Gifts For Gamers

  • The Art of Anthem

    The Art of Anthem

    Superb artwork from BioWare’s revolutionary epic, along with designer comments, all collected in one beautiful hardback book. Anthem’s exciting universe was developed by the same team responsible for the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series. The Art of Anthem is a collaborative effort between Dark Horse Books and BioWare that celebrates the grandiosity and beauty of this deadly new world. The Art of Anthem is a magnificent addition to any gamer’s bookshelves, packed with behind-the-scenes views at the game’s four-year development, original concept art, and rare developer comments.

  • Scrabble Luxury Edition

    Scrabble Luxury Edition

    This Scrabble Luxury Edition is the perfect gift for somebody who loves Scrabble. It comes with an elegant wooden display case with burled veneer panels, metal sand clock, spinnable board, built-in drawer to store your game pieces, fake ivory letters and gold foil-stamped, faux-leather scorebook and pencil.

  • Master Chief Ultra Prestige Halo Costume

    Master Chief Ultra Prestige Halo Costume

    Master Chief is BACK and ready for action! This ultra prestige Halo costume is perfect for any fan of the Master Chief. The light-up helmet and sculpted armor make this costume look just like the real thing. Plus, the 100% polyester fabric is comfortable and easy to wear. Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween or just want to show off your Halo pride, this costume is sure to make a statement.

  • Super Mario Fireball Stadium

    Super Mario Fireball Stadium

    In a world far away, there is a stadium that is home to the Super Mario Fireball Stadium. In this stadium, there are two paddles that players can use to shoot fireballs at their opponents’ targets. If a player hits their opponent’s target, they will be sent back to the beginning of the stadium. The object of the game is to make it as close to Bowser as possible by hitting your own targets. If you manage to hit Bowser’s target, you will win the game!

  • The Witcher Netflix Action Figure

    The Witcher Netflix Action Figure

    Introducing the Netflix The Witcher Geralt of Rivia Witcher Mode (Season 2) 7″ Action Figure! This action figure is perfect for fans of the critically acclaimed Netflix series The Witcher. The figure comes with accessories and can be posed in various ways to create a variety of different scenes. The Geralt of Rivia action figure is a must-have for fans of The Witcher. With this figure, you can bring the world of The Witcher to life in your own home. The figure is highly detailed and comes with accessories, making it perfect for collectors or those who want to create their own scenes from the Netflix series.

  • Blue Master Sword Letter Opener

    Blue Master Sword Letter Opener

    This Legend of Zelda Hylian Blue Master Sword Letter Opener is a must-have for any true fan of the series. The overall length of 5.75 inches makes it perfect for opening letters, packages, or any other type of mail. The 440 stainless steel blade is durable and will withstand years of use. The aluminum handle is comfortable to hold and easy to grip. The included polyresin Zelda base makes for a great display piece.

  • Scorpion Q-Fig

    Scorpion Q-Fig

    Scorpion’s elemental powers and his lethal spear ensure that no one can get away from him since he has tapped into the very fires of hell. Scorpion is immortal because of his enmity with Sub-Zero and his need for punishment against those who murdered his family. His mask may seem harmless, but below it lies a skull that can set fire to any opponent who dares to cross his path in battle. Known as the series’ most infamous villain, Scorpion is shown in all his flaming Q-Fig magnificence on this collectible. Scorpion’s attire is spot-on accurate to his look in the video game; he is shown here among flames and wrath. This magnificent new Q-Fig by QMx features Scorpion in his iconic spear attack position, which will have you yelling his catchphrase every moment you look at it.

  • Nessie Plush

    Nessie Plush

    This is the APEX LEGENDS Nessie Plush, a 6-Inch Monster! Created from fine textured materials and modeled after a much-loved easter egg in the game, this cuddly plush is sure to become a collector’s item. The sewn-in tag has a QR code that accesses exclusive Apex Legends content. Both adults and children may enjoy this genuine stuffed animal. Avoid missing out any longer and get the APEX LEGENDS Nessie Plush 6-Inch for your collection right now!

  • Rathalos Head

    Rathalos Head

    If you are like us and you have killed over hundreds of Rathalos in Monster Hunter than you must have a soft spot to want to display this on your wall. It is completely handmade and comes in the colours: Red, Azure and Silver.

  • Elden Ring Official Strategy

    Elden Ring Official Strategy

    Elden Ring became an enormous success in the last months when it was released. The game is unique in its very own way but to quote Malenia: “You Will Witness True Horror”. If you are planning to finish every inch of this game or just want to spend some time offline with Elden Ring. Go for this Elden Ring Official Strategy book. For the first time, the Elden Ring Books of Knowledge series from Future Press has compiled a comprehensive account of The Lands Between. Every nook and cranny of the overworld, dungeons, and underworld has been meticulously documented and its treasures finally exposed. Each of the game’s locations and characters are described in length, and there are over 100 maps of each place included.

  • Jin Sakai Figma Action Figure

    Jin Sakai Figma Action Figure

    The Ghost of Tsushima was an absolute masterpiece when it comes to game design and storytelling. They didn’t stop there and decided to create this Jin Sakai Figma Action Figure. His cape is constructed of actual cloth, and he comes with a blazing facial plate produced using sophisticated 3D painting technique. The Sakai Katana and Sakai Tanto are included as optional pieces of the weapon set. On top, he has packed his half-bow, arrows, and back-mounted sword. Included is an articulated figma stand.

  • Sekiro Deluxe Action Figure

    Sekiro Deluxe Action Figure

    A wonderfully precise reproduction, the figma was created under the strict supervision of From Software. Figma’s flexible joints let you to perform a wide range of actions from the game. His blazing look has been re-created using 3D modeling. The Mortal Blade, the Grapple Hook, and Kusabimaru are all included for this character. Sculptor’s Idol and Death Effect Sheet are also included in the Deluxe Edition DX along with the Loaded Axe, Loaded Spear, and Loaded Umbrella Shinobi Prosthetic Tools.

  • Titanfall 2 Funko

    Titanfall 2 Funko

    If you are looking to expand your Titanfall merch, you should definitely add this Funko Pop from Titanfall 2. It comes with the Atlas Titan model produced by Hammond Robotics and a pilot.

  • Street Fighter Pixel Puzzle

    Street Fighter Pixel Puzzle

    Looking for a great and unique Street Fighter gift that almost nobody knows it exists? Take a look then at this Street Fighter Pixel Puzzle from Pix Brix. You can choose out of all 8 original Street Fighter characters and start building with this 768pcs kit.

  • Kratos Headphone Stand

    Kratos Headphone Stand

    Are you a lover of God Of War? It’s one of the best games on PlayStation. It’s an iconic series that every serious PlayStation gamer has played and enjoyed. Finding a place to place your headphones can be a struggle. You want something that can hold your headphones but not stretch them out. What better way to showcase your love for God Of War and solve a problem than by getting a Kratos headphone stand. This stand makes it incredibly easy to pick up and use your headphones and it looks fantastic on your desk simultaneously. This holder is 3D printed and only weighs a total of 15 ounces. Spruce up your gaming setup with this incredible headphone stand.

  • Ranger Javelin

    Ranger Javelin

    Ranger Javelin is a sixth scale figure. It is a 14.2” tall articulated figure. It comes with a completely original body with more than 27 points of articulation, metallic weathering, textures, a highly detailed sculpt, and multi-layered paint application. The figure includes an Assault Rifle accessory and interchangeable hands. It also comes with LED lighting components in the eyes and jetpack. The body of the Ranger Javelin sixth scale figure is completely original. And there are more than 27 points of articulation on the body. The sculpt is highly detailed. The sculpt replicates realistic textures. You will also get an assault rifle, which is an accessory.

  • Cyberpunk Mask

    Cyberpunk Mask

    Are you a cyberpunk fan? If so, you’re going to love this Cyberpunk mask. It features a lot of the elements you would expect. It’s a luminous mask with LED lighting. That way, you can wear it and feel like you are in the middle of a Cyberpunk universe. There is a lot to like about this mask. Not only is it high quality, but it features a unique design and it would look good not only while wearing it but also while on your wall as a decoration. It’s a good gift for someone that is into everything Cyberpunk.

  • Flouron Fibre Optic Headset

    Flouron Fibre Optic Headset

    The Flouron Fibre Optic Headset is an exceptional solution that can be used in a wide array of settings. Whether it is a film set, fashion shoot, or performance art, this headset is going to be a beautiful addition that plays the part perfectly. It’s elegant, offers impressive coloring, and delivers an emphatic solution that is easy to put on instantly. When it comes to going with something that is easy on the eyes and is going to remain comfortable for long periods, this is the headset for your needs. It is the perfect option for those who want something gorgeous.

  • Cyberpunk Mohawk

    Cyberpunk Mohawk

    Looking to make a fashion statement in your upcoming photoshoot or party? Look no further but this cyberpunk Mohawk wig is the real deal. The wig is made of computer components, both real and printed. Has rainbow colors on the circuits and bits hence suitable for parties, film productions or even Halloween. The cyberpunk mohawk wig is handmade, superior quality material and feels light on wear. Do not worry about getting the right size as it has adjustable straps which can be resized to fit your head. Get this piece for yourself or a gift for your loved ones as it sure is a cool addition to your outfit.

  • Futuristic Gaming Soundbar

    Futuristic Gaming Soundbar

    Gamers value an immersive experience – it’s not all about the video, the audio is perhaps just as important. This gaming soundbar delivers good looks, deep bass and midrange speakers that hit the highs, as well as the lows. The futuristic design provides RGB Lights that sync in tune with your gaming experience. Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 & wired Multi Connections mean that your audio experience is tailored to the hardware that you have available – and the 12/24H clock with dual alarms, FM radio and thermometer add to that functionality. If you are gaming on your desk, this is the ideal solution for providing crisp, clear sound.

  • Deviljho Skull

    Deviljho Skull

    If you have ever encountered the Deviljho in Monster Hunter, you probably hate the Big Green Pickle as much as we do. He always barges in at the worst time! But these days are now behind us as we killed him and asked the Admiral if we could mount his skull. We just love the questions we get from people who ask which animal this. The goal is to say Deviljho with a straight face and tell them to google it. Oh the look on their face!

  • Claptrap 3D Wood Puzzle

    Claptrap 3D Wood Puzzle

    A great gift for any Borderlands fan is this Claptrap 3D Wood Puzzle. Maybe this can help, get them away of the screen but still have fun with Borderlands. This set includes everything you need to assemble a wooden, paintable, and customizable 3-D model of Claptrap, the character from the Borderlands video game series!

  • Claptrap 7″ Vinyl Statue

    Claptrap 7″ Vinyl Statue

    Claptrap was designed by Hyperion as a “general purpose robot”. But if you have played Borderlands you know that Claptrap is not your average robot but a robot with an attitude that can express feelings in one way or another. Just one piece of advice, never turn your back on Claptrap. We don’t trust him at all.

  • Spawn Bloody Classic 7″ Action Figure

    Spawn Bloody Classic 7″ Action Figure

    Most detailed action figures these days have quite a high price. Luckily the brand McFarlane Toys comes to the rescue. They have created numerous of super cool action figures for a fair price for around $20, like this Spawn Bloody Classic 7″ Action Figure. If you are starting a Mortal Kombat Action Figure collection, you should definitely start here.

  • Titanfall Square Enix Action Figure

    Titanfall Square Enix Action Figure

    This Titanfall Action Figure from Square Enix is an absolute masterpiece. It is 10 inches tall and has many articulation points. What we love about this one, is that the cockpit has a hatch that can open and be closed. It also comes with a pilot and quite some weapon accessories and if you are lucky maybe it might come with nuclear ejection. Use it wisely!

  • Nintendo Vehicle Kit

    Nintendo Vehicle Kit

    This Nintendo vehicle kit is made to show children and anyone playing Nintendo a few things about how vehicles work. This works with the Labo system and is made to challenge and teach anyone who enjoys working with the kit. You will be able to put together a car, submarine, and plane. Whether your child likes vehicles just a little or they like putting together things, this is a great kit for them to learn with. Even for older kids, this can be enjoyable because the kit includes all you need to put together a fun setup that will be enjoyable to play with and to build.

  • Gameboy Case for iPhone

    Gameboy Case for iPhone

    Protecting your iPhone is a must. With how fragile phones have become with all-screen displays, it’s more important than ever to protect them from bumps, scratches, and falls. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it in style. This awesome Gameboy case for iPhones will turn your boring iPhone into an old-school Gameboy. It features a retro design that is certain to grab the attention of any old-school Nintendo gamer. It’s not only protective with a TPU shell but it’s got precise cutouts for easy button presses. It makes for one of the best cases you’ll find available for nearly every iPhone model. Best of all? It’s playable! That’s right, you can play around 36 different classic games from the back of your iPhone to recapture your childhood memories.

  • Piranha Plants Slippers

    Piranha Plants Slippers

    If you love all things Mario, you’re sure to love these very unique slippers. Why should you purchase a shoe box when they come with a decorative pipe pot to hold them in. Keep them by the front door. It’s easy to place them on your feet right at the entrance so you can keep your lovely home free of the dirt and pollen that’s attracted to your Mario tennis shoes. They’re plush enough to keep your feet warm during winter time, add your favorite Mario socks for extra comfort. They’re also not too overbearing when it comes to fluff.

  • Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros

    Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros

    The Game & Watch historic ‘Super Mario Bros’ entertainment system has achieved iconic status in the 80s and the latest retro edition mimics those beloved palm-sized mini-systems of yesteryear. This edition allows players to enjoy the entire Super Mario Bros game, with the added attraction of playing some great added content along with the two plucky Italian plumbers. There’s also a fun juggling game to test out reflexes and simply pass the time. As was the case with the original version of the Game and Watch system time changes also bring with them surprise graphics (35 different graphics are available). The latest retro version of the Game and Watch micro ‘Super Mario Bros’ is a blast from the past – and simply a whole lot of fun.

  • Dark Souls: The Board Game

    Dark Souls: The Board Game

    For those who love the video game, Dark Souls: The Board Game brings just as much challenge and terrifying grip to your gaming experience. It’s a role playing game you can play with friends. Being one of the most challenging video games on the market, the board game brings just as much depth. Learn to survive in a dark world as you cleverly manage and use your stamina to your advantage. You could be the knight in shining armor or the warrior who’s always up and running to win. It’s all about defeating the enemy until you finally get the chance to vanquish the final boss.

  • Dark Souls: The Complete Collection

    Dark Souls: The Complete Collection

    Are you a fan of the Dark Souls lore? If so, this Dark Souls: The Complete Collection is right up your alley. It’s a must-have for anyone that is into the Dark Souls video game series. One of the best aspects of Dark Souls is the lore behind the gameplay experience. This collection comes in paperback form and it features rich artwork that any fan of the game will love. You will get to immerse yourself into the collection of the graphic novel series and experience Dark Souls in an entirely new way. It even has brand new content with the Age of the Fire comic being a prequel to the game.

  • Nintendo + TV Building Kit Lego

    Nintendo + TV Building Kit Lego

    Are you struck by a bit of nostalgia? Did you like to play with Super Mario and LEGOs when you were a kid? If your answer is yes, then this LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System model kit is perfect for you. The amazing details of this kit accurately capture all of the features of the iconic system, like a slot that opens for your game and a controller with a cable and plug. The TV has knobs you can turn. Once built, you can manually scroll the TV and simulate a moving scene with Super Mario in action. The kit has 2,646 LEGO pieces and is a must-have for any gamer fan of Super Mario Bros. and LEGOs.

  • Real Wood Veneer Kit Super Nintendo

    Real Wood Veneer Kit Super Nintendo

    Give your Super Nintendo a new lease of life with this timeless real wood veneer kit. Easy to install, this kit fits snugly over the case of the SNES, making it look as if it’s made from wood. Whether you’re covering an old, discolored or damaged case or simply want your console to look even more retro than it already is, this lovingly made kit is a great choice. The kit is carefully measured to ensure all ports and connectors remain easily accessible, and there are three colors to choose from for the main veneer and the buttons, so you can find a kit to match any room.

  • Fallen Baby Plush

    Fallen Baby Plush

    This is a must-have for any fan of Destiny Beyond Light. This adorable Fallen Baby plush will melt even the coldest of hearts. You can squeeze it to your heart’s delight. Pinch it, hug it – it’s perfect to snuggle with. This cute creature with four eyes is constructed from premium-quality materials. The eyes are blue, and they glow in the dark! This plush is 10″ tall, so it’s the perfect size for displaying among your other collectibles. Not a knock-off; this is officially licensed merchandise from Bungie designed by Numskull. Keep it with you as your mascot when you play your game.

  • Mini Retro Tetris Arcade Game

    Mini Retro Tetris Arcade Game

    Tetris has come a long way since it was first invented. It’s now even available in 3D on the Oculus. While there are many ways to play the game, some like how they played it a long time ago and long to purchase the mini retro Tetris arcade game. It has a beautiful Russian palace design that’s sure to delight young and old. It’s so small that it can fit in your hands as you play it lounging on the couch or on the subway. Unlike your phone, it won’t lose connection in the tunnel because it’s run by triple A batteries.

  • Reptile Action Figure

    Reptile Action Figure

    Are you a fan of showing off your collectibles? The ones no one can get have the highest impact on your jealous friend who didn’t think of buying it while it was still on the shelves. The asking price of Reptile will only increase as he becomes harder and harder to obtain from stores. If you’re looking to express your love of your favorite video game (and one of the most popular fighting games of all time) getting Reptile might be the perfect asset to your collection. He stands at eight inches tall, making him the perfect fit for any shelf.

  • Tamashii Nations Ken

    Tamashii Nations Ken

    Looking for an action figure from your favorite video game series? Street fighter allows you to fantasize that you know all the moves inside and out when it comes to defending yourself against a rival. You may love playing as Tamashii. If so, this action figure can help you show off your love of the game while also acting as a valuable investment for years to come. He can be put into numerous fighting stances. This gives you the ultimate ability to show-off every move your action figure can do. This highly detailed action figure stands at only 6 inches tall, making it perfect for your shelf.

  • Destiny Lord Shaxx Helmet

    Destiny Lord Shaxx Helmet

    If you are into the Destiny series, look no further than the Numskull Destiny Lord Shaxx Helmet Collectible. This helmet is extremely well made and features an iconic and accurate design of the Titan Guardian. This replica helmet makes a perfect gift for any hardcore Destiny fan or gamer. It’s official Bungie merchandise and the craftsmanship is out of this world. It makes for not only a good display piece, but it could be a good addition to any gaming environment. The helmet is 7-inches making it a solid piece to add to your collection of Destiny-related merchandise and lore.

  • Risk Legacy

    Risk Legacy

    Risk is a board game that has found its way onto the game shelves in households across the world – but sometimes even beloved strategy classics need to be reinvigorated. Risk Legacy takes the in-depth play of the Hasbro classic and adds twists such as new rules and faction-specific powers. It also includes sealed packets that can be opened during the first 15 games when certain conditions are met. The rule book has rules which change as the game progresses and even blank spaces where new rules dictated by gameplay can be entered. Win one of those first 15 games and become immortalized as you name a city or a continent. This is Risk for the 21st century – and it’s more fun than ever before.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn Funko

    Horizon Zero Dawn Funko

    This Horizon Zero Dawn Funko action figure is something that fans of the game will recognize and enjoy displaying. This is made out of high quality vinyl and isn’t in the same shape as a lot of other Funko figures. It is a great example of what the game would look like if it were to come to life. In its box or displayed outside of it on a shelf, this is a great collector’s piece for anyone that has an interest in recent video games. This is from a stellar game that was known for being high in quality every step of the way through its story.

  • God Of War Book Series

    God Of War Book Series

    Explore the God of War universe in more depth with this nine-book series based in the video game universe. Kratos has returned and hopes to put his former rage behind him and start a new life in the remote Norse wilds. Follow Kratos’ adventures and learn more about the world that fueled the popular game series. See the world through the eyes of Kratos’ son, Atreus, and explore the fabled Nine Realms. This series of stories is ideal for fans of Norse Mythology, God of War players and fantasy novel lovers alike. Available as a Kindle download for instant access.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board-Game

    Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board-Game

    If you’re a fan of the video game Horizon Zero Dawn, then the board game is going to be a great way for you to enjoy the series even more. This is a somewhat co-operative type of action board game that 1 to 4 people are going to be able to play together. The board game is able to combine building decks and some of the game mechanics to create an experience that is unique but familiar. It’s a good game to play with others because if a hunter gets killed, the game is over so it’s wise to help others out.

  • Halo 3 Recon helmet

    Halo 3 Recon helmet

    The Halo series of video games has been a gamer favorite for around two decades – and the new Halo TV series has only brought more fans on board. Now you can own a Halo helmet that is ideal for either cosplay or display. The Halo 3 Recon helmet is based on the helmets seen in the Halo 3 ODST game, one of the most successful in the series. This helmet is made from high-quality durable polyurethane casting resin. It is finished with stenciling and ONI logo – and that trademark gold visor. This is a piece that any Halo fan will be proud to own.

  • Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Collector’s Edition

    Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Collector’s Edition

    Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is a game where you play as a character called the “one-armed wolf”. This character is a once big warrior that got rescued from the brink of their death to help protect a young lord. This collector’s edition comes with the full game, a steelbook, a 7 inch statue, a map, game coin replicas, a digital soundtrack, and an artbook. This is the perfect game for those that love other FromSoft games but that want a new experience. This game was made with care and has garnered a lot of positive press due to how stellar it is to play through.

  • Elden Ring: Collector’s Edition

    Elden Ring: Collector’s Edition

    When you make a stake, you want people to know you made it. It’s your hard work, and it’s often the one place you have to showcase your cooking talent as your wife makes most of the other food items in the house. Whether you’d like to print your name on the stake or the name of your restaurant, you can use this very interesting tool to brand your steak before consumption. It has changing letters so sending any message you want on the food is easy to do. It’s capable of letting you send three worded phrases or sentences. Would you like a message with your stake?

  • Master Chief Wearable Helmet

    Master Chief Wearable Helmet

    The Halo series of games and its star, Master Chief have been enthralling gamers for well over a decade – and the new Halo TV series, brought to viewers by the streaming service Paramount has meant a whole new generation of fans has become fascinated by the Halo universe. Now you can own an iconic full-size wearable Master Chief helmet. The helmet is made from lightweight plastic/ 3D Printed material and is therefore incredibly comfortable to wear. It also features that iconic gold reflective visor and is foam-lined for extra comfort. Even if you are not going to be taking part in a cosplay gathering this helmet is the perfect collectible and would look great on the shelf of an avid gaming fan.

  • Taco vs Burrito

    Taco vs Burrito

    When you pitch a card game to Kickstarter and you achieve 2,400% of your funding goal, then chances are that you’re onto something. Taco vs Burrito did exactly that and went on to become a bestseller. This card game is easy to learn, but the Action Cards take it to a new strategic level. This card game was invented by a 7-year-old – but it’s suitable for everyone. Each game only takes between 10-15 minutes and it’s suitable for two, three, or four players. This card game has won multiple awards and makes the perfect gift for birthdays or any special occasion – or maybe just as a welcome addition to the games shelf.

  • Link 20 Inch Statue

    Link 20 Inch Statue

    While we can’t play link as much as we did when we were a kid, we can still advertise our love for the character by purchasing a statue of him. This link statue comes in at a pretty penny with a $275.00 base price. With that, it’s one of the most realistic ones you’ll find of him. You can get extra attributes like a gold base with moss. It’s a massive statue that’s perfect for your outdoor garden. The sword can either face upwards or downwards. It delights young and old as they pass it. Remembering your favorite video game is easy to do when you’re willing to spare a chunk of change for the statue.

  • Wooden Xbox Controller Faceplate

    Wooden Xbox Controller Faceplate

    Who says that tech can’t provide that classic retro look? The wood grain patterned shell for the Xbox One S & Xbox One X controller brings a touch of the classics to a 21st-century entertainment device. This attractive shell package comes complete with everything you’ll need to make your controller stand out from the crowd (1 Faceplate shell; 1 T8H screwdriver and 7 screws). Quality material and construction means that the faceplate sits flush with the controller body, with no gaps or unsightly finishes. The material and finish mean hours of stress-free gaming – a smooth grip, and an anti-slip design that shrugs off sweat adds to the functionality – and it simply looks great.

  • Dark Hylian Sword & Shield

    Dark Hylian Sword & Shield

    This replica of the Dark Hylian shield and sword is a unique set that you may want to own. Dedicated players will be enthused by the 50-inch scabbard, made from carbon steel with an edge width of just over 2 inches. The handle is made from a combination of faux leather and wood, making it very easy to grip despite its size. It has an edge length of 30 inches, and a handle length of just over 13 inches, which makes this blade a remarkable replica to own. In addition to this, the triforce enumerating found on the sword makes it an outstanding collectible. This Dark Hylian shield and sword is the ideal gift for people that enjoy embracing the gaming scene.

  • 40-Pack of Retro Game Stands

    40-Pack of Retro Game Stands

    Displaying old games is easy to do when you have a retro game stand. Remember playing Pokemon Snap on Nintendo 64? While that version of the game could not possibly be any more outdated, it’s certainly valuable as nostalgic video game players want to play the classics. Because of the high value of these classical games, it’s important to have the right game stand that shows off that you have them. Showing off that you have the early 00’s version of Dr. Mario is just as important as playing it when you had to pay hundreds of dollars for it.

  • Finger Chopsticks

    Finger Chopsticks

    If you’re a gamer or work in front of a computer you’ll be familiar with the oils that can be transferred from your favorite snack food onto your mouse or controller – or even your keyboard. It makes the entire experience messy and unpleasant. But no more! With the amazing, easy-to-use finger chopsticks you can snack to your heart’s content – while at the same time enjoying your gaming experience or increasing productivity. Simply insert your index and middle fingers into the handy slots and you are ready to go. Available in sets of two (each with a handy carrying case) and made from high-grade ABS plastic this tool is a must-have for those using tech of any kind.

  • Warhammer 40K Citadel Painting Handle

    Warhammer 40K Citadel Painting Handle

    Warhammer 40K Citadel Painting Handle Isn’t it irritating that you are trying to paint your favorite figurine when a couple of drops of paint fall on your computer table? Now, you can prevent that by painting the figurine on the Warhammer 40K Citadel Painting Handle. You can turn your figurine in any angle you want to access the hard-to-reach spots. The handle comes with a spring-loaded clamp mechanism that locks tightly on 40mm, 32mm, and 25mm round bases. You also get 60 x 35mm oval bases that help to keep the figurine straight while you paint it. Holding the plastic handle to turn the figurine instead of the miniature means you make fewer mistakes while painting.

  • Mortal Kombat Bookends

    Mortal Kombat Bookends

    I absolutely adore this Scorpion and Sub-Zero bookends. They just look so realistic and that is not surprising as they are hand sculpted. These bookends are quite rare hence the price. Expect the bookends to be around 8.8 inches tall and around 3.9 pounds.

  • Exclusive Goro Action Figure

    Exclusive Goro Action Figure

    The Exclusive Goro Action Figure is an exclusive bloody edition action feature of Mortal Kombat Goro. It’s made from high-quality materials and comes as an officially licensed merchandise. It comes with nine interchangeable hands, dual interchangeable masks, double soul ball effects, a Tele-Hang effect piece, and two ripped off arm effects.

  • Plasma Pistol

    Plasma Pistol

    This Plasma Pistol is a replica of the Fallout Plasma pistol in a 1:1 scale. It does feature great detailing, making it look like the real thing. It comes with LED lights on each side and a moveable trigger, which acts as the on/off switch. As an officially licensed Fallout collectible, it does make an excellent gift for any fan of the Fallout game series.

  • Lego Minecraft The Village

    Lego Minecraft The Village

    Lego Minecraft The Village provides a way to enjoy endless adventures at the busy Minecraft village. As a hive of activities, it features a blacksmith, a butcher, a library, and also a marketplace. In this village, you join forces with Alex and combine all your Minecraft skills to mine, create, craft, tend to the livestock as well as grow vital crops.

  • Tricks of the Classic NES Tetris Masters

    Tricks of the Classic NES Tetris Masters

    “Tricks of the Classic NES Tetris Masters” is a quick but highly informative read from author Brian K Smith. If you’re like many gamers out there, you might have an interest in Tetris that unfortunately conflicts with your inability to successfully play it. With this guide at your disposal, you can develop a much deeper understanding of the core gameplay and its mechanics. Most modern iterations of the game still rely upon these basic principles, making them worthwhile even if you aren’t playing the original NES version. After a little bit of studying and plenty of practice, this book will have you well on your way to Tetris mastery.

  • Nuka Cola Quantum Soda

    Nuka Cola Quantum Soda

    This Nuka Cola Quantum from Fallout Jones Soda is a 1 Bottle packed with a rare drinkable item. It has a nuclear radioactive berry flavor, which makes it even more lovable. It’s also an officially licensed Fallout product that comes as a single bottle of delicious, drinkable soda straight from the wastelands by Jones Soda Co.

  • Princess Peach Costume

    Princess Peach Costume

    This Princess Peach costume is a must-have for those who love to dress up, especially dress up as popular video game characters. This costume is made with high quality materials, mainly polyester. This means the Princess Peach costume will not rip and tear easily. One of the best features of the costume is its color, as it features various shades of pink. It even comes with the crown headband, which is without a doubt what Princess Peach is most known for. The costume is perfect for those who want a Halloween costume or have themed birthday party coming up or to just wear for the fun of it.

  • The World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book

    The World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book

    The Pop-Up Book Hardcover, published on October 15, 2019, was crafted by the best-selling paper engineer, Matthew Reinhardt. It’s a book that brings you the most loved locations in Warcraft. Each page here unfolds an eye-popping treat and depicts iconic locations with new art in an interactive way to form an Azeroth Map.

  • Minecraft Lounge Pants

    Minecraft Lounge Pants

    The 100% Cotton-made Minecraft Mens’ Minecraft Lounge Pants is a unique Pajama bottom that you will love to wear. As a striking pajama, it’s inspired by the popular Minecraft video game, making it an ideal gift for the game. Its elastic waistband allows the wearer to relax in comfort. It’s machine washable and quite easy to care for.

  • The 100 Greatest Retro Videogames

    The 100 Greatest Retro Videogames

    The hardcover brings the inside stories behind the 100 best games ever made, excellent work done by Retro Gamer and Iain Lee. If you do love video games, this countdown of the greatest retro games of all time with high for you. The best part is, it does come with developer interviews, amazing facts, behind-the-scenes stories, and trivia. The book is brilliantly illustrated, and Retro Gamer Magazine experts choose all the games. The book takes a look at everything from the old 8-bit hits such as Manic Miner and Pac-Man to the more recent classics such as Halo: Resident Evil. It’s a must-read for all Video Game fans.

  • Bleak Falls Barrow Delve Set

    Bleak Falls Barrow Delve Set

    The game allows you to traverse the Elder Scrolls’s world. The Dragonborn uses her iconic weapons and armor to delve into the ancient Nord caves and barrows, and the Dhovakin is facing the keepers, who are undead, of forgotten ruins and tombs. The creaking skeleton archers and the immortal Draugr Warriors using greatswords oppose the Dragonborn. The Draugr Overlord, who is one of the most formidable enemies of the Dragonborn, leads both the skeleton archers and the immortal Draugr Warriors, and he protects the secrets of his resting place jealously. However, the figures of the game are not painted, but they look pretty cool.

  • Warcraft Movie

    Warcraft Movie

    The Warcraft Movie is something you will love if you love fantasy-action movies. It’s a unique spectacular chronicle of power and sacrifice. In this movie, an unlikely set of heroes sets a collision course to protect the fate of civilization. It’s an entertaining and inspiring movie with more than fun in it. It’s a perfect gift for the Warcraft movie or game fan.

  • Betrayal At House On The Hill

    Betrayal At House On The Hill

    Betrayal At House On The Hill is the perfect game for anyone aged 12 and up. It allows for 3 to 6 players to play together to survive a nightmare. However, throughout the course, one player becomes the traitor. Each game lasts approximately an hour and it offers extremely high levels of replayability with over 50 scenarios available. This allows players the ability to create a new story each and every time they play ensuring that everyone is able to get a lot of fun out of the game. During the course of the game, you essentially build your own haunted mansion and have to work together to escape it alive.

  • Cyrax Figure

    Cyrax Figure

    The Cyrax Figure is a unique detailed action figure of a skilled Motswana Warrior, Cyrax. It portrays his natural fighting ability and readiness to serve. The detailing, painting, and also the costume captures the graphical Cyrax, as seen in Mortal Kombat. It’s a fabulous action figure for you as a fan of MK.

  • Mega Man Zero/Zx Legacy Collection

    Mega Man Zero/Zx Legacy Collection

    Available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox One, the Mega Man Zero/Zx Legacy Collection is packed with six games from Zero’s spinoff series. Initially available on handheld Nintendo systems, this will be the first time a broader audience has the chance to experience these incredible action platformers. While the unique nature of the gorgeous visuals may deter some that want a more traditional take from the Mega Man franchise, anyone that loves the fast pace of games like Mega Man X4 or even Mega Man 11 owes it to themselves to check this collection out. This is good old fashioned platform gaming with a sleek twist, and the budget price can’t be beat. Don’t miss out!

  • Veteran Ranger Helmet

    Veteran Ranger Helmet

    In green color, a 60-cm head, this Veteran Ranger brand new mask helmet is a uniquely designed piece featuring the “XCOSER” unique logo typeface. It’s made using high-quality soft resin, making it suitable and safe for use as a Fallout cosplay. Its comfortability and cosplay suitability make it ideal for theme parties, Halloween, professional cosplay, and much more.

  • Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Starter Set

    Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Starter Set

    Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Starter Set This starter set provides new players with everything that they need to dive into the world of Warhammer. In the box, you’ll find two complete Kill Teams: the T’au Empire and Adeptus Astartes. The set also includes a detailed gameboard and scenery. The detailed rule book provides datasheets as well as information on 16 different Warhammer factions. The set does not provide paints, glue, or other modeling tools, which means that players that want to decorate their miniatures will need to make some additional purchases. Kill Team is designed for battles of a smaller scale, making it an excellent entry point into the world of Warhammer.

  • World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook

    World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook

    Now preparing a feast fit for a war-chief is easier than ever before with this Official Cookbook Hardcover. It presents you with recipes and directions to cook delicious food inspired by the World of Warcraft. Each of its chapters has dishes at a variety of skill levels for a complete of over one hundred easy-to-follow recipes for foods and brews.

  • Street Fighter X Tekken: Artworks

    Street Fighter X Tekken: Artworks

    Street Fighter X Tekken was a highly ambitious crossover that brought the casts of Street Fighter and Tekken head to head. Based largely upon the wildly popular Street Fighter IV, the game took some slight risks such as placing the action solely in 2.5D whereas Tekken gameplay is famous for being a more fully realized 3D. While the game did not take off as the financial success that Capcom and Namco hoped, it did well within the competitive circuit and it still lives on as a cult favorite to this day. With this Street Fighter X Tekken Artworks compilation, you can celebrate a wide variety of incredible concept and promo art from the project. This is a fantastic celebration of some of fighting game’s most beloved characters.

  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Want to prepare yourself before playing the first edition of Warhammer? If you do, you should read Warhammer Fantasy first. This book consists of all the rules and regulations that you need to keep in mind while playing the game. Many gamers complain that they can’t upgrade their powers or weapons even though they have enough coins. This book will tell you precisely how to upgrade your armory. Some of the rules may seem confusing at times. You can re-read them so that you don’t miss out on the thrill that the first or second edition of Warhammer offers to everyone.

  • Mario Kart Child Costume

    Mario Kart Child Costume

    The Mario Kart Child Costume Put your kid behind the wheel of this high-quality Mario Kart Child costume. It comes from the creators of the game, which means it is originally licensed to Nintendo – Super Mario Bros, and it is manufactured with durable polyester. The costume also includes 3D foam overlay, while the edge stitching prevents it from losing shape. Featuring exciting colors and the classic Mario kart design, your child will feel like they are right there in the game. The best part is that this outfit can be used for many different occasions, even Halloween. As for keeping it clean, handwashing is recommended.

  • Xbox Carrying Case

    Xbox Carrying Case

    If you need a safe way to store your Xbox while traveling, you should check out this carrying case. Made from a tightly woven RipStop nylon, the case features a reinforced outer shell with padded interior to protect your Xbox from impact, scratches and water damage. This carrying case is designed to accommodate multiple controllers, cables, headphones and other such accessories. Thanks to the padded shoulder strap, you can wear this case as a crossbody or sling bag. Should you prefer to carry it in your hand, you can use the handle. The case fits all XBox models and it comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Hot Wheels Princess Peach

    Hot Wheels Princess Peach

    Princess Peach is decked out in her formal gown and ready to hit the winners circle in her standard cart from Mario Kart! Princess Peach is artistically designed to appear as she has in the Mario Kart videogame series on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Switch. This hot wheels car is designed to work with many of the tracks that are available for this particular series. Whether you are a fan of Nintendo, Hot Wheels or just Princess Peach herself this is an incredible collectors item to place on any shelf. Made with the durability of diecast and backed by the good name of Hot Wheels, this would make an incredible gift!

  • Lego Overwatch Wrecking Ball

    Lego Overwatch Wrecking Ball

    Fun and more fun is what you get from this LEGO Overwatch Wrecking Ball building kit. It comes as a 227-piece brick-built model that can transform into an epic ball. It’s also packed with authentic details for the Overwatch in-game hero. It’s designed to offer kids and Overwatch fans lots of authentic Overwatch details.

  • Sega Ultimate Portable Game Player

    Sega Ultimate Portable Game Player

    After the craze of the Nintendo and SNES Classic Editions, other video game companies decided to try their hand at retro game bundles of their own. This practice was something Sega was already well versed in however, and this Sega Ultimate Portable Game Player is a fine example. It doesn’t emulate the look of any particular console, but it does contain 85 separate Genesis or Mega Drive games that you can play in handheld form. The emulation is all top notch and the buttons are very responsive. Included titles include tried and true classics like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat II, Golden Axe, and many more.

  • Fallout Celebrate Reclamation Day! Shirt

    Fallout Celebrate Reclamation Day! Shirt

    Now you have a unique way to celebrate the Fallout Reclamation Day with this Man’s Adult T-shirt. As a high-quality cotton-made shirt, it’s machine washable and quite durable. The graphics on it allows you to show the love for the Fallout 76 as well as the Vault boy. It’s a perfect gift for any Fallout fan, and a great costume for a Fallout themed party.

  • Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    The exceptional feel of the game and high-lightened experience is what you can expect from this E-YOOSO K600 Retro Keyboard. It comes as a high-quality Mechanical Gaming with Unique Round Retro Style keycap and a floating-key design. The construction is to give you an exceptional, nostalgic feeling in an eye-catching retro aesthetic. The anti-ghosting 104 key and the N-Key rollover are put in place to allow multiple keys to work with high speed simultaneously. While each round-key is controlled using an independent switch, this keyboard will enable you to enjoy high-grade games with speedy responses. It’s a durable keyboard with custom mechanical switches, all designed for responsiveness and longevity.

  • Hearthstone Lamp

    Hearthstone Lamp

    The LLDDP World of Warcraft Model Hearthstone is a legend around the model ornaments designed into a breathing lamp. With its Buddha sculpting style, the lantern does come in easy-to-assemble parts, and a well-placed LED switch. It’s a perfect way to light your bedroom or game room. If you need an ideal gift for your Warcraft fan pals, this can be it.

  • Wooden Tetris Puzzle

    Wooden Tetris Puzzle

    This Wooden Tetris Puzzle is part of the Wood City Tangram Puzzles collection and it is an effective Montessori brain teaser toy for children between 4 and 8 years of age. The puzzle board and the 40 colorful 3D Tetris pieces allow for a wide array of combinations such as classical Tetris look, umbrella, robot, human, flower, and airplane. These tiny wooden pieces will keep the kids busy for hours. Made from a high-quality wood with durable painted finish, these parts are very easy to clean and disinfect. This toy comes in a neat storage bag, perfect for travel or camping.

  • The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses: Piano Solos

    The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses: Piano Solos

    The Legend of Zelda Piano Solos The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses is a high-quality collection of piano solo arrangements featuring the music from Legend of Zelda, the famous game that attracted millions of fans worldwide. In addition, the folio contains a four-page insert with artwork from, the game in full color. The four musical pieces in this collection belong to the traveling symphony launched together with the Skyward Sword. These piano arrangements of game music can make the ideal gift for any Zelda fan. They can help you travel through the games once again by listening to music rather than playing the game itself.

  • Pac-Man Connect and Play

    Pac-Man Connect and Play

    Released for the yellow gaming icon’s 35th anniversary, Bandai’s Pac-Man Connect and Play set gives you a cute Pac-Man shaped joystick that hooks right into your television’s A/V inputs. You can choose between the titular game itself or an assortment of other arcade classics, including Dig Dug, Galaga, Galaxian, New Rally X, and more. There’s even a 256th Pac-Man bonus level if you happy to make it that far! There are a myriad of other ways to play these games on modern consoles at this point, but having them all in one collection makes this a worthy addition to your gaming library. Be sure to pick up a separate pack of AA batteries if you buy!

  • Cooling Stand For PS4 with Charging Dock

    Cooling Stand For PS4 with Charging Dock

    The PS4 might be a powerful console, but that power comes at a price. Not only can the system overheat, but it can get relatively loud, as well. Having a cooling stand that keeps your console operating at normal temperatures can help boost the performance of your games and allow you to play your console for hours at a time without having to worry about it overheating. This all-in-one vertical stand can keep your system fully functional and cool while providing you with a built-in charging dock station with LED indicators allowing you to easily know when your controllers are fully charged. Along with this, it comes included with a USB Hub and an anti-slip mat to ensure your PS4 remains safe and in place. This is a must-have accessory for any PlayStation 4 owner. It is fully compatible with any of the variations including the base PS4, the PS4 Slim, and the PS4 Pro models.

  • Power Armor Collectible Figure

    Power Armor Collectible Figure

    If you’re looking for a Fallout collectible, this Power Armor Quantum figure is an excellent option for you. It comes as a multi-color 1:6 scale collectable figure from ThreeZero and stands 14.5-inches tall and has 35 articulation points. Another unique thing is its highly detailed male head and the exchangeable X-01 helmet fitted with an LED function.

  • Mega Man Pixel Figure

    Mega Man Pixel Figure

    Classic gamers worldwide recognize the iconic 1987 Mega Man franchise, and to this day, it remains as popular as ever. This pixel art version of Mega Man captures his likeness flawlessly but also doubles as ambient lighting for just about any space in your bedroom, dorm room or office. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, it lights up with an on/off switch and is highly portable. As it doesn’t require a plug or electricity, you can easily move it around to where you see fit. At only six inches tall, it’s a great nod to classic retro gaming while still appealing to all age groups.

  • King Funko

    King Funko

    Tekken is undoubtedly one of the most world renown fighting game genres, and King is among the most recognizable of all the characters featured throughout the series. Thanks to his wrestling motif and signature jaguar mask, the popularity of this character has endured for nearly 30 years now. As you might expect, his trademark design has been translated into Funko Pop form quite successfully. The colors are stunning and the feline mask gives a unique aesthetic that’s just as riveting here as in any of his game appearances. This is a must have collectible for any fan of Tekken, fighting games at large, or Funko Pops in general.

  • Sonic Shirt

    Sonic Shirt

    Constructed from solid 100% cotton, this comfortable yet moisture resistant shirt is sure to prevent skin irritation in your little one! Featuring the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog character, the design is a high quality screen printed faithful rendering. Durable and guaranteed never to crack or fade, toddlers will love the functional yet sweet addition to their wardrobes. Available in sizes 5-6x, this shirt is the perfect gift idea for birthdays, holidays or just because! Plus, no one can deny the nostalgic appeal Sonic brings to virtually any video game lover’s merchandise. With a solid royal blue background, this is one tough hedgehog sure to please!

  • Donkey Kong Barrel Mega Plush

    Donkey Kong Barrel Mega Plush

    If you’ve played Donkey Kong Country, DK Tropical Freeze, DK 64, or even the original arcade title, you know all too well that the barrel is one of the most long lasting pieces of iconography from the franchise. This Donkey Kong barrel mega plush toy is a wonderful way to pay tribute within your personal video game collection. It has a beautiful design that perfectly recreates the barrels from the games, and the soft cushioned material makes for a wonderful pillow. Throw one or two of these on the couch in front of your game console and you’ll be well on your way to cultivating an amazing gaming room!

  • It’s On Like Donkey Kong Shirt

    It’s On Like Donkey Kong Shirt

    This officially licensed It’s On Like Donkey Kong novelty t-shirt for men is made from 100% high-quality cotton. It features a stylish NES classic graphic design from the retro 2D game and is available in adult sizes small and medium. The soft charcoal grey short-sleeved crewneck shirt is machine washable and would make a great gift for all fans of the original Donkey Kong arcade game from Nintendo. The shirt is manufactured in China and the sleeve hems are double-layered for more durability. Black text on the shirt reads “It’s On Like Donkey Kong” and surrounds a graphic of the main character from the game.

  • Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

    Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

    The love for the Fallout games doesn’t have to end. With this Fallout Wasteland Warfare game, you still have the chance to enjoy the experience even more. It comes as a 2-players start pack, but it can be played by 1-8 players, anyone aged 14-years and above. Here you get to build your crew from a selection of allies, iconic characters, and factions from the Fallout game series.

  • Warhammer Daemons of Nurgle Great Unclean One

    Warhammer Daemons of Nurgle Great Unclean One

    Warhammer Daemons of Nurgle Great Unclean One This incredible Warhammer figure is perfect for hobbyists and fans alike. The kit arrives unpainted, and it will require some assembly. Although it is an advanced kit, it is designed to be simple to paint, and it offers numerous options for customization. This is a larger model with a great level of detail, making it perfect for display. It has an impressive design and is made from high quality, durable materials. Whether you enjoy painting miniatures and are looking for your next project or are someone that is interested in getting into this hobby, you’ll find that this figure is an excellent investment.

  • Donkey Kong Plush

    Donkey Kong Plush

    Perfect for DK fans of any age, this Donkey Kong plush is a moderately sized, adorable stuffed toy that accurately captures the modern look of the character. It would be right at home atop a video game themed bed for your kids or the couch in a gaming room. After several successful solo titles and plenty of appearances in games like Mario Party and Smash Bros, this is one of Nintendo’s most well known and popular characters. If you’re looking to spice up your video game collection with something a little more exciting than row after row of console game cases, this is a great way to get started.

  • Mortal Kombat Key Chain

    Mortal Kombat Key Chain

    Reddream Mortal Kombat Necklace Keychain is a unique key chain that comes attached with a Dragon Amulet Pendant Charms. It’s a perfect jewelry gift for both Women and Men. The set is made from rust-free materials, which makes it more durable. The color difference on the keychain and the pendant gives out the classy, elegant look on it.

  • Mario Kart Monopoly

    Mario Kart Monopoly

    Mario Kart Monopoly Say “Hello!” to Mario Kart Monopoly. Instead of the 8 iconic Monopoly pieces—top hat, boot, iron, wheelbarrow, battle ship, thimble, racing car, and Scottie dog—players can choose to play the game as one of four Nintendo Mario Kart video game characters: Mario, Princess Peach, Toad, or Luigi. Lovers of classic Monopoly will either love or hate this new twist on the game depending on whether they’re fans of Mario Kart. For those looking for a shortened version of Monopoly, with an updated Nintendo-themed board and addicting gameplay, however, this edition will not disappoint and would make a great gift. Manufactured by Hasbro.

  • PlayStation Classic

    PlayStation Classic

    The PlayStation Classic gaming console is designed to look just like the original PlayStation. The one primary difference is its size. This compact console is about half the size of a standard PlayStation. It comes preloaded with 20 different games, including Twisted Metal, Destruction Derby, Wild Arms, Grand Theft Auto, and Final Fantasy VII. The two included controllers are designed to look and function like the classic controllers that came with the original PlayStation. Their ergonomic design makes them comfortable to hold. Thanks to the built-in HDMI port, the gaming console can be connected directly to your TV, making it easy to get started playing right away.

  • The Witcher Cap

    The Witcher Cap

    The Witcher Cap is made with 100% polyester (this means the hat is very durable), and it has a snap closure. This is the ideal hat for those who are fans of the Witcher 3, as the hat features the White Wolf emblem right on the front of the cap, and on the brim of the hat there are signs of the Witcher printed right on it. The hat is comfortable to wear, thanks to its universal size, and it has an adjustable snap closure, which allows for a customized fit. If you want a great hat, then look no further than the Witcher Cap.

  • Funko Raiden

    Funko Raiden

    The Funko Raiden Collectible Figure is a quality figure of Funko Pop Raiden driven from the Funko Pop Games: Mortal Kombat. It comes as a stylized collectible pop made from vinyl material. It stands 3.75 inches tall, which gives it the perfect size for display on the shelf or tabletop. It’s ideal for any Mortal Combat fan.

  • The Legend of Zelda Sword Light

    The Legend of Zelda Sword Light

    Light Up Your Imagination – And Illuminate Your Night With The Legend of Zelda Master Sword Light The The Legend of Zelda can be yours, right at your fingertips, with this classic representation of that iconic sword and night light. It is battery powered so it’s always on demand – or use the USB to keep the light shing in your quest for dominance of your sleep schedule. However, this light is also at home in your gaming room or bar. This is a collectible that will be at home everywhere. You do not have to be that nerd to enjoy this conversation piece. The Legend of Zelda will come alive the moment that you flick that switch. A collectible item for everyone who loves the idea of video games – or just wants a rare conversation piece.

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