The Thanos Quest (Marvel)

Wanting to balance out the universe, Death resurrected Titan Thanos to fulfil the task. To make ease of his mission, Thanos requested the six Infinity Gems. The Soul, Power, Time, Reality, Space, and Mind Gem.

Thanos Quest

After receiving approval, Thanos set off on his quest to retrieve the Gems. The first stop in Thanos’s quest is The Nexus Reality. There the In-betweener and the Soul Gem are being held captive by Master Order and Lord Chaos. Because the In-betweener’s powers are weak from being held captive, Thanos stole the Gem.

Next on the journey, Thanos travelled to Tamarta to retrieve the Power Gem. He must first battle The Champion of Combat, who was found using his skill against a plethora of armies. During their battle, Thanos convinced The Champion to destroy the planet which left him in the middle of space. In exchange for the Power Gem Thanos offered to send him to another planet. The Champion gladly agreed not knowing he would be sent slamming into the unknown planet’s atmosphere.

To retrieve the Time Gem Thanos, visited The Gardener, where he was met with a beautiful garden full of vegetation. After a brief conversation, the Gardener attempted to strangle Thanos using the vegetation. Since Thanos has the power crystal, he used it to turn The Gardener’s garden against him.

In part two of his quest, Thanos visits an old friend by the name of the collector. The Collecter held the Reality Gem, along with many other items, on his ship. Thanos notifies the Collector about a gift that will for sure be of equal trade for the Gem.

He then left the collector to retrieve the Space Gem. The Runner was using the Space Gem’s power to be the fastest in the universe. He also destroyed Thanos’s craft. Thanos then decides to display to and inform The Runner about the true qualities of the Infinity gems. They are the remaining pieces from a god-like being who died of loneliness way before the universe was created. After the explanation, Thanos used the Time Gem to change The Runner into an elderly man then into a baby. The baby Runner was brought back to the Collector to exchange for The Reality Gem. Demonstrating the powers of the Gem leads to The Collector begging Thanos to leave. Before leaving with both Gems Thanos transformed The runner back to his true age. He also used the Reality Gem to make The Runner think The Collector is responsible.

The last stop in his quest is to see the Grandmaster who is in possession of the Mind Gem. The Grandmaster agrees to give Thanos the Gem if Thanos can win a game of his choice. Thanos tricks The Grandmaster into thinking they were fighting each other inside of a stimulus when in fact he was only fighting a robotic version of Thanos. Thanos, who was still outside of the stimulus decided to destroy the game and kill the Grandmaster.

After obtaining all of the Infinity Gems Thanos returned to Death to show his new victory. His victory was short-lived once he realized he was Death’s superior now and couldn’t actually see her in person leaving him heartbroken.

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