The Thanos Imperative

The Thanos imperative is a limited comic book series published by Marvel Comics in 2010. The series comprises six issues, all written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.

To complete the storylines, both writers published Ignition and Devastation, which were also big hits. The Thanos Imperative is focused on the lives of Marvel’s heroes, who constantly work together against the forces of evil that threaten innocent lives. In this comic, Marvel’s heroes band together to fight the Fault. In the funny world, the Fault poses a danger to reality because of the rift in space-time. The damage to the fabric of time is created at the end of the war, ok Kings.

Plot Synopsis

The Thanos Imperative

The science fiction comic also features a realm referred to as the Cancerverse were living creatures no longer die. The main characters in the comic are:

• Nova
• Guardians of the galaxy
• Thanos
• Silver surfer
• Galactus
• Lord Mar-vell
• Quasar

The story begins with Thanos imprisoned after waking from a death-like slumber. Thanos has the Guardians of the Galaxy watching over him to make sure he does not escape. In another scene, Nova Quasar. While she searches for the Magus, the Universal Church of Truth takes the opportunity to access the Fault and tamper with it. To do this, they have to break the seal put in place by the Warlock.

Why is the Fault a Threat?

Inside the Fault lies creatures that are confronted by different intergalactic creatures when released. The character Mar-Vell in this comic is an alternative for Captain Marvel. His personality and morals are different from Captain Marvel’s because he kills Magus for not locating Thanos.
Thanos shows up soon after and surrenders, hoping for a quick death. He is in for a shock as death does not claim his depraved soul. The comrades, except for Nova and Satr lord, are teleported to safety. Only Mar-Vell is killed, leading to the closing of the Fault and saving the galaxy as we know it.

The Gist of the Comic

Thanos is portrayed as the avatar of death in the comics, as Mar-vell is the avatar of life. For peace to return, one of these two forces has to lose their life to the other. As the avatar of life, Mar-Vell is ruler in the Cancerverse dimension created by the Fault. Nover initiates a search and rescue mission leading her colleagues into the Faul to find Mar-Vell. In the meantime, Mar-Vell is searching for Thanos in different dimensions.

When Nova finally locates Marvel, they lose miserably to the avatar of life, proving they are no match for him. In the end, a memorial service is held for all the souls lost in the wars. The Nova force is non-existent with its leader. Rocket Raccoon agrees that Worldmind shut down as soon as Nova went missing. As a permanent solution, the Annihilators agree to form a band of bandits to act as a last line of defence. The previous page has Ikon appear and ask where is the team she is supposed to start leading. `

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