, you can understand why it makes a perfect gift idea.

Lego Jurassic World Helicopter

Engage your kids in long hours of fun-filled experience with friends and this building kit by LEGO. The Jurassic world adventures await with the 397 pieces in the box. Relive your favorite scenes from the famous movie as you try to rescue Blue from the pilot and Wheatley. This kit includes detailed mini-figures of Owen, the pilot, and Wheatley, among other accessories to meet your needs. Set out on this thrilling adventure while riding the quad bike. You can spin the rotating blades as well as dodge the stud shooter as you rescue the well-loved dinosaur; it makes a great birthday gift for any young one.

Lego T-Rex Rampage Building Kit

The LEGO Jurassic Park building kit is well equipped for unlimited fun. The 3120 pieces open a gateway to all your Jurassic Park memories. This kit includes six mini-figures; Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Ray Arnold, Alan Grant, Dennis Nedry, and Ellie Sattler. You can role play as you recreate up to seven scenes from the famous movie. With the mighty T-Rex snapping his jaws, to the opening the trigger-activated doors, and the food-laden table in John’s dining, your kids, together with friends, can engage in the excellent building experience. The collectibles are also ideal for display. It’d make sense if you decided to use it for the birthday and holiday gifts.

Dennis Nedry and Dilophosaurus Funko

These Funko pops make a great addition to any collection. Inspired by the all-time favorite movie, Jurassic Park, these stylized Funko pops feature Dennis Nedry and Dilophosaurus. It creatively depicts Dennis’s bad luck with the goo splatter on his face. These mini-figures are ideally sized for display purposes. Also, they are made of vinyl material for a prolonged life span. These collectibles help you relive your favorite scenes from the action-packed movie. The package is conveniently in a window display box. Display these exclusive collectibles in your room or wherever you wish. They make a great gift on any gifting occasion, more so for the Jurassic Park fans.

Velociraptor Funko Pop

If you are a dinosaur enthusiast, you will love this Funko pop. This impressive collectible is stylized as the Velociraptor character from the Jurassic Park movie. This Funko pop is designed with wonderful details and is idealized, making it great for display. Also, it is made of vinyl material for assured durability. It can make a great addition to any Jurassic/dino collection. This collectible is suitably packaged in a window display box. Also, this Funko pop helps you to recreate your favorite scenes from the action-packed movie. You can gift this pop to any dear friend or family.

Nachosaurus Dip and Snack Set

Funwares combine function and fun in designing the Nachosaurus dip and snack dish set to give you the best of both worlds. It is ideal for all ages bringing an unparalleled unique experience during meal or snack time. Furthermore, your children will love this. This dish set makes a convenient utility tray and comes in handy during themed parties, Taco nights, or just any mealtime to bring fun to your dining table. Your safety is put in mind with the material choice as they are completely food-safe. It is easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe. Also, this set makes a unique and fun gift idea to kids and adults alike on any gifting occasion.

UNO: Jurassic World

Indulge in a fun-filled gaming experience with the UNO Jurassic world card game. It features all of your favorite characters from Jurassic world 2, keeping you thrilled throughout. You are required to produce a matching card with the current label that is shown on the deck. The sooner you get rid of all your cards, the more points you get to score. The package comes inclusive of instructions that are easy to follow for unlimited hours of fun with family and friends. This gameplay kit makes an excellent choice of gift, especially for Jurassic World fans. Go ahead and unravel lots of fun.

Jurassic Park Night Vision Goggles Replica

This is absolutely one of our favorite Jurassic park gifts. The Night Vision Googles are a life-size replica that can light up. The Googles were used by Tim in Jurassic Park right before they were attacked by the T-Rex. It is quite expensive but if you are a true collector, you should have this.

Jurassic World Jeep

Another epic prop from the Jurassic World franchise is this jeep. Although it is not made for adults, it perfectly fits kids. This jeep can go up to 2.5 and 5 mph (4 and 8 km/h) forward and 2.5 mph (4 km/h) max. in reverse.

Jurassic Park T-Shirt

Who doesn’t want to own this Jurassic Park T-Shirt? The logo is now part of movie history and everybody recognizes it. The good thing about this t-shirt is that you can put it into the washing machine so you don’t have to handwash it. Nobody wants to do that.

Jurassic Park Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Although, we are calling it the Jurassic Park Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt because it is the official name. We think that is actually one of the nicest Christmas Sweatshirt we have come across so far. Especially the Christmas hat on the T-Rex is hilarious.

Jurassic World Evolution

Build your own Jurassic Park with Jurassic World Evolution. You will be in charge of operations on the islands of the Muertes. Expect to bioengineer dinosaurs, contain them, profit from them to get funding, keep looking for lost dinosaur DNA. You won’t get bored with this one. It is available of Xbox One & PS4.

Jurassic Park Danger Adventure Strategy Game

This Jurassic Park Danger Adventure Strategy Game actually is a lot of fun. As one person plays as the T-Rex, Dilophosaurus, and Velociraptor while the other players have to team up to make sure they will get out alive. Every game will take around 50 minutes to play.

Monopoly: Jurassic World Edition

This is a great collectible for Jurassic Park fans. You can play with the following tokens: Founder Statue, Entrance Gate, Helicopter, DNA Sequence, Park Vehicle, T Rex Skull. In this monopoly spin-off, you have to buy, sell and trade dinosaurs and attractions.

Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Collection [Blu-ray]

Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Collection is actually a limited edition. It contains Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Jurassic Park III, and Jurassic World.

Adult Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume

This Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume is just hilarious. You can choose out of T-Rex, Pteranodon, Triceratops, and Velociraptor. The T-Rex and Velociraptor costumes even come with sound. It is made out of 100% nylon so you will have to wash it by hand.

Jurassic World Chomp ‘N Roar Velociraptor Blue Mask

Get ready to hunt to your own neighborhood as Blue the Velociraptor from Jurassic World. It is an electronic mask so the eyes and the jaw can move to varying degrees.

Jurassic World Alpha Training Blue

Train your own Velociraptor with this Jurassic World Alpha Training Blue kit. The remote control looks a lot like Owen’s clicker. You have 4 modes to choose from training mode, guard mode, RC mode, and total control mode. So hours of fun guaranteed.

Jurassic World Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur

The first thing that you will say when seeing this T-Rex is: “Wow, that is huge”. It is 3 feet or almost 1 meter long. It can even eat other small dinosaurs, he can swallow up to 20 mini action figure dinosaurs. To get them back out, just open the belly.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Toaster

Nothing better to start the day with a nice toast featuring the Jurassic Park logo. You can just keep dreaming a the breakfast table that you have just woken up in Jurassic Park. It is a very nice collector’s item for the die-hard Jurassic Park fan.

Barbasol Can Safe

Do you still remember this can? It was used in the first Jurassic Park movie by the scientist Nedry played by Wayne Knight. Just like in the movie, you have to screw off the bottom to open it. Nobody will ever find again your private stash.

Jurassic World Beer Mug

Drink your beer in style with this Jurassic World Beer Mug. It is made out of natural oak-tree wood and stainless steel so the quality can’t be any better. You can completely customize it to your own liking and with your own text.

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