The Infinity Crusade (Marvel)

The Infinity Crusade is a comic book series that had its titles published within six months in 1993. The book series is the work of Jack Morelli, Ian Laughlin, Jim Starlin, among others, to be published. The series picked up from the initial Infinity War and Infinity Gauntlet. It deals with the ultimate combat involving Earth’s superheroes and Adam Warlock’s good side.

The Infinity Crusade

The plot of the Infinity Crusade evolves around the Warlock Chronicles#1-5, the Infinity Crusade#1-6, and Warlock and Infinity Watch#18-22. Both are in volumes 1 and 2. Sources from Doctor Strange supplement the plot, Sorcerer Supreme #54-56, Iron Man#295, Avengers West Coast#96-97, among many others.

The series begins when the gallant Adam Warlock captures the Infinity Gauntlet. He does away with his initial qualities and characters to be able to use the Gauntlet appropriately. His good qualities (The Goddess) and evil qualities develop in a human form and the Magus, an old enemy of him, also takes the form. The Goddess steals the Cosmic Cubes amid the Infinity War. Magus had owned the Cosmic Cubes.

The Goddess later acquires thirty more of such cubes to form a superstitious egg, the Cosmic Egg. The Egg can fulfil wishes. She uses the Egg to create another planet, Paradise Omega. Then she forcibly recruits a large number of the Earth’s superheroes to her army. The army is led by an intrepid female character, Moondragon and guards the Goddess as she hatches a plan to conquer the world of evil.

In the meantime, male characters Iron Man, the android Vision, and Mister Fantastic investigate how their allies vanished. During the mission, they encounter Paradise Omega. They come under attack from the army and are spontaneously forced to drawback. They call the boss of the X-Men, who is Professor X. He contacts Moondragon via telepathy, but he suffers a telephonic attack and falls into a coma. Adam Warlock astonishingly saves his foe Thanos who is on the verge of attack from the Goddess. The Goddess had initially identified him as a threat.

The devil, Mephisto, agrees on a deal with Thanos and Warlock, where he is gifted a cosmic containment unit. Mephisto had given them crucial details about the Goddess. Thanos assembles heroes of Earth and a deserter from the Goddess army, Silver Surfer, to conquer the Goddess. The Surfer eliminates the of the planet, and fierce combat breaks out. Upon the attack, the Goddess gets rid of sentient life on the face of Earth using the Egg.

Warlock had long prepared the plan. The Goddess army feels cheated and deserts her at that urgent time. Now pretty exposed, she comes under a horrific attack from the trio. Her spiritual plane is ferociously hit, and she dissolves into the Soul Gem. Once the victors land back on Earth, Thanos orders the Cosmic Egg to self-destroy and banish the powers. Mephisto is gifted the cosmic containment unit which unfortunately can’t work. Paradise Omega is mutilated, never to exist again.

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