• Lov’nid Comet Cabin

    Lov’nid Comet Cabin

    If you like tree houses as a kid then you will love this beautiful tree house in Joncherey Bourgogne that you can rent. The globe you see in the picture will be your bedroom during your stay. You may go for long strolls from here. Guests can(t stop talking about the unique surroundings and luxurious in-room Nordic bath at this property. In other words, it’s a great place for couples.

  • The Arctic Hideaway

    The Arctic Hideaway

    Go completely off the grid in Norway in The Arctic Hideaway. The Arctic Hideaway is tucked away in Srvaeret on the Fleinvr islands, where visitors may enjoy breathtaking views of the Norwegian sea, adjacent islands, birdlife, animals, the northern lights and much more from the comfort of their cabins. You have to go between the cabins to use the toilet or the kitchen, since the design is meant to get you out into nature.

  • Drommen Shack

    Drommen Shack

    And the award for coolest tree house goes to…Drommen Shack in France? Yes, that is right. This tree house is situated in France, around Guyonvelle to be exact. The tree house has 4 levels which includes a living room, toilet, bedroom and a beautiful terrace. The coolest thing about it is the price as it is quite reasonable, around €110.

  • Storage Soles

    Storage Soles

    If you have been searching for a solution to hide things in plain sight, this is the product you want. These shoe souls offer the ideal hiding spot. There is plenty of room inside to store your valuables. These are designed to fit into almost any shoe ranging in size 8 to 12 for men and 10 to 14 for women. The soles can be trimmed to fit inside the shoes. These can be used for storing keys, medicines, cash or any other thing you want to keep out of sight. One of the best things about this product is that it has been designed and manufactured in the United States.

  • Water Bottle with Hidden Compartment

    Water Bottle with Hidden Compartment

    Give the gift that hides a surprise inside. This water bottle with hidden compartment looks like any other water bottle you’d find on the shelf of your favorite store (i.e. no one will think twice about it), but just unscrew the bottom and you’ll find a small stash spot built right in. No one will know the hiding spot is even there, much less what’s inside. Just keep this in mind: All your friends will want one too!

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