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  • Joker Statues

    Best Joker Statues

    One of the most iconic villains from the comic universe is the Joker. That twisted mind combined with his terrifying laugh makes the Joker our favourite bad guy of all times. The Joker made his debut in 1940 in Batman #1 and I thought it was time to pay a tribute to him. Be sure to also check out my […] More

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  • Joker Statues

    Best Dark Nights Metal Statues

    I just love these Dark Nights Metal Statues. Most of them are still in pre-order when writing this review. But the ones that are available look amazing! You should display them with a Batman Statue in the middle. It will look like they are ready to attack him. These are the best Dark Nights Metal Statues The Red Death Statue […] More

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  • Superman Gifts

    Best Invicta Superman Watches

    If you are a comic fan but also have a sense for fashion, You should consider an Invicta Superman Watch. These watches are the best crossover between the comic universe and style. It is a great Superman gift to give. More of a Batman fan? Make sure to check out our favourite Invicta Batman Watch. These are the Best Invicta […] More

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  • Superman Gifts

    Best Kotobukiya Superman Statues

    If you’re looking from some really great Superman gifts. You should for sure, check out these Kotobukiya Superman Statues. Kotobukiya stands for great quality and an impeccable amount of detail on the statues themselves. Be sure to also check out the Kotobukiya Batman statues, as they are brilliant as well. Here are our favourite Kotobukiya Superman Statues Kotobukiya Superman for […] More

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  • Nightwing

    Best Nightwing Leather Jackets

    We already showed our favourite Nightwing statues but that’s not it. We stumbled upon these very cool Nightwing Leather Jacket. The cool thing is that these can be worn at any time. Only true Batman and Nightwing fans will know that these originate out of the DC universe. These are the best Nightwing Leather Jackets Nightwing Faux Leather Jacket The […] More

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  • Batman Gifts

    Best Kotobukiya Batman Statues

    If you’re looking for the best Batman statues, you should take a look at the Kotobukiya Batman statues. Kotobukiya is known for their incredibly detailed sculptures. Paint jobs are always without any flaw and the details are just out of this world. You can never go wrong with a Kotobukiya statue. Make sure to also check out our post on […] More

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  • Nightwing

    Best Nightwing Statues

    Although less popular than Batman, I really like Nightwing! His very cool black and blue suit still gives me the chills when looking at it, he looks so cool in my collection. Therefore I thought it was time to line up my favourite Nightwing statues. Did you know that Nightwing first appeared in the Superman comics and only afterwards in […] More

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  • Batman Gifts

    Best Batman Who Laughs Statues

    If you are looking for a one of a kind Batman gift, you have come to the right place. A Batman Who Laughs Statue is something that every serious Batman collector wants/needs to have. For those who are not familiar with the Batman Who Laughs. He’s a supervillain that combines the Dark Knight and The Joker into one. He comes […] More

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  • Batman Gifts

    Best Invicta Batman Watch

    In our post last week, we already listed our favourite Batman watches for men which also included a guide on how to buy the perfect watch. If you haven’t read that, be sure to take a look. It will save you a lot of time and energy. But in the category of Batman watches, one brand stands out. It is […] More

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  • Batman Gifts

    Best Batman Watch For Men

      A great Batman gift for men is a watch. Especially a watch that even the Dark Knight or his alter ego Bruce Wayne would wear. We want to inform you upfront that these Batman watches aren’t cheap. You should expect a price between $100 and $200. We did this on purpose because you don’t want to give a gift […] More

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  • Batman Gifts

    Best Batman Gifts

    Are you a fan of Batman? Batman might be your coolest superhero today. Even me, he is my coolest hero. This is because he has no superpowers. Typically, he is just a regular and normal guy. Uses gadgets to tame the wicked and wildest villains. Behind Batman's mask, there is a truly a genuine, kind-hearted person. Without counting the millionaire [...]

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  • captain america gifts

    Best Captain America Gifts In 2019

    Looking for Captain America Gifts? Captain America aka Steve Rogers has been around for some time. Cap made his first appearance in 1941. He was the patriotic supersoldier that everybody could look up to during World War II. Captain America can be easily recognized by his American flag motif and the indestructible shield. Still, to this day, Steve Rogers is [...]

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  • Superman Gifts

    Best Superman Statues

    What are the best Superman Statues? Check out our favourite Superman Statues. Prices vary from $50 to $3000+ so there’s a statue for every fan. More

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  • best spiderman statues

    Best Spider-Man Statues

    What are the best Spiderman Statues? Check out our favourite Spider-Man Statues. Prices vary from $20 to $100+ so there’s a statue for every fan. More

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  • Aquaman Maori Toki Pendant

    Aquaman Maori Toki Pendant

    The Aquaman Maori Toki Pendant is a premium-artwork exclusive replica of the fabulous Maori Greenstone Toki Pendant worn by Arthur Curry in the Aquaman multiverse movie and sold by SalesOne International, LLC. It’s made from synthetic greenstone and comes with a black rope with an extension piece and a lobster clasp.

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  • Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto

    Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto

    The Doctor Strange Eye of the Agomotto Pro Replica Necklace is an Avengers Infinity War collectible accessories and movie memorabilia. It’s a unique superhero gift ideal for birthdays, Cosplay, Halloween costume, and more. As an officially licensed Marvel product, it’s made from the finest materials, guaranteed to amaze you.

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  • Mini Fire Extinguisher Lighter

    Mini Fire Extinguisher Lighter

    The Smoke Mart mini fire extinguisher lighter is portable, easy-to-use refillable butane lighter that feature an adjustable flame. It lights up with a simple click to provide a candle flame light. It also comes with a bright LED light to use while in the dark.

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  • Grow and Glow Groot

    Grow and Glow Groot

    The impressive Uncle Milton Grow and Glow Groot are a Baby Groot Flower Pot designed to allow you plant your own Groot plant. It brings inspiration from the dancing baby Groot from the famous Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie series, making it an excellent desk or office sprucing gift.

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  • Hidden Safe Wall Clock

    Hidden Safe Wall Clock

    Most of its parts are plastic. It has significant roman digit, a medium brown color with a secret compartment and is looking like a regular wall clock with a stash box behind the face of the clock. Check it out

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  • The Joker Cane

    The Joker Cane

    The Joker Cane is a Prop Replica from DC Collectibles DC Gallery and Sculpted by Jonathan Matthews. As a life-sized replica with a brass-finish metal head and tip, it comes in two pieces featuring robust brass-finish metal Screw connectors and a wooden body. Check it out

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  • Mario Chess Set

    Mario Chess Set

    So your cunning plan is to lure your kids away from their console. Well, that’s actually a pretty good plan. This Mario Chess Set can for sure help you with that. You do know how to play chess right?

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  • Tetris Heat Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug

    Tetris Heat Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug

    The Tetris Hear Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug from Paladone is a classic video game themed mug featuring an intense heat activated decal. The Tetris blocks appear when a hot beverage is poured inside the mug. As an officially licensed Tetris product, it’s an excellent gift for men and women. Check it out

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  • Gameboy Fridge Magnet

    Gameboy Fridge Magnet

    The FreezyBoy fridge magnet is a whiteboard dry-erase refrigerator magnets made to make your fridge look like an 80’s video game console. It’s designed to transform your refrigerator into a considerable gaming console. It’s also removable with no marks left behind. It’s a great gift for geeks and gamers. Check it out

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  • Jenga Tetris Edition Game

    Jenga Tetris Edition Game

    This Jenga Tetris Special Edition Game is designed for one or more players. It has a Tetris twist block with six different shapes similar to those in the Tetris game. Additionally, the stacking game has 47 Translucent Jenga Tetris blocks and instructions. It’s a new classic stacking game with a Tetris twist. Check it out

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  • World’s Smallest Violin

    World’s Smallest Violin

    The Dengguoli Mini Violin is a dollhouse miniature musical instrument with a bow, stand support and a case. As the world’s smallest violin, it’s made from wood and features four strings. It’s 100% brand new and high quality and can be used as a collection or a decorative ornament. Check it out

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  • Jurassic World Dinosaur Detection System

    Jurassic World Dinosaur Detection System

    The famous Jurassic World Dinosaur Detection System is a safety system that is modeled around the outstanding Jurassic World Film Series. The concept adds some trademark TG fun and whimsy to the invaluable tool for escaping T-Rex attack. It features a detection medium container and a threat level reader.

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  • Assassin's Creed Unity Phantom Blade

    Assassin’s Creed Unity Phantom Blade

    The Ubisoft Phantom Assassin’s Creed Unity Blade is a life-size replica of Arno’s Phantom Blade from the fantastic Assassin’s Creed Unity. It is complete with firing soft dart, retractable crossbow arms and hidden blade. It’s was replicated from a complexly sculpted and hand-constructed design by the award-winning McFarlane Toys. Check it out Find more Assassin’s Creed Gifts here

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  • Rocket And Groot Statue

    Rocket And Groot Statue

    The Kotobukiya Rocket And Groot Artifact Statue from Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy is a statue resembling an anthropomorphic earth raccoon and of course Groot. It is a 1/10 scale pre-painted figure that was sculpted by JUNNOSUKE ABE. It features an animalistic fury designed with appealing natural colors. Check it Find more Guardians Of The Galaxy Gifts here

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  • Rick And Morty Trivial Pursuit

    Rick And Morty Trivial Pursuit

    The Rick and Morty Trivial Pursuit is a quick play version with Trivia questions based on the catching adult Rick and Morty swim show. It’s an officially licensed Rick and Morty Game with 600 questions. It requires two and more players of 17years and above and 30-minute playing time. Check it out

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  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Groot Mask

    Guardians Of The Galaxy Groot Mask

    The Rubie’s Guardians of the Galaxy Men’s Deluxe Adult Overhead Groot Mask is 100% Polyester and hand washable. It is 1.18 inches high and 3.15 inches wide. It’s also an officially licensed Groot mask that was inspired by the thrilling Guardians of the Galaxy action movie. Check it out

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  • Hulk Statue

    Hulk Statue

    For the very first Avengers ARTFX+ release… well, he’s big, he’s green, and he’s always angry… it’s the HULK! It is fantastically detailed with intricate musculature down to his sinews and veins, and the harsh grimace on his face shows off the rage he can’t keep bottled up in battle.

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  • Rick & Morty Space Cruiser USB Light

    Rick & Morty Space Cruiser USB Light

    The Rick and Morty Space Cruiser USB light is a single and straightforward light that shows Rick and Morty inter-dimensional adventures. It’s a handy light desk that provides enough and dimmed light with Rick and Morty inside. Its nightlight is perfect for adults, teens, and children. Check it out

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  • The Math Clock

    The Math Clock

    So you think you have what it takes to solve this clock. To be honest, it is not that hard. But it is the perfect gift for math enthousiasts.

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  • Mona Lisa Wall Clock

    Mona Lisa Wall Clock

    I got this clock from Da Vinci himself. He had an original painting lying around and decided to make a clock out of it. He told me the knock-off is hanging in the Louvre? Silly Frenchies…

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  • Whatever Wall Clock

    Whatever Wall Clock

    The perfect gift for people who are always late. The Whatever Wall Clock is made out of cork and numbers have fallen off to the bottom of the clock.

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  • The Melting Clock

    The Melting Clock

    One of the most iconic surrealistic paintings in history is for sure Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory. It features melting clocks. You can now own a melting clock like you stole it directly from the painting.

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  • Venom Symbiote Vial

    Venom Symbiote Vial

    This is one of the coolest things I have found in the last months. It is so simple but so brillant and so easy. It really looks like you are holding an orginal Venom Symbiote Vial which can pop out at any second. There’s even a Carnage vial as well! Check it out

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  • Groot Wireless Mouse

    Groot Wireless Mouse

    If you’re looking for an unique mouse, you won’t find anything better than this Groot Wireless Mouse. It is made out of high quality ABS material and it just plug & play. So the installation couldn’t be any easier. I AM GROOT MOUSE! Check it out

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  • Dragon Ball Z Bathrobe

    Dragon Ball Z Bathrobe

    These Dragon Ball Z Bathrobes are only for the strongest warriors in the universe. It is the perfect combination. It’s made out of strong cotton which is very soft at the same time.

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  • The Big Bang Theory Trivial Pursuit

    The Big Bang Theory Trivial Pursuit

    The game has over 600 questions that are based on the TV show. The questions can be used with an original Trivial Pursuit board if you have one. It can also be used as a travel game. Check it out

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  • Joker Deluxe Latex Mask

    Joker Deluxe Latex Mask

    The Joker is probably the most popular villian across all comic universes. His laugh, voice, craziness and love for drama makes him the perfect bad guy. If you’re looking to dress up as the Joker. Be sure to check out this Joker Deluxe Latex Mask. Check it out

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  • Assassin's Creed Broken Spear of Leonidas

    Assassin’s Creed Broken Spear of Leonidas

    This Assassin’s Creed Broken Spear of Leonidas is just absolutely magnificent. The spear is made out of resin so quite safe to use with people around you. The length is around 60 cm / 24 inches so it will look great between your other Assassin’s Creed collectibles. Check it out

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  • Timesphere Minimalist Clock

    Timesphere Minimalist Clock

    If you’re looking for a minimalistic clock that looks great in every room, you should give the Timesphere minimalist clock a try. It defies gravity with the ball that travels around the dial to mark the time.

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  • Minimalistic LED Clock

    Minimalistic LED Clock

    It looks like a simple LED clock but it is actually pretty smart. It has an alarm that’s one and a 12/24 hour display. But also a light sensitive sensor to reduce the the brightness of the clock in the evening and night.

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  • Camera Secret Flask

    Camera Secret Flask

    Is it a camera? It must be right? Well, it is not. This camera is in fact a hidden flask. You will be able to smuggle your booze anywhere! It can hold up to 5 oz of your favorite drink. Check it out

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  • Bracelet Flask

    Bracelet Flask

    This flask looks just like a bangle bracelet. It can be filled up and worn with any outfit. The bangle comes in four different colors and is a great way to hide a shot.

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  • LED Frame Dragon Ball Lamp

    LED Frame Dragon Ball Lamp

    This LED Frame Dragon Ball Lamp displays Ultra Instint Goku looks absolutely fabulous in any room. The frame is made from plastic and it contains LED lights.

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  • Mitten Flask

    Mitten Flask

    This flask is a great way to stay warm on the cold days. These red mittens can be worn on the hands and the thumb opens up to reveal a small straw for drinking. Check it out

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  • Venom Lamp

    Venom Lamp

    There aren’t a lot of Venom lamps out there but we were able to find a great one. This will look great in your Venom collection and will light up the room at the same time with the LED lights. Check it out

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  • Venom Bust

    Venom Bust

    Venom has became very popular after the movie starring Tom Hardy. This Venom Bust will look great anywhere. The scale is 1/6 but it will cost you more than $500. Check it out

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  • Hairbrush Flask

    Hairbrush Flask

    This flask looks just like a wipe bristle hairbrush. The bottom part of the handle is the opening and can be screwed on and unscrewed when a drink is needed. Check it out

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  • Small Groot Full Scale

    Small Groot Full Scale

    This small Groot is scary real. It stands 25cm/9,8inch tall and is made of PVC. You just want to pick it up and give it a hug. But be careful, it gets huge when he’s fully grown! Check it out

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  • Hulk & Yoda Canvas

    Hulk & Yoda Canvas

    My 2 favorite green heroes combined into 1 piece of art. I don’t know what it is but it puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. Who would win in a fight? Yoda or Hulk? I put my money on Yoda. Check it out

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  • Carnage Bust

    Carnage Bust

    I have put this Carnage bust on my desk and told people that it can actually bite. Since then, no more annoying questions or people taking stuff of my desk that they shouldn’t take. Check it out

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  • The Joker Bust

    The Joker Bust

    Say hello to this wonderful Joker Bust. Just look at him. It seems like every time you look away his smile looks different. It is creepy actually. This Joker Bust is 3D printed and around 7.5 inches tall so the perfect fit for any room. Check it out

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  • I am Negan Shirt

    I am Negan Shirt

    Are you Negan? Are you Negan?! Show your support by wearing this shirt all the time. You can choose out of 13 colors and 7 sizes. So you can for sure find your favorite combination! Check it out

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  • Harley Quinn Baseball Bat

    Harley Quinn Baseball Bat

    This bat is the real deal. It’s made out of hardwood and measures 31.5 inches. It is distributed by the Noble Collection so you know that you are good when it comes to quality!

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  • Aquaman Suit (Justice League)

    Aquaman used to be the most underappreciated superhero but that quickly changed when Jason Momoa took on the role. Now a lot of people want to be Aquaman and this suit absolutely perfect for that. It comes in 9 sizes and is made out of pleather (fake leather). This is the Aquaman costume from the movie Justice League.

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  • LED Word Wall Clock

    LED Word Wall Clock

    Customers praise it as it tells the time in style. The sharper image word clock is the new way of saying time. It does so by doubling both as an accent piece and as a clock. Additionally, it is used in offices, schools, and homes. Check it out

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  • Tampon Flasks

    Tampon Flasks

    These flasks are a great place to hide a shot. Once the shot is poured into this secret flask it can be placed back in a wrapper and looks just like a tampon. In addition to hiding the liquor, it will keep the men away from it too. Check it out

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  • Tie Flask

    Tie Flask

    Who says you can’t drink on the job? Your boss? With this Tie Flask your manager will never know. Enjoy your buzz in secret! Check it out

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  • Stackable Tetris Lamp

    This Stackable Tetris Lamp is the dream for every die-hard Tetris fan. You can completely create your own lamp made out of Tetris blocks. You have 7 pieces to choose from so the possibilities are endless. Check it out

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  • Lotion Flask

    Lotion Flask

    This flask looks just like a bottle of hand lotion. It is small enough to take on the go. They can be purchased as a set of three and are able to hold up to 8 shots. Instead of cream coming out of the bottle, the shot will come out. Check it out

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  • Zombie Survival Box

    Zombie Survival Box

    If you believe in zombies or not, this Zombie Survival Box is just a great gift for any survival enthousiast! It comes with a flashlight, first aid kit, duct tape and some very tasty SPAM. You can never have enough spam. To make sure you are prepared for what’s to come, they added the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. But this is not it, to top it all off, you also get a great looking Elk Ridge Machete with a 12.9″ 3mm stainless steel blade.

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  • Game Of Thrones Tankard

    Best Game Of Thrones Gifts 2019

    Game Of Thrones got incredibly popular when it was first aired in 2011. What most people don’t know is that Game Of Thrones is based on the book of “A Song of Ice and Fire” from George R. R. Martin. With the success of GOT, the Game Of Thrones merchandise also exploded. To find the best Game Of Thrones gifts […] More

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  • Offline Tetris Game

    Offline Tetris Game

    Players drop blocks known as Tetriminos into a grid. They attempt to link same-colored Tetriminos together to earn points, while simultaneously blocking opponents from doing the same.

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  • Interactive Squash

    Interactive Squash

    Squash is fun but Interactive Squash is amazing! During your game, the court tracks players’ every move and shot. This give you the advantage that you will get real-time feedback and coaching. It comes with several games that will be fun for young and old.

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  • Merge Cube

    Merge Cube

    Time to make learning fun again with the Merge Cube. The goal of the Merge Cube is to learn, play, and create virtual objects by holding them in your hand. The cube didn’t go unnoticed and won already several awards. The brilliance lies in the simplicity. Download a Merge app on your phone, put your phone into the goggles and you are good to go. In order to make sure that everybody can enjoy it. The company kept the price quite low, only $29.99 for the goggles and $14.99 for the cube.

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