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Thor Odinson is a character created by Marvel Comics. Thor Odinson made already his debut in 1950 in Venus #11. Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby based the character on the God Of Thunder that we know from Norse mythology, who also inherited the power of the Odinforce. A powerful enemy during periods of war, Thor had to balance his life on Earth while being a powerful protector of his people.

You can recognize Thor by his long blond hair, blue eyes and helmet with wings. According to the Marvel Encyclopedia, he is 6’6″ or 198 cm and weighs 640 lbs or 290 kg. He always keeps his magical hammer Mjolnir close and wears are red cape.

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Odin is the king of Asgard and is also known as the all-father. He is the first Asgardian son, Bor, and brother to Villi and Ve. He and his brothers fought and banished Surtur from Asgard. His brothers sacrificed themselves in the battle to allow him to escape. From the death of his brothers, he was granted the ”Odinforce”, mystical and powerful energy used by the Asgard’s kings, and his father abdicated his throne to him, becoming the new ruler of Asgard. After falling in love with Frigga, Odin fathered Thor, who became very powerful, fought and defeated many enemies Asgard.


He is an adopted son of Odin. In a battle, Odin kills his father Laufey, a frost giant, and, from pity, adopts Loki as his son. Loki becomes the Arch-rival of Thor; from childhood, he was always jealous of the affection Thor received. Throughout his life, he always tried to gain an advantage over his brother and seize the throne. He grows to become one of the powerful Sorcerers of Asgard, from which he eventually revives Surtur to help him enhance his powers. Later he learned about Ragnarok, a prophecy in which he would bring ruin to Asgard. He continuously kept on trying to destroy Asgard, but the powerful Odin kept on stopping him.

Jane Foster

After Thor becomes arrogant and conceited, Odin banishes him to earth as a mortal in the disguise of Dr. Donald Blake. Jane Foster falls in love with both Thor and Dr. Blake without knowing they were one. Thor later explains that he and Blake were one and take her to Asgard, where she is granted immortality and becomes a goddess. Odin took tests to prove her worthy of godhood, but she failed. Angered by the difficult tasks, she demanded to be returned to earth. Odin stripped off godhood from her and her memories of Thor and returned her to earth, where she marries Dr. Kincard and bares a child with him.


Gaea, also known as the mother god, a goddess of the earth, was the presumed biological mother to Thor. She was the mother god to the later gods in humanity. She mated with Odin, the Asgardian god, to give birth to Thor. Odin hid her identity as Thor’s mother, but it was later revealed. It comes to light that she is Thor’s mother when she heals his wounds from battle and pleads with Arishem, the judge to spare his life when he had judged against Asgard and Thor had come to a stop him.


Born a mutant, she had forces such as telepathy and telekinesis. She joined the Phoenix force, where she gained more superhuman abilities. She claimed to be Thor’s actual mother. When the phoenix force returned to earth and set up a tournament to determine who among the earth heroes would become its next avatar, Thor confronted it. The phoenix force manifesting the form of Firehair revealed that Odin had lied about Gaea being Thor’s mother so that he would always protect the earth. Phoenix force in the form of Firehair said goodbye to Thor after being overpowered by the Avengers, saying that she wished they had more time to nurture their love and that she would tell him the entire story about his birth.

Thor Girl

With her real name being Tarene, Thanos, in the knowledge of an alien sorcerer X’Hoss destroyed her homeworld. Thor helped her defeat the villain, and she later transformed into an Asgardian goddess. She becomes a loyal ally to Thor, where she adopts the name ‘Thor Girl’ and tries to assist him in his adventures. Loki transfers her into a destroyer’s shell, where she fights Thor. Odin later casts her back into her body, and she revenges against Loki. In a battle against the Surtur Loki revived, she sacrificed near all of her powers to contribute to the power needed to defeat him. She loses most of her powers resulting from Odin’s death and returns to earth to try and live a normal life.


An unusually good-looking man who had gained a reputation as a ladies’ man, Fandral was as well known for his swordsmanship and bravely. He was the dashing leader of the Warrior’s three, which consisted of Volstagg, Hogun, and other Asgardians who fought battles to protect the Asgard. After the events of Ragnarok, he was trapped inside a body of a man named Trevor Newly, where Thor, after rebirth, found him in Africa when he was seeking to restore Asgard. The Warriors Three teamed up with Thor to fight the warriors of the thousand galaxies. Fandral and his allies, Hogun and Volstagg, would undertake more adventures together.


He was a member of the Warriors three. A master of weapons, a skilled horseman, and a skilled warrior helped in guarding the Asgard. Despite originating from a far land, he was an astound warrior who chose to make Asgard his home. His allies, Fandral and Volstagg, with the help of a newly formed ally Alibar, assist him in taking revenge against Mogul of the Mystic Mountain, who destroyed his homeland, slaying his people. After the events of Ragnarok, Hgun is trapped in the disguise of a mercenary living as a refugee’s camp in Africa. Thor uses his power to draw him out and restore the Warriors Three.


Volstagg was the biggest and eldest of the Warriors Three. He had a friendly and sociable nature and liked to eat, drink and boast. He had a large family with an unknown number of children, the most well-known being Hildy. Before meeting his best friends, he was an athletic man, a celebrated warrior, and adventurer. It was from a bet that he entered into with Fandral that led to the close union among the three; Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun. The challenge was to find a monstrous wolf, Fenris, and pat it on the head with Hogun as the judge and observer. He, in turn, helped Thor fight many battles and protect Asgard.

Beta Ray Bill

He was a Cyborg, a champion of the Korbinites who had left their planet in a massive fleet when Surtur destroyed the Burning Galaxy. When they approached the Milky Way Galaxy, it was detected, and Thor was asked to investigate. When Thor arrived, Bill recognized him as an enemy and opened fire. Thor boarded their ship and confronted Bill, where they fought, during which Thor lost his grip on Mjolnir and was transformed into Donald Blake. Bill struck Blake’s cane on the wall from which he gained powers of Thor and a costume similar to his. Odin transported both to Asgard and put them on a test where Bill won and was given a hammer similar to Mjolnir, Stormbreaker. Thor and Bill became friends, and Bill became a helpful aid to him.


Asgardian metal Uru was used to make this very strong and durable hammer, which was given to Thor by Odin. Mjolnir can only be lifted by those who are worthy which means with good moral character and integrity.  The bearer of the hammer has the ability to call forth the elements of wind, rain, thunder, and lightning as needed. It’s capable of opening gateways to other dimensions, like to Asgard or Earth.


According to Norse mythology, Asgard is a realm inhabited by the Asgardians and other Norse mythological creatures. Journey into Mystery #85 introduced us to Asgard for the first time in October 1962. Marvel more or less completely copy-pasted this concept.

Best Thor Comics That Every Fan Should Read

Thor: Blood Oath

Thor returns to Asgard after fighting the Absorbing Man and learns that the Warriors Three are on trial. As punishment for mistakenly killing a shapeshifting giant, they were ordered to gather numerous challenging treasures from different places and bring them to the victim’s father. Thor agrees to accompany them on their journey.

Thor: Son of Asgard

This comic book series can be divided into 3 storylines: The Warriors Teen, Enchanted and Worthy

The Warriors Teen

Thor, Sif, and Balder have snuck into the trophy chamber, where Thor makes an unsuccessful attempt to wield Mjolnir. He says he will be worthy of lifting it one day. They are attacked by Loki’s three enchanted monster spiders. The adolescent warriors vanquish their foes by banding together and working as a team. To reward them for their achievement, Odin assigns them the mission of finding four mysterious components, which shall be forged into a magical sword in due time.


Until Brunnhilda arrives, Sif is the sole female among a group of all-male fighters. Sif has two foes in the form of this female warrior and Amora vying for the attentions of Thor. They remind her of how she used to have golden hair that Loki ripped off out of jealousy and replaced with dwarven-made magical hair. Amora and Loki take advantage of Sif’s frailty to steal the Mirror of Mycha.


Furious by his inability to use the hammer Mjolnir, Thor makes his way to the Norns. First and foremost, they tell him, he must confront death. When he returns to Asgard, he finds the city under siege by the Storm Giants, and that Sif has been abducted. Thor is instructed by Odin to remain in Asgard and watch over the realm while he and the other gods go out to rescue Sif. Thor defies his father’s orders since he has feelings for her.

Thor: Vikings

The settlement of Lakstad was raided by the Vikings under Lord Harald Jaekelsson in 1003 AD. They choose to go to the New World after almost wiping out the entire town. However, a runestone used by the town’s wise man, the last surviving resident, lays a curse on them. He begs the gods to keep them from getting there. Harald kills the wise man with a single shot from his bow, and they continue sailing. After 1000 years at sea, they eventually touch down at New York City’s South Street Seaport. They’re no longer human; they’ve transformed into terrifying undead. They go about killing everyone they come across until Thor appears.

Ultimate Comics: Thor

Asgard and Jotunheim were at battle for millennia before time began. Thor, Balder, and Loki, three of Odin’s sons, rise to prominence as the finest Asgardian warriors. Mjolnir is finally crafted, and the Asgardian side wins the conflict thanks to its might. Even after Odin publicly announces his victory in a tournament in which Balder is the winner, Odin secretly tells Thor that he is the foundation of Asgard’s strength and will be shattered along with him at Ragnarok if he doesn’t die. The Norn Stones and Mjolnir, which are manifestations of Thor’s might, serve to ensure him that his legacy will continue on. Balder attempts to intervene as Loki chooses to abandon Asgard and take the Norn Stones, murdering him before escaping from Asgard.

The War of the Realms

To get to Odin, Malekith’s henchmen have built a Dark Bifrost Bridge, which will enable them to travel to any of the ten worlds. Loki smashes into Thor and Thori while they are resting on Earth, telling Thor that Malekith stabbed him. Thor accepts Loki’s demands of assistance in finding Malekith’s whereabouts because of his friendship with the god of thunder. As it turns out, Loki is really Malekith, and he transfers Thor to Jotunheim, home of the Frost Giants, where the latter launch an assault on him. Malekith intends to launch a war on Earth/Midgard now that Thor is no longer around.


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