turtle gifts

In Native America, turtles were believed to be symbolic of the Earth itself, representing a long life and good health. These majestic sea creatures have long held the fascination of the old and you alike, which is why turtle gifts have always been in demand.

Not only are these half-shelled amphibians, a major part of tales of old and folklore, they make the most adorable pets too!

If you are a looking for kick-ass gifts for a turtle lover, we’ve got you covered with the best turtle gift ideas from you choose from.

Take your time and find what strikes your fancy – after all, slow and steady wins the race, eh?

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Here are the Best Turtle Gifts in 2020:

  • Sea Turtle Fleece Blanket

    Sea Turtle Fleece Blanket

    This vibrant blanket is perfect for your kid’s next sleepover! Made from 100% polyester, you too can snuggle into this cosy blanket and enjoy a good night’s sleep after a hard day’s work. With cute turtles printed across a bright blue canvas, this blanket makes a fun gift for turtle lovers. More

  • 3D Turtle Wooden Puzzle

    3D Turtle Wooden Puzzle

    With an array of turtle gifts to choose from, this 3D wooden puzzle should be your first choice if you’re looking for a fun game. With easy to assemble wooden parts and a handy manual, you and your child can have fun building the puzzle over the weekend. Watch your kids become giddy with excitement as they bring this turtle to life! More

  • Sea Turtle Pendant

    Sea Turtle Pendant

    Did you know turtle gifts could be so elegant? A stunning pendant adorned with Crystal Cubic Zircona fitted into a sterling silver chain, this necklace would make the ideal gift for the leading lady in your life. Sport this turtle shaped pendant in a luxurious purple amethyst. More

  • Sea Turtle Pocket Charm

    Sea Turtle Pocket Charm

    True to its symbolism, this pocket-sized charm is the ideal turtle gift. This adorable little green trinket comes with a story card sporting a hopeful message. Easy to carry, this would make the perfect token of encouragement for yourself or anyone else. More

  • Turtle Paper Towel Holder

    Turtle Paper Towel Holder

    This is one of the most innovative turtle gifts for your home! Sporting a muddy colour, this is a break from the boring, traditional paper towel holder. Gift this to someone on their homecoming or spunk up your kitchen with this exciting little entry. More

  • Turtle Hoodie

    Turtle Hoodie

    Turtle gifts and hoodies are the perfect combination! This bright green hoodie with a ‘love’ sign sports a turtle printed in place of the letter o. Innovative and cosy, this hoodie is the just the thing your winter wardrobe is missing. Made with exceptional quality, it is a great gift for turtle lovers. More

  • Turtle Notebook

    A notebook always comes in handy. When it proudly displays ‘you are turtley awesome’ at the front, you just have to add it to your turtle gift collection! Use this thick notebook to list down your day-to-day chores or convert it into your daily diary. It is useful and adorable-just like our favourite sea animal! More

  • Stuffed Turtle Toy

    Stuffed Turtle Toy

    How many times do you want to snuggle up with your pet turtle? Well, now you can with this adorable green stuffed one! A great turtle gift for kids and adults alike, this stuffed toy is soft and cuddly. Move over teddy bears-this huggable stuffed turtle is the new valentine gift for your significant other! More

  • Sea Turtle Jewellery Box

    Sea Turtle Jewellery Box

    Unmask the hidden treasures of the sea with this bejewelled turtle box. Adorned with hand-applied crystals, this jewellery box is the ultimate turtle gift for all animal lovers. Store your ornaments in this turtle shaped, hand painted box and get the feeling of uncovering jewels from the sea. More

  • Turtle Themed Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

    Turtle Themed Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

    Inculcating the wisdom of the turtle, this salt and pepper shaker set is a unique turtle gift to pay tribute to your mother or grandmother’s culinary skills. With their years of wisdom and experience, this set sporting the wise turtle figurine would make the perfect addition to their kitchen. More

  • Turtle Coloring Book

    Kiss your stress goodbye with this turtle colouring book for adults. An amalgamation of 36 pages with high quality images, this turtle gift allows you to release your worries by putting pencil to paper. With one-sided colouring pages, it prevents bleed through of colours for your ease. Challenge the artist in you with this colouring book! More

  • Sea Turtle Clutch

    Sea Turtle Clutch

    Women with a fascination of sea turtles have come to the right place! This fashion forward clutch is just the thing you need to show off at your next luncheon. Made from high quality microfiber, this clutch has 8 card slots, 2 full length pockets and 1 phone pocket, lending you just enough storage capacity. Stylish and handy, this turtle gift is a must-have for all women! More

  • Personalised Sea Turtle Mug

    Personalised Sea Turtle Mug

    If you are looking for a turtle gift custom made for your loved ones, there is no better deal than this turtle mug. Engraved with a turtle image, you can get any name or message printed on the mug free of cost! Savour your coffee in this tasteful mug with a sipping lid for your convenience. More

  • Turtle Wooden Sign

    Turtle Wooden Sign

    Add a little humour to your wall collection with this turtle gift. Made from solid wood, this sign reads a lighthearted message that is sure to get a cackle out of you. Written with durable water based ink, you can hang this sign outside without worrying about wear and tear. More

  • Turtle Night Star Lamp

    Turtle Night Star Lamp

    Usher your babies into deep slumber with this adorable turtle night lamp. This night lamp offers 360 degrees rotation in 4 lively colours: yellow, red, blue and green. A magical turtle gift for your friend’s baby shower, this rotating night lamp comes with a one-year warranty. More

  • Sea Turtle Water Bottle

    Sea Turtle Water Bottle

    This water bottle with a turtle on the front gives a clever illusion of the creature under sea. This turtle gift is both innovative and handy. Designed to keep your tea hot and your water cold, you can carry this bottle to work or on long road trips. Easy to wash and heat up, this bottle can be used in the dishwasher and microwave! More

  • Turtle Couple Figurine

    Turtle Couple Figurine

    This turtle gift is tailor made for couples in love! With two turtles sitting side by side, lovingly holding the sign ‘my rock’, this piece would be a romantic addition to your home. Hand painted with exceptional attention to detail, this two-piece figurine is ideal to celebrate your love having stood the test of time. The figure is detachable so you and your special someone can keep one piece each in anticipation of your union. More