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  • Best Batman Cosplay

    If you are looking for the best Batman cosplay, you have come to the right place. Let me give you some great inspiration for your next Batman Suit. We have divided this post in 2 section: Batman costumes that you can actually buy and Batman costumes that we have come across at conventions. Not ready for a whole suit? Have a look at our selection of Batman Statues if you want to start a little smaller. Best Batman Cosplay For Sale More

  • Best Dark Nights Metal Statues

    Best Dark Nights Metal Statues

    I just love these Dark Nights Metal Statues. Most of them are still in pre-order when writing this review. But the ones that are available look amazing! You should display them with a Batman Statue in the middle. It will look like they are ready to attack him. These are the best Dark Nights Metal Statues The Red Death Statue One of the best DC Collectibles Dark Nights Metal Statues is this Batman: The Red Death Statue with a design based on the Greg Capullo art. Djordje Djokovic sculpted the statue. It displays the fastest and deadliest man in the dark multiverse, The Red Death. The detailing brings out the evil speedster with bats created after the transfusion of the superheroes, Batman and the flash. It’s an excellent addition for anyone who loves the Red Death Superhero. It is crafted from Polynesian with a superb detailing of the Cascade of the speed force and the summoned bats merged into one stature. As a top-quality unit, the statue stand 8.2 inches tall and limited to 5,000 individual pieces.       The Batman Who Laughs and Robin Minions Statue This DC Collectibles Dark Nights Metal statue is a high-quality The Batman Who Laughs Statue. It was designed by Greg Capullo and sculpted by Jason Frailey. The sculpture features Batman in his classy black attire laughing and surrounded by Robin Minions. He stands tall while imposing while three chained Robin Minions surround him. His laughing face is here to haunt your nightmares. It’s a great piece that represents the comic in an iconic way possible while also bringing out the Grey’s Capullo design on the character out. The statue stands 8.135 inches tall, making it a great addition to your shelf.   The Devastator Statue If you do love the Batman The Devastator Comic, here is a DC Collectibles Dark Nights Metal you will adore. The Batman, the Devastator, is a piece of comic art designed by Greg Capullo and sculpted by the famous Jason Frailey. The statue is meticulously crafted from Polynesian and stands tall, approximately 9.1 inches. It’s about Nightmarish Fusion of two superheroes big and robust enough to take down the man of steel. It captures the absolute essence of the devastated all-potent creatures formed when the unstoppable, powerful Doomsday fuses with the Batman unmatched brains. It also catches the cragged bone skin and red eyes of the unspeakable devil, a great addition to Batman, the Devastator enthusiast’s collections. The Murder Machine Statue The Batman, the Murder Machine Statue from DC Collectibles Dark Nights Metal, is a piece of art designed by Greg Capullo and done by Paul Harding. What makes it an excellent article is the detailing it brings out about the fusion of the Cyborg’s technological power and the Batman’s tactical brilliance. The character was born when the all-powerful AI program that was designed by Cyborg started to misinterpret its coding into the homicidal ends. The piece captures the mayhem and menace expected for the Murder Machine. […] More

  • Best Kotobukiya Superman Statues

    Best Kotobukiya Superman Statues

    If you’re looking from some really great Superman gifts. You should for sure, check out these Kotobukiya Superman Statues. Kotobukiya stands for great quality and an impeccable amount of detail on the statues themselves. Be sure to also check out the Kotobukiya Batman statues, as they are brilliant as well. Here are our favourite Kotobukiya Superman Statues Kotobukiya Superman for Tomorrow The Kotobukiya DC Comics Superman for Tomorrow ArtFX Statue comes as a unique piece Superman for Tomorrow himself. It brings out a unique presentation that portrays an iconic appearance of Superman for tomorrow. The inspiration for this new ArtFx statue is brought to life by the famous and incredible artwork of Jim Lee, DC Comic Superstar. The statue displays Superman standing tall in one of his iconic heroic poses with legs apart while the hands balled into fists. The poses show a vigilant man ready to deal with threats and his angled head leaning to the side while bringing out his powerful physique. Apart from being iconic, this statue is built to stay firm and retain its form for years to come. Kotobukiya Superman Man of Steel  The Kotobukiya Superman Man of Steel ArtFX Statue comes as a highly detailed sculpt which portrays the design and look of Superman’s outfit. It captures the power and energy of the movie hero in an incredible presentation. On this statue, the Superman poses straight out as seen in the movie trailer while also half crouching with the arms curled and his fist clenched. As a 1/6 Scale Statue, the Man of Steel himself stands approximately 10.5 inches tall. The best part about this statue is, it comes with a posable cape in which you can shape or mould into nearly any position. On top of that, Superman’s suit on this expertly recreated statue is intricately sculpted so that it captures all the subtle textures. It’s quite impressive. Kotobukiya Batman vs. Superman: Superman The Kotobukiya Batman vs. Superman: Superman is a sculpture crafted based on DC Comic’s character based on Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. As an ArtFX+ Statue, the crafting used here is well displayed so that Superman can look like he has stepped off the screen. Its georama base and the dynamic Superman pose create an illusion that the hero is captured mid-flight. The arm is raised to show a devastating blow. Every detail on this statue portrays something the character shows in the movie. With the icon having a 1/10 scale, it’s able to set out all the features of the man of steel. It’s a great addition to any counter, tabletop, or shelf. Kotobukiya Superman Rebirth The Kotobukiya DC Comics Superman Rebirth ArtFX+ Statue comes as an ARTFX+ sculpture that’s based on characters in DC Comic Rebirth Re-launch. Superman here looks fantastic in the new costume. The costume features a fused blue outfit and fabulous looking matching boots. He is also having his customary cape and the S-shaped shield. As a highly detailed sculpt, this statue brings out […] More

  • Best Kotobukiya Batman Statues

    If you’re looking for the best Batman statues, you should take a look at the Kotobukiya Batman statues. Kotobukiya is known for their incredibly detailed sculptures. Paint jobs are always without any flaw and the details are just out of this world. You can never go wrong with a Kotobukiya statue. Make sure to also check out our post on the Best Batman Gifts if you need some more inspiration. My favourite Kotobukiya Batman Statues Kotobukiya Batman Statue (Black Costume Version) This Kotobukiya Batman Statue is one of the classic ones from Kotobukiya. This sculpture is based on the Batman from Jim Lee out of the Hush comic. I love this statue. You can really feel the muscles on this Batman and not in a creepy way. Also, the cape is absolutely amazing. It looks and feels a little bit torn at the end which makes this a very cool thing. You should make some room for this statue as it measures 11 inches tall so 1/6th scale. This sculpture also features the iconic Batman Utility Belt which we all secretly dream of owning it. This Kotobukiya Batman Statue comes with a base which can be a little though to put together but it is definitely worth it. The quality of this statue is amazing. The paint job is flawless and even the finishing around the cape is perfect. Kotobukiya Batman vs. Superman: Batman Statue If you are a fan of the movie Batman vs. Superman, you should really take a look at this Kotobukiya Batman Statue. In this sculpture, Batman is wearing the Mech Batsuit to take on Superman. This Batman is actually part of a pair which is this Kotobukiya Superman statue. You really should have both as they look amazing together. Like all Kotobukiya statues, this Batman statue is made out of hard plastic but it looks absolutely great. This figure is 1/10th scale so around 6 inches normally. Again the quality is out of this world like Superman. The paint job and the details are flawless so you can’t go wrong here with this pair. Kotobukiya Batman & Robin Statue Why only settle for Batman when you can own the most popular dynamic duo ever created in the comic universe. When putting them up, I literally had the feeling that I ripped them right off the pages of Frank Miller and Jim Lee’s All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder. I really like the extra touch where Robin is holding a Batarang, ready to launch it into an attack. Also, the aggressive pose from Batman just tops it all off. To get into the specifics: Batman stands around 6 inches tall and Robin 4 inches so they are 1/10th scale. It comes with a display included. The cool thing about this is that in the feet of our heroes, there are magnets. So they will stay perfectly stable on the display. So you don’t have to worry that they will fall. Also, the contrast between the […] More

  • Best Batman Who Laughs Statues

    If you are looking for a one of a kind Batman gift, you have come to the right place. A Batman Who Laughs Statue is something that every serious Batman collector wants/needs to have. For those who are not familiar with the Batman Who Laughs. He’s a supervillain that combines the Dark Knight and The Joker into one. He comes from Earth -22 and made his first appearance in September 2017 in The Casting #1. These are the best Batman Who Laughs Statues The Batman Who Laughs From Diamond Select Toys This figurine depicts “The Batman Who Laughs” from the DC comic hit, Dark Nights: Metal. This character is a “Jokerized” version of Batman, a supervillain who leads the Dark Knights. He is one of the main enemies of the Justice League. This figurine stands at about 9 inches tall with a detailed sculpt and exact details in the paint job. The design was inspired by the artists of this six-part comic series: Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia. This figurine in particular displays Batman Who Laughs as he stands on a pile of jagged rocks. Here, he holds a card in one hand and a long chain in the other, of course with that evil grin on his red clown lips. His costume has gold accents, which makes it unique from other designs. The figurine is made out of high-grade plastic and comes in a full-colour window box. Customers give this product five stars for accuracy and for its financial value. They enjoy how this figurine is cheaper, but still maintains a gorgeous sculpt. A minor issue seems to be the window box, which is sometimes omitted from packaging or comes destroyed. The Batman Who Laughs Black & White Statue From DC Collectibles It might surprise you to know that this is the first statue based on “The Batman Who Laughs.” An official character from DC Collectibles, it looks like it was ripped from the pages of the comic book. This figurine was designed by Greg Capullo, an artist who worked on the Dark Night: Metal series, and sculpted by Jonathan Matthews. It measures approximately 7 inches tall. Much like the previous figurine, the Jokerized Batman wields a long chain in one hand. His other hand raises in a menacing pose, emphasizing his malevolent character. He stands on an oval-shaped platform, which helps the figurine stand perfectly upright. Unlike the figurine from Diamond Toys, this figurine is more monochromatic, with a strict black and white palette. Furthermore, this is a limited edition Batman collectable, since there are only 5,000 of these amazing statues. Customers especially love this product, with 92% of its reviews as five-star ratings. Multiple customers purchased this item as a gift for Batman fans, and they all adore it. Only one customer had an issue because the collar arrived broken, but this could be a fluke. The Batman Who Laughs & Robin Minions Statue From DC Collectibles  This figurine not only features “The Batman Who Laughs,” […] More

  • The Coolest Deadpool Gifts

    The Coolest Deadpool Gifts

    Are you looking for some great Deadpool Gifts? We have made a list with the most fun and hilarious Deadpool merch. Be sure to check the Airsoft Mask… More

  • Hidden Safe Wall Clock

    Hidden Safe Wall Clock

    Most of its parts are plastic. It has significant roman digit, a medium brown color with a secret compartment and is looking like a regular wall clock with a stash box behind the face of the clock. Check it out

  • World’s Smallest Violin

    World’s Smallest Violin

    The Dengguoli Mini Violin is a dollhouse miniature musical instrument with a bow, stand support and a case. As the world’s smallest violin, it’s made from wood and features four strings. It’s 100% brand new and high quality and can be used as a collection or a decorative ornament. Check it out

  • The Math Clock

    The Math Clock

    So you think you have what it takes to solve this clock. To be honest, it is not that hard. But it is the perfect gift for math enthousiasts.

  • Mona Lisa Wall Clock

    Mona Lisa Wall Clock

    I got this clock from Da Vinci himself. He had an original painting lying around and decided to make a clock out of it. He told me the knock-off is hanging in the Louvre? Silly Frenchies…

  • Whatever Wall Clock

    Whatever Wall Clock

    The perfect gift for people who are always late. The Whatever Wall Clock is made out of cork and numbers have fallen off to the bottom of the clock.

  • The Melting Clock

    The Melting Clock

    One of the most iconic surrealistic paintings in history is for sure Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory. It features melting clocks. You can now own a melting clock like you stole it directly from the painting.

  • Timesphere Minimalist Clock

    Timesphere Minimalist Clock

    If you’re looking for a minimalistic clock that looks great in every room, you should give the Timesphere minimalist clock a try. It defies gravity with the ball that travels around the dial to mark the time.

  • Minimalistic LED Clock

    Minimalistic LED Clock

    It looks like a simple LED clock but it is actually pretty smart. It has an alarm that’s one and a 12/24 hour display. But also a light sensitive sensor to reduce the the brightness of the clock in the evening and night.

  • Camera Secret Flask

    Camera Secret Flask

    Is it a camera? It must be right? Well, it is not. This camera is in fact a hidden flask. You will be able to smuggle your booze anywhere! It can hold up to 5 oz of your favorite drink. Check it out

  • Bracelet Flask

    Bracelet Flask

    This flask looks just like a bangle bracelet. It can be filled up and worn with any outfit. The bangle comes in four different colors and is a great way to hide a shot.

  • Mitten Flask

    Mitten Flask

    This flask is a great way to stay warm on the cold days. These red mittens can be worn on the hands and the thumb opens up to reveal a small straw for drinking. Check it out

  • Hairbrush Flask

    Hairbrush Flask

    This flask looks just like a wipe bristle hairbrush. The bottom part of the handle is the opening and can be screwed on and unscrewed when a drink is needed. Check it out

  • LED Word Wall Clock

    LED Word Wall Clock

    Customers praise it as it tells the time in style. The sharper image word clock is the new way of saying time. It does so by doubling both as an accent piece and as a clock. Additionally, it is used in offices, schools, and homes. Check it out

  • Tampon Flasks

    Tampon Flasks

    These flasks are a great place to hide a shot. Once the shot is poured into this secret flask it can be placed back in a wrapper and looks just like a tampon. In addition to hiding the liquor, it will keep the men away from it too. Check it out

  • Tie Flask

    Tie Flask

    Who says you can’t drink on the job? Your boss? With this Tie Flask your manager will never know. Enjoy your buzz in secret! Check it out

  • Lotion Flask

    Lotion Flask

    This flask looks just like a bottle of hand lotion. It is small enough to take on the go. They can be purchased as a set of three and are able to hold up to 8 shots. Instead of cream coming out of the bottle, the shot will come out. Check it out

  • Best Game Of Thrones Gifts 2019

    Best Game Of Thrones Gifts 2019

    Game Of Thrones got incredibly popular when it was first aired in 2011. What most people don’t know is that Game Of Thrones is based on the book of “A Song of Ice and Fire” from George R. R. Martin. With the success of GOT, the Game Of Thrones merchandise also exploded. To find the best Game Of Thrones gifts has become quite difficult. But we are here to help as we are huge Game Of Thrones fans. 20 Best Game Of Thrones Gifts 2019 Game Of Thrones Board Games If you are looking for a gift for a true Game of Thrones fan a board game could be a perfect fit. A b More

  • Superhero, DC Comics & Marvel Gifts

    Superhero, DC Comics & Marvel Gifts

    If you are looking for a great superhero gift. Have a look at our incredible overview. It contains Marvel gifts and DC Comics gifts so the whole comic universe is represented. More

  • Flask Book

    Flask Book

    This book looks just like any other hardcover book but it is hollowed out to lift a flask or a small bottle. This will allow a person to look like they are carrying a book when they are really carrying a drink. Check it out

  • Periodic Table of Elements Wall Clock

    Periodic Table of Elements Wall Clock

    The clocks dimensions are 10 H x 10 W x 0.1 D. It has a high gloss mirror like scratch aluminum and UV coated. The silent uncovered quartz is requiring a relaxed environment. The clock can be placed in various places. Check it out

  • DIY 3D World Map Wall Clock

    DIY 3D World Map Wall Clock

    It is a perfect clock with a unique design for office, kitchen, study room, family room, living room, dining room, kindergarten room, and kid room. The super quality quartz clockwork is ensuring accurate observation of time and a quiet environment. Check it out

  • Joker Hoodie

    Joker Hoodie

    Nothing more fun than dressing up like The Joker. This great looking Joker Hoodie is perfect to escape your daily routine.

  • LaMetric Smart Clock

    LaMetric Smart Clock

    The LaMetric clock is one the smartest clocks out there. It will tell you time but also the weather, emails, events, tweets, followers, news, deadlines and other metrics in real-time. It even works with WeMo, Alexa, IFTTT,…

  • Ferrofluid Clock

    Ferrofluid Clock

    This is probably the only clock that you will love to look at when time is slowly passing by. The Ferro Fluid is able to move freely and can be manipulated thanks to powerful electromagnets. You can even create your own text, shapes and transitions via an internal system that is accessible trough a web-browser.

  • Kit-Cat Wall Clock

    Kit-Cat Wall Clock

    It is a classic black kit-cat clock with a red bow tie and white bow tie. It has rolling eyes and wagging pendulum, Arabic numerals and white clock hands on the clock face. It adds color during special occasions. Check it out

  • Mirrored Round Wall Clock

    Mirrored Round Wall Clock

    It has a distressed rustic bronze with mirrored face and distressed rustic. It has a size of 60” H X 60” W X 2.375’’. It has a quality which is expertly hand finished and handcrafted. Check it out

  • Large Oversized LED Wall Clock

    Large Oversized LED Wall Clock

    The clocks size is 14.2x 8.5x 1.0 inch. Besides, it is a large decorative wall clock for the classroom, kitchen, bedroom, office conference room, and living room. It can sit against the wall or as well be mounted on the wall. Check it out

  • Frameless Large Wall Clock

    Frameless Large Wall Clock

    It has an acrylic mirror and large size surface, thus giving your room modern and stylish wall decoration. The finishing size of the clock depends on the customer’s preference in wall decoration. Check it out

  • Galaxy Magnetic Wall Clock

    Galaxy Magnetic Wall Clock

    The clock has an exclusive rubber coating face ensuring no damage occurs during rotation. It is often placed on the wall or as well be placed directly on the table. Besides, it has three planets which seem magical when floating in the air. Check it out

  • Peacock Wall Clock

    Peacock Wall Clock

    It has a super quality sweep movement guaranteeing accurate time and a quiet environment. It is an excellent choice for classroom, office, or home. Besides, it is widely used and can be installed in the house, office, library, classroom, bedroom, and living room. Check it out

  • Large Metal Contemporary Wall Clock

    Large Metal Contemporary Wall Clock

    The clock is measuring approximately 27. It is a unique multi-colored clock comprising of large round numbers. The numbers are usually finished using various distressing colors. The round numbered pieces are positioned differently in different watches. Check it out

  • Steampunk Wall Clock

    Steampunk Wall Clock

    The clock measures 15″Wx2″ Dx17.5″H. 3 lbs and is including quartz, which has a modern movement. Besides, it is featuring two keyhole slots for hanging. It is suiting various decorative trends and tastes. Additionally, it is used in multiple homerooms. Check it out