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The Incredible Hulk was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and debuted in issue #1 of The Marvel Comics series in 1962. (May 1962). Hulk is a green humanoid with enormous physical power who appears in comic books as both the Hulk and Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, a socially awkward, emotionally restrained scientist.

Stan Lee revealed that the development of the Hulk was inspired by a mash-up of Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

After Banner accidentally exposed himself to gamma rays while saving the life of Rick Jones from the explosion of an experimental bomb, he becomes the Hulk under emotional stress, either voluntarily or not. This leads to violent random attacks and confrontations that hamper Banner’s civilian existence. The Hulk’s power increases in direct proportion to his degree of rage in the comic books and films.

Related Characters

Brian and Rebecca Banner | Biological Parents

A clean nuclear energy initiative for the US government sent Brian to Los Alamos, New Mexico, where he married Rebecca, obtained his PhD in physics, and took a position in the area. He worked on developing the technology. Brian became an alcoholic as a result of the pressures of his career, and he was often aggressive toward others around him.

Rebecca tried to flee Brian with Bruce after years of suffering his cruelty. As soon as Brian spotted Rebecca and Bruce loading their truck, both parents fought and Brian ended up killing Rebecca right in front of Bruce. By threatening Bruce if he testified against him in Rebecca’s murder investigation, Brian successfully prevented him from giving evidence against him. Facing possible jail time, Bruce lied under oath, saying that he and Rebecca hadn’t been harmed by their father and that their mother had sought to flee without good cause. Brian was not convicted because of a lack of evidence, but he was caught again shortly after because he was drunk and bragged about forcing Bruce to get around the law. Brian is detained and eventually committed to a mental health facility.

Elizabeth Betty Ross | Wife

Betty Ross, the only child of General Thaddeus E. “Thunderbolt” Ross, grew up under his severe discipline. As a teenager, Betty had to go away to boarding school when her mother died.  Her father is working on a top-secret gamma radiation weapon development project, known as the Gamma Bomb, when she graduates from college. Here she meets Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, the leading scientist. As soon as Betty sees Banner, she is enchanted by his intelligence and personality.

When the truth about Banner’s secret identity is discovered, he becomes a wanted man. Banner is able to regain control of his transformations thanks to Reed Richards. After being forgiven, Banner approaches Betty and ask her to marry him. However Banner’s archenemy the Leader forces him to change back into the monstrous Hulk during the ceremony, Banner finds himself once again a wanted man as he injures a lot of people while fighting the Leader.

General Thaddeus E. “Thunderbolt” Ross

Bruce Banner’s gamma bomb project is under the command of Air Force General Thaddeus Ross. From the first moment that General Ross met Bruce Banner, he didn’t like him and this didn’t improve at all when his daughter Betty took an interest in Bruce. Because of his obsession with tracking down the Hulk after his transformation into him, Ross goes as far as joining forces with villains like the Leader, MODOK, and the Abomination to bring down the Hulk. Arriving armed at Betty and Bruce’s wedding, he kills Rick Jones after being discharged from the military.


Caiera was born to a family of Shadow People on the planet Sakaar. Among her people, she was unique because she had the Old Power, which allowed her to wield power over the earth.

The Red King used the Spikes to attack the Hulk’s soldiers, and Caiera betrayed him by siding with the Hulk and his rebellious army in the wake of that. They were able to battle and slay the Red King thanks to their combined efforts. Caiera was invited to serve as the Hulk’s bodyguard when the Shadow People negotiated a new Shadow Treaty with him, much as she had done for the Red King. Hulk, on the other hand, rejected, insisting that she be his wife instead to which she agreed.


Skaar is the offspring of Caiera the Oldstrong and the Hulk. He was born on Caiera’s home planet of Sakaar, while the Hulk was still alive. Skaar awoke from a cocoon after the Hulk had already left the planet. In only one year, he’d gone from a child’s body to a teenager’s. Skaar began to resemble an adult in both look and intellect not long after that. Skaar was raised by violent beings on his native world, where he learnt the value of killing to ensure his own survival. Later on, he gets the stone-based “Old Power” powers, which give him access to the planet’s natural power.

Other versions of the Hulk

Red Hulk

Two fictional American generals, Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross and Robert Maverick, go by the name Red Hulk in Marvel Comics. A.I.M. and the Intelligencia provided Ross the power to turn into Red Hulk, and he uses it to better combat the original Hulk. A piece of technology developed by the Avengers Idea Mechanics titled the Hulk Plug-In gets inserted in Maverick’s forearm. When activated, he transforms into a red-skinned version of the Hulk for an hour.

Devil Hulk

Bruce Banner’s alter ego, The Devil Hulk, represents Bruce’s fury at the way the world treats him, as well as his negative feelings like self-hatred. When Bruce Banner’s mind is invaded by the Hulk, he becomes the Devil Hulk, vowing to destroy the world that has mistreated and tortured him.

Immortal Hulk

Instead of emerging instantly, the Immortal Hulk prefers to sit and wait inside of Bruce Banner’s body. If Banner is harmed before sunset, the Immortal Hulk will appear, but his transformation will only be available at night. He possesses a powerful gamma burst attack that can flatten a mountain in a single hit.

Guilt Hulk

The Guilt Hulk is Bruce Banner’s evil alter ego. He represents everything of Bruce’s remorse, sorrow, and guilt. Although it only exists in Bruce’s head, the creature wants to materialize and go on the rampage in the actual world. In Banner’s imagination, the Guilt Hulk was gigantic, had claws and teeth, and could hold its own against two other Hulks, despite not appearing in reality. Banner and the other personas were tortured by the Guilt Hulk’s memories while he was coated in spikes, breathing fire.


Jennifer Walters

A lawyer named Jennifer Banner was given emergency blood by her cousin Bruce Banner after she was injured and suffered a lesser variant of the Hulk. Thus, Walters grows into a gigantic, green version of herself. With exception of Banner, she keeps much of her intellect and self control, but, like the Hulk, she is still prone to temper tantrums and becomes significantly stronger when angry.


Next to Jennifer, there’s also Lyra She-Hulk. She is the daughter of 616 Hulk and Thundra.

Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross)

It’s revealed that the Leader and MODOK restored Betty Ross at her father Thunderbolt Ross’s request after she had been frozen in cryonic hibernation. She was likewise subjected to the same transformation process as her father, becoming the Red Hulk, and gaining superhuman physical strength. Doc Samson, who is now a villain, also aids the Leader in his efforts to manipulate Betty into being irrational and violent.

The Totally Awesome Hulk / Amadeus Cho

Cho, a 19-year-old Korean-American prodigy, replaced Bruce Banner as the Hulk in The Totally Awesome Hulk #1. (2015). As opposed to Banner, who struggled with his Hulk abilities, Cho is a self-assured hero who embraces his newfound ability.


The Maestro is shown as Earth-9200’s version of the Hulk, and he combines Bruce Banner’s brilliance with the Hulk’s more sinister personality qualities. When it comes to strength, the Maestro shares a lot with the Hulk, but his ability to absorb radiation has given him more of an advantage than most of his forms owing to the nuclear wars that ravaged his planet. 

Hulk 2099 (John Eisenhart)

The biggest difference between Hulk 2099 and his Earth-616 equivalent is the state of his mind. Eisenhart’s intelligence and personality were initially preserved when he was transformed into the Hulk.  Eisenhart developed into a more cruel character while the Hulk got more courageous as the story went on. As the mental distance grew, only fits of wrath would bring about a metamorphosis.

Eisenhart has the ability to change into Hulk 2099 on his own free choice. This Hulk, in contrast to the one before him, possessed incredibly keen claws and teeth capable of slicing through steel.


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