Venom vs Bane: Which Supervillain Is The Strongest?

Supervillains are some of the most interesting characters. They have cool abilities, intense backstories, and they’re always up to no good! One of the more recent movies about these villains is Venom. The movie tells the story of Eddie Brock, a journalist who becomes infected with an alien symbiote known as “Venom.” This makes him stronger and faster than any human could ever be but it also changes his personality for the worst.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether or not Venom is stronger than Bane, another famous supervillain from Batman comics and films. We’ll go through their strengths and weaknesses, so you can decide which one would win in a fight!

FUN FACT: Tom Hardy has played Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and also starred as Venom in the movie from 2018.

Venom: Biography

Best Venom Comics To Start With

If you are not familiar with Venom, let us take a short step back and get our facts straight. In this particular case, we are talking about Venom as Eddie Brock and not like Agent Venom. According to, Venom is 5’11” in height and weighs around 175 lbs. Venom / Eddie Brock was first introduced in April 1988 in Amazing Spider-Man #299. The alien suit already made its appearance 4 years before in 1984, so there’s no confusion about that.

The symbiote Venom was originally created by dark elder god Knull. As Venom refused to do Knull’s bidding, he was exiled. Now, let us fast forward because a lot of things happened in between before Venom arrived on Earth. But as we are talking about Eddie Brock. Venom and Eddie bonded in a church called Our Lady of Saints. While Brock was there to take his own life, Venom bonded with Brock and used his anger to cause mayhem.

Bane: Biography

If we compare Venom with Bane, we see that Bane only made his first appearance in January 1993 in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1. So there’s around 5 years difference in creation between the 2 characters. In the DC comics Encyclopedia, Bane has a height of 6ft 3in and weighs 230 lbs. Of course, both height and weight are variable thanks to his ability to transform.

Bane was raised in prison as he had to pay for his father’s mistakes. The prison was located on Santa Prisca which is a remote Caribbean island. In prison, he spends his time reading books to consume as much knowledge as he can and learns how to defend himself from all kinds of threats. As he grows smarter and stronger, he becomes the leader of the prisoners. Because of this, he becomes the perfect lab rat for a drug known as Venom which grants him superhuman abilities.

Bane vs Venom: Powers Comparison

Superhuman Strength / Durability / Stamina

When it comes to the 3 powers above, I don’t really believe there’s much difference between the two. They are both known for their strength and we know that both can definitely take a punch so we can call it a tie here. Unfortunately for Bane, this is where his superpowers end which might be decisive in this fight.


When it comes to healing, this would be in favour of Venom. While Bane also has superhuman healing, Venom can regenerate in a couple of seconds. So this would a point for Venom.

Body Transformation vs Genius-Level Intellect / Master Tactician

When the fight gets underway, I really believe the above powers/abilities will play a crucial role in the fight.

A good advantage that Venom has over Bane, is his ability to transform his body parts in almost whatever he wants. He can easily turn his arms into axes and cut you in half like a twig. Also, we have to note that Venom has poisonous fangs which can cripple an opponent instantly.

Nevertheless, DC & Marvel have shown in the past that is not necessarily the strongest being who wins the fight. Having a good game plan is absolutely crucial. This is where Bane has a major advantage on Venom. We know that Venom isn’t the brightest of the bunch so he could easily fall into a trap of Bane.


Although powers are important, we really believe that weaknesses are as important or actually even more important. If you know each other weaknesses, you will be better prepared for what is to come. Especially for a villain like Bane who thrives on being smarter than his opponent.


Venom is very vulnerable when it comes to sound and heat. Especially, we have seen that sound is a major disadvantage. The right sound weapon could easily bring him to his knees. As we should not forget that Venom is quite psychological unbalanced and during a fight, you need to keep your head together.


Bane definitely has an issue with not having that many powers. Ok, his intelligence might make up for that but it is definitely a challenge that he will face over and over again against other beings/mutants. In the past, one of Bane’s other major weaknesses was that he was very addicted to the drug Venom that gave him his powers. These days, he is not that dependent on it anymore. So that weakness has more or less faded away.

Spontaneous Fight vs Prepared Fight

Spontaneous Fight

Venom would definitely have the upper hand when it comes to a spontaneous fight. He simply has more tricks up his sleeve when it comes to powers as you have read above. So Venom would be the absolute winner here.

Prepared Fight

As Bane is the master tactician, he will soon learn that Venom is very sensitive to heat and sound and will use this to his advantage over and over again. Venom will have no other choice than to concede.


Honestly, I was a little bit biased for this fight. I would have loved for Venom to win as I love this character but if we really compare both their strengths and weaknesses my gut feeling tends to lean more towards Bane.

The first reason would be that gave Venom a very low score. He never reaches the maximum on any of the criteria which was quite a surprise for me. For strength and durability, he only gets a 4 out of 7 that is very low.

The second reason that I call Bane the winner here is that he possesses a genius-level intellect according to our friends over at Both villains have superhuman strength, stamina and durability so Bane’s intellect is definitely a crucial factor here. We also should not forget that he is the one who broke the Bat’s back leaving him crippled. In the first fight, we were both villains encounter each other for the first time and need to learn each other weaknesses, Venom will take down Bane. But as soon as Bane learns what makes Venom tick, he will come out on top.

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