Trigon vs Darkseid: The Fight Of Pure Evil

The DC comics book industry has been taken by storm by the rise of frightfully powerful and stunning villains. Particularly Trigon and Darksied have unceremoniously burst onto the limelight as one of the most indomitable and superb villains of their time. Consequently, this has triggered a fervent debate among villain enthusiasts who, between Trigon and Darkseid, would emerge victoriously should the two freaky villains lock horns. Well, this is a pretty unpredictable clash given the two are incredibly gifted in some aspects, but the anticipated time is finally here to put the matter in black and white and reveal the champion.



Darkseid’s birthday is anonymous, but he is widely believed to be older than time. He was born to king Yuga Khan and Queen Neggra, who ruled Apokolips. He is the god of evil and made his debut in Superman’s Pally Jimmy Olsen and still appeared in Forever People. He is the dictatorial ruler of Apokolips and is fiercely after his ambition of eradicating optimism and democracy among people.

Also known as Prince Uxas, he plotted a clandestine coup, and he killed his brother after he dared to take the Omega powers. He became even more malicious following the death of his son, whom he had with Suli, a scientist on the planet. His murdering spree continued, the second victim being his mother for having forcibly married Tigra to him. Darkseid has had bust-ups with the celebrated villain, Superman, primarily due to his malicious intentions to take over the earth.


Trigon was born to a mother who partnered with his father, who was worshipped as the god, in a cult. One of the vilest villains of all time, his bloodthirst saw him turn into a serial killer, and his mother suffered the same fate from the toddler Trigon. In only three decades, he had taken over millions of worlds in his power. He married Arella, who realized her husband’s true character, and she was deported to earth amid heavy pregnancy.

Shortly she gave birth to Raven, who is carefully nurtured to suppress the possibility of inheriting her father’s superstitions. Trigon re-emerged on earth following a humbling defeat by the alliance Teen Titans, formed by Raven. He conquered Raven and Azarath, and the Teen Titans lost Raven when they tried another combat. Trigon is later eliminated by a beam of lights, but a trio of his sons successfully revives him.


Darkseid is privileged to have the following in his arsenal;
1. Massive strength- Arguably his most significant quality, he is said to be even more robust than legendary Superman.
2. Mindpower- Darkseid can literally dominate and influence the minds of people nonchalantly.
3. Physical enlargement- He can change his body to become gargantuan of a villain, a fact evident when he clashed with Jimmy Olsen.
4. Imperishability – He is absolutely resistant to all kinds of missiles, thanks to his incredible physical hardiness.
5. Omega Beams- A cardinal weapon to him originating from his eye and whoever is unlucky enough to meet the beams never lives to tell the horror moment.
6. Aerial supersonic power- He is really fast in his movements.
7. Recovery- Darkseid can heal from any wound no matter the sensitivity of the organ affected. He shocked everyone by healing from an eye injury.


Trigon is dreaded for his;
1. Stamina- Trigon endures some terribly rigorous adversities without breaking a single bead of sweat!
2. Intimidating appearance- A gleaming red skin, a couple of sense organs coupled with an unbelievably tall stature makes him nothing but a ferocious intimidating beast.
3. Thermal blast- He breathes out fire and produces some scalding blasts from his enormous hands.
4. Thermogenesis-He gives off some extraordinary shrieking sweat from his body.
5. Illusion- He can change into a human being and interact casually with people who are oblivious of the egregious beast among them.
6. Pragmatic superstitions- He is iconically remembered for reshaping the whole of planet earth using nothing but a wish.
7. Darkness manipulation- Trigon can transmute himself to a shadow or darkness. This technique is primarily used when he is in grave danger or wants to confuse his enemy.


Phew! The two supervillains are no doubt a lethal menace to any opponent they encounter, even between themselves. We definitely need a couple of professional judges to gauge the two and officially declare who would tip over the other since they have never once clashed as they all have their own dimensions. This is a real predicament, given that the two are almost equal in their superhuman powers. In a practical fight, we would stoically wait until the very last second to witness the downfall of one of the freaks of nature. Trigon is a demon, while Darkseid’s natural form can eliminate Trigon.

Nevertheless, the majority give Trigon the upper hand as Darkseid has had fatal consequences in the course of the powerhouse clashes in the course of his rule. This is proven beyond reasonable doubt when Anti-Monitor kills him. Conversely, a sizeable number of people hint that the malicious demonic powers of Trigon make him an utterly immortal villain. The Omega Beam of Darkseid, arguably his most vital asset, would be less harmful to the demonic Trigon. Additionally, Trigon’s strength feature would be an added feather to his cap. Thus Trigon has better victory chances.

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