The Office

  • Dwight Schrute Bobblehead

    Dwight Schrute Bobblehead

    In The Office season 2 during the episode Valentine’s Day, Dwight gets a miniature Dwight Bobblehead and it’s possible now to own a Dwight bobblehead, just as on the show. Watch him nod in agreement when you’re driving, at work, or somewhere else with a flat surface.

  • Somehow I Manage

    Somehow I Manage

    This “somehow I manage” book allows you to fill all your doodles and brilliant ideas out on lined paper of what looks like a book on business. It’s a joke that’ll have the whole office thinking you’re studying when you’re actually drawing an elephant playing basketball. Whatever creative idea pops in your head, be sure to jot it down on lined paper. It makes an excellent office gift for Christmas parties or those special birthdays. It’s time to bring paying attention during meetings to the next level by having this open when your boss says it’s okay. Remember to hear his advice and jot it down in this awesome book we have for you.

  • The Office: Talking Button

    The Office: Talking Button

    Old and new fans alike can show their love of The Office by proudly displaying this gelatin-encased stapler button. This perfect iconic representation of a much beloved show plays direct quotes when pressed by Dunder Mifflin. Included in this small gift kit is a 32-page mini booklet filled with colored photos, favorite quotes, and trivia questions all from The Office! Both authentic and licensed, this merchandise is a must-have for collectors and casual fans of the show alike. The small nature of this button makes it portable and adds a great conversation piece to any office desk or working environment.

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