The Infinity War (Marvel)

Infinity War, written by Jim Starlin and published by Marvel Comics in 1992, is a six-book series. It is a sequel to The Infinity Gauntlet, 1991. The event has a consuming narrative that begins with an exciting hook that keeps one interested all the way to the end. It finishes in a series of events that are interesting to see manifest. As the plot builds, characters are well-crafted, and the protagonist’s character development adds meaning to all happenings. The story is long, but if you’re just looking for a quick synopsis to see what all the hype is about, then this book summary might be better suited to your needs.

The Infinity War

The Infinity War starts when Adam Warlock gets in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, which he uses to expel the evil and good things about his being to assume an entirely logical individual who can use the Gauntlet responsibly. By doing this, he is able to recreate the Magus, an old ‘evil’ persona. Magus seeks to conquer the Universe and take revenge against Titan Thanos and Warlock. Consequently, upon being rendered unworthy by the cosmic powers’ jury, the Magus possesses the five Cosmic Cubes, which enable him to incapacitate Eternity and create doppelgangers.

Thanos retreats to warn Warlock after investigating the strange energy of the Cosmic Cubes. Likewise, several heroes of Earth, including Galactus, examine these events and try to bring back Eternity. They believe that by reactivating the Gauntlet, they could manage to remove the Magus from existence. In a counter move, the Magus sends his doppelgangers to Earth to act as a distraction to the heroes. Mister Fantastic’s evil version detonates a gamma bomb when the heroes meet at the Four Freedoms Plaza. Invisible Woman repels this blast as Thunder God Thor sends radiation targeting the Magus. But a surprise counter by the Magus on Thanos’ doppelganger makes the heroes perceive the two as allies.

The story’s climax happens at the base of the Magus, where the heroes’ group frees the ones that were replaced by doppelgangers. Quaser then comes with the Ultimate Nullifier, just as villains Doctor Doom and Kang the Conqueror appear with the hope of accessing the detected powerful energies. Consequently, the Magus captures Warlock and the now inactive Gauntlet. The Magus defeats the Warlock, but the former is left significantly weakened in the fight and tries to use the Cosmic Units only to find out that they had been stolen. In this melee that leads to the betrayal of Kang by Doom, Eternity is revived. Eternity then successfully requests for the reactivation of the Gauntlet. The Magus easily beats Quaser and Doom. Thanos, on the other hand, beats his doppelganger and distracts the Magus. This act enables Warlock to retake the Gauntlet and expel Infinity, a twin to Eternity, leading to the incapacitation of the Magus. Warlock then absorbs the Magus to the Soul Gem, leaving the former in a coma.

In the end, the heroes go back to Earth. Also, the Cosmic Units are stolen by the Goddess, the good persona of Warlock. Lastly, Eternity and the Living Tribunal declare that the Gauntlet’s Gems should not be used again as one unit, regardless of the crisis facing the Universe.

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