The Best Violin Gifts For Violin Enthusiasts

Finding great violin gifts can be difficult. Luckily, Cool Things is here to help you out.

The violin originates from Italy in the 16th century. Typically, it has 4 strings and some famous violin builders are Guarneri, Guadagnini, and Amat. But probably the most famous builder is Antonio Stradivari. He is most known for his Stradivarius violin but he also made cellos, guitars, violas, and harps.

Do you know some famous violinists?

  • Jascha Heifetz
  • Itzhak Perlman
  • Mark O’Connor
  • Hilary Hahn
  • Sarah Chang

Although the violin is most of the time associated with classical music, we also see violins in other music genres like folk music, country music, bluegrass music, jazz,…

This one is for the crossword puzzles, do you know another name for violin? It is fiddle. We’re absolutely sure, you will never forget it again

Here are our favorite violin gifts:

Suzuki Violin School

Suzuki Violin School Violin Part, Vol. 1 Paperback is a fantastic teaching book with lots of methods that build on each song in the book. With it, you learn lines upon lines and precepts upon precepts. The songs in this book are so great and fun to play, and they match well with beginners. It’s a perfect gift for anyone getting into Violin. Find It Here

Violin For Dummies

Violin for Dummies Paperback is an instructional and inspirational Book which is also available as an Online Video & Audiobook. It’s one of the most recommended beginner’s guides to learning the Violin and for any musical style. It’s a great way to start on how to teach yourself the basics of playing the violin playing quickly. Find It Here

Essential Elements for Strings: Violin

Essential Elements for Strings Book 1 is that one book that any Violinist would appreciate to have. The paperback comes with Essential Elements for Strings and Essential Elements Interactive which are fully compatible with essential elements 2000 for strings. It does offer beginners sound pedagogy and engaging music. It’s a perfect gift for any violist. Find It Here

101 Disney Songs: for Violin

101 Disney Songs: for Violin Paperback is an Instrumental Folio that gives any violist and a Disney fan a collection of 101 favorites to learn and play. It contains a couple of fantastic, inspiration and entertaining songs that you will love to play. It’s a perfect gift to give to a violin expert and beginner who’s a Disney fan. Find It Here

Violin Bookends

Your bookshelf should look perfect and well-arranged, and thanks to Retro Classic Handmade Resin’ Violin Bookends with a model craft figure, you can now do it. They come as a pair, and they are made from 100% Resin. Best of all, they are vibrant color, polite, and generous with fine artistry. The beautiful and creative design allows it to improve life taste. Find It Here

The Devil’s Violinist

The Devil’s Violinist is an entertaining and inspirational film featuring a famous violinist superstar, David Garett. He portrays legendary composer Niccolo Paganini. He is known as the ‘Devil’s Violinist’ for the musical abilities he has, and scandalous cad for his conquests, power, and fame lure bought to his life and his story of lust. It’s a perfect gift for a violinist with a taste of movies. Find It Here

The Red Violin

The Red Violin is a fun movie that inspires passion. In this movie, the red-colored Violin makes its way through three centuries and over several owners and countries. Eventually, it ends up at an auction where it may find a new owner. It’s an epic adventure of obsession and mystery with quite a story that any violinist would love to watch. Find It Here

Stradivarius: Mysteries Of The Supreme Violin

Stradivarius is an excellent documentary that unveils the Mysteries of the Supreme Violin. According to this documentary, around 600 Stradivarius-made violins still exists. However, the unrivaled sound secret remains veiled in mystery. The characters take a 300-year journey to trace the saga of the sublime instrument. It’s that one gift that any violist would share with a violist friend. Find It Here

Violin Patent Shirt

This Violin Player T-Shirt is a uniquely printed T-shirt that gives you the chance to own your violinist pride and show the world that you’re proud to be a violinist. It features a vintage patent 1932 print that showcases the parts of a violin. The shirt is also an ideal crew shirt for violinists and a great educational piece for a violin enthusiast. It has a classic lightweight design and an elegant, fashionable style. Find It Here

My Wand Chose Me Shirt

The Violin Tee is a fun themed tee that comes with ‘My Wand Chose Me’ print on its front. It’s a magic wizard T-Shirt made from high-quality material and available for both men and women. It’s a great costume for those who love music, orchestras, performing, and fiddles. Apart from having a lightweight, classic fit, the cool saying, instrument theme, and the funny graphics, you look fresh and fashionable. Find It Here

Funny Smart Violinist Shirt

The Funny Smart Violinist Violin Player T-Shirt is here for you to wear when using violin practice performance. It does make a great violinist professional enthusiast gift. It comes with a violin mug fingering poster and a lightweight, classic fitness. It’s made from high-quality cotton, and it is machine washable with dry low heat. Find It Here

Lord Of The Strings Violin Shirt

An excellent warming evening and a classic fashionable appeal are what you get when you acquire this Lord of the Strings Violin Hoodie. It comes as a Funny Gift Pullover Hoodie ideal for any Music Lover, no matter if you play strings as a hobby or as an occupation. Its funny print and the classic fit with a twill-taped neck makes it a perfect traditional gift for a violinist. Find It Here

Violin Backpack

School Drawstring Backpack is a perfect Violin Music Class Bookbag for Teens. It’s made from polyester and does feature a hemp cord closure, reinforced corners, adjustable straps, and a tie-dye drawstring. Its unique, personalized prints with customized service available. It’s a perfect bike riding, overnight trips, and short trip bag gift for any violist. Find It Here

Cute Violin Socks

Feel comfortable next time you have a violin performance by wearing these inspiring cute violin socks. The sock features dripping pain butterflies that give them a funny yet classy and elegant look. They are knitted from high-quality polyester of sturdiest fibers. They are also designed to create a long-lasting comfort for your feet, an excellent gift for any lady violinist. Find It Here

Violin Magnetic Bottle Opener

Violin Magnetic Bottle Opener is a uniquely designed bottle opener that brings any violinist fun while opening a bottle. The bottle opener comes with a beautifully reproduced musical instrument replica fitted with a magnet on its back. The unique and sturdy making makes this opener a great gift to give to a violinist. Find It Here

Back Away From The Violin Mug

Back Away From the Violin, and No One Gets Hurt’ mug is a great way to start your day with a cup of coffee and also warn anyone who might want to touch your precious Violin. The mug comes as a white ceramic mug with a high-gloss finish and black interior/handle. The image printing is done on both side. It’s a cool gift to give to a violinist. Find It Here

May The Strings Be With You Shirt

May The Strings T-shirt comes as a Funny Violin Player T-Shirt, also a great Violinist gift. The shirt is made from high-quality materials and features a lightweight design and a classic fit. It’s a great shirt for showcasing your love for the strings. It’s a beautiful gift any violinist, violin student, violin lover, or violin teacher would love. Find It Here

Best Beginner Violin For Kids

The package comes with a full-size Acoustic Violin Fiddle with Bow Case Rosin designed for Beginners. It’s made from quality basswood and blacked wood, which is safe and non-toxic. It’s a perfect piece that stays tuned to create great sounds to the untrained ear. It’s an ideal gift for a beginner or a violin enthusiast who would love to learn to play or enjoy a violin. Find It Here

Pink Violin Toy

Introduce your child in the magical world of music with this Amazing Child Prodigy Violin Toy. It comes as a high-tech musical instrument toy fitted with a dozen of music demo sounds and some flashing lights. It is super safe and durable for kids to have fun and develop a music sense. Find It Here

Toy Violin For Kids

Fun Fiddle Violin toy is a great toy to kick start your child’s love for Violin. The toy comes with three activity modes and seven built-in demo songs for your child to enjoy. It’s a battery-operated electronic Violin that requires two AA batteries (included). It’s a perfect all-occasion gift for any child who wants to be a violinist or a violin lover. Find It Here

Snark SN-5 Tuner for Violin

SN-5 chromatic tuner, a versatile clip-on mount violin tuner, features a bright, easy-to-read color display, and super-precise tuning accuracy. It also has a frequency range tailored specifically violins and works with standard and non-standard tunings. It’s compact, violinist-friendly, and available at a friendly price. Best of all, its vibration-sensing response time is quick, and the turning accuracy is super tight. Find It Here

Violin Miniature Replica with Case

The violin Instrument Miniature Replica is a perfect conversation starter or a great way to send some love to a violinist. It comes as a finely handcrafted violin instrument replica with a case. Its great detailing and craftsmanship make it a great décor piece for home or office. It’s a perfect gift for a violinist or a violin lover. Find It Here

Violin Puzzle Box

This Violin Puzzle Box comes as a beautifully handcrafted puzzle featuring carved and inlaid woods applique decor on its lid. It does also come with a central sliding lock, a sliding cover, and an inner cap to a hidden compartment. It’s an excellent piece for storing trinkets, jewelry, and other precious valuables. It is an superb violinist gift that will last a lifetime. Find It Here

Metal Music Book Clip and Page Holder

As a violinist, it’s always best to have the best time while playing your violin or practicing some new music, and this Metal Music Book Clip and Page Holder can be quite beneficial for you. It comes as an extra-strong and extra-large page market clip with velvet storage and a carrying bag. It’s also elegantly looking, versatile, and with premium quality, lovable by all violists. Find It Here

Violin Real Leather Bracelet

If you’re searching for an unusually small, elegant, and representational gift, this Fashion Alloy Violin Bracelet Multilayer Bangle Jewelry is a perfect choice. It’s made from high-quality real leather, and the violin is made from a sturdy alloy. It’s an ideal outfit accessory or appropriate gift to your lover, daughter, Fiancée, friend, etc. Find It Here

Weekly Planner For Best Violinist Gift

Scheduling your day’s plans is an important thing, especially for a violinist, and this 2020 & 2021 2-Year Weekly Planner will make it super easy. It’s a funny Yoda appointment book with a 2-year daily agenda notebook. It’s also an ultimate hourly organizer that’s simple yet effective, making it a perfect gift for a violinist. Find It Here

Violin LED Lamp

Night Light 3D Illusion Lamp is here to illuminate your study room, playroom, or bedroom with a 16-color changing LED light. With its violin fashion innovative design, the lamp brings you an artistic atmosphere with a variety of 2D graphics, accurate and highly detailed. It does create a fabulous 3D visual impact to make your room more exciting and warm. Find It Here

Violin Lamp

Give you home an extra-fashionable look with this classic bedside/table lamp featuring a country vintage style and a violin design. It comes with a durable iron base, sturdy violin-styled stand, and a fabric shade. Its size and design make the lamp a splendid accouterment for your professional office or a guest cottage. Find It Here

Violin Pin

Broadway Violin Pin is a masterful replica of a violin with an adorable crafting and fantastic detailing. The miniature comes with instrument Case making it an even cooler musical gift. It’s made of wood and given an authentic look. It’s a beautiful miniature musical instrument gift perfect for a violinist or any music lover. Find It Here

Violin and Bow Patent Prints

Want to give your Art Music Room, home, or office a new vintage look? Here are two Violin and Bow Patent Prints featuring Violin Blueprints. They are Wall Art Music Violin Poster with an old style. The artwork done the prints depicts a piece of history. It’s an excellent idea for decorating and sharing joy and inspiration with family and friends. Find It Here

Violinist Parking Sign

Quality Aluminum Metal Violinist Parking Sign is what you get when you acquire this Violin Player Sign. It’s a uniquely designed piece printed with high-quality, UV-resistant inks. The construction is weatherproof, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is a perfect Violinist Sign Violinist Gift for Violin Player. Find It Here

Iron Art Violin Clock

This Classic Vintage Old Fashion Iron Art is an elegantly designed piece featuring an iron violist figure and a clock. It’s a great home, musical room, or office decoration. It’s also a great piece that brings an artistic atmosphere to any room. It’s a perfect father’s day gift for any musician, especially a violinist. Find It Here

Violin Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Violin Pendant Necklace is here for you to make her feel special and appreciated. The jewelry is uniquely and durably crafted from pure 925 sterling silver. Apart from being durable, it’s also elegantly designed to capture attention. As a handcrafted jewelry, this piece is a perfect appreciation gift you can give to a violinist. Find It Here

Violin Brooch

This Violin Brooch Pin is an Elegant and decorative jewelry brooch made from Black Enamel Violin and Rhinestone Crystals, which decorates the bow and the scroll. It’s a great piece that will add a new personal style to your wardrobe. It’s an excellent gift for any violinist or musician to wear as a statement piece. Find It Here

Violin Picture Frame

Give your photos an extra-musical touch with this Violin Decorative Classic Picture Frame. It’s a very detailed miniature replica made from polyresin. It’s designed to hold a 5 x 7 photo. The frame comes in a beautiful box, making it giftable with direct shipping. It’s an excellent piece for hanging in a music room, home, or office. Find It Here

Trump Violin Mug

Give yourself a day-boost as you drink your coffee from this funny, inspirational ceramic coffee mug. It’s a round printed mug featuring President Donald Trump and funny, encouraging prints. It UV protected and FDA compliant. It’s carefully packaged in a durable gift box for a guaranteed safe arrival and ready for gifting. It does make a perfect gift for birthdays and also Christmas. Find It Here

Crossrock Violin Case

A violin is a unique musical instrument, and now you can keep it even safer with this Crossrock Violin Case. It comes as an ABS molded backpack styled zippered case with an elegant robot exterior design. Its interior has a hard foam core with half suspension design and deep lush lining to ensure the violin is super safe. The backpack design makes it easy for traveling. Find It Here

Violin Tree Ornament

As a Personalized Hanging Tree Ornament, this Violin Miniature Instrument Ornament looks like a real thing. It comes personalized with an engraved name or date. The piece is made from durable MDF wood and packaged in an elegant red giftable box. It does make an excellent gift for any musician, especially a violinist. Find It Here

The Violin Maker

The Violin Maker is a fantastic storytelling kindle edition that brings you an extraordinary story of the Secrets of Craftsmanship, Sound, and Stradivari behind the violin. It composes as a story as told by a journalist, John Marchese, as he shares the rich lore of the precious instrument while illuminating an art that has barely changed since the renaissance. It’s a stunning narrative gift ideal for a musician. Find It Here

Violin Salt and Pepper

Violin Salt and Pepper shaker come as a 2-piece set. The shakers are made of Dolomite material for durability. They are perfect for any kitchen or as a special gift for a family or friend, especially a musician or a violinist. The set comes packaged in a beautiful gift box, allowing you to send it as a gift right from purchase. Find It Here

Violin Socks

The Foot Traffic Violins Socks are a unique type of socks that feature violin Notes and Bars and are ideal for expressing your love of music on your feet. They are a custom blend of nylon, cotton, polyester, and spandex, which makes them soft breathable and super comfortable. Find It Here

Violin Mug

The LanHong Violin Mug is an exclusive 400ml novelty ceramic coffee milk cup with a violin designed handle. It has a super funky rock and roll violin design. Its construction and simplicity make it versatile and useful, making ideal for use as a vase, a pot, or a holder. Find It Here

Violin Bracelet

The SENFAI Violin Bracelet comes as a music-lover violin stretch bracelet ideal for use as jewelry gifts. It’s a high-quality copper bracelet with an antique bronze and antique silver. Its diameter is adjustable for any user. It comes with a gift box, and it is ideal for any occasion. Find It Here

Violin 24k Gold Plated

The Violin 24k Gold Plated Figurine is a unique rotating musical model that comes with two large plus six mini Spectra Crystals by Swarovski. The violin and its base rotate together in slow motion while the music plays. It is an 18-note musical movement that winds-up when it turns the base. Find It Here

Violin Tie

The AUSCUFFLINKS Violin Tie is a sports & Specialty necktie for men. It features a premium stitching and lining. It’s made from fabric with 1200 needle count, a high grader than a normal 960 needle count that most companies use. It’s a memorable and classy gift for any groomsmen. Find It Here

Be A Violinist Journal

The Be A Violinist Paperback Journal by Author UAB Kidkis published on October 25, 2018. It’s titled Always Be Yourself! Unless You Can Be A Violinist Then Always Be A Violinist and comes with a Blank Lined Journal to Write In and a Ruled Writing Notebook. Find It Here

Violin Music Box

The AMMOON Violin Music Box comes as a classical wind-up violin music box which comes with a rotating musical base instrument miniature. As a traditional violin miniature, it’s full of Artware atmosphere with exquisite craftsmanship and glossy surface making it perfect for decorating your desk. Find It Here

Violin Decanter

The Wine Savant Glass Violin Decanter is a 1000 ML glass decanter for whiskey, spirits, scotch, vodka or wine for music lovers. It comes as a beat Beautiful and elegant decanter shaped like a violin standing stylishly on a mahogany wood base. It’s ideal gifts for the music lovers. Find It Here

Violin Wall Clock

The Giftgarden Violin Wall Clock is a simplified, but elegant violin gift wall clock décor, great for music enthusiast gifts and violin player gift. The clock feature quartz movement for exact accuracy and adds style for room décor. It’s a perfect and unique gift idea for all occasions. Find It Here

Violin with Bow Necklace

The SpinningDaisy Silver Plated Crystal Violin with a Bow Necklace is a small cute necklace, which is an excellent gift for anyone who loves to play the violin. The jewelry is well crafted and uniquely constructed to allow you to show your love for music. Find It Here

Electric/Silent Violin

The Cecilio 4/4CEVN-2BK Violin is an electric/silent metallic violin with ebony fittings in style can be a great deal for you while practicing, performing on stage or recording in a studio. It offers excellent functionality and style. It provides all level violinists with the ability to practice confidently without disturbing anyone. Find It Here

Mechanical Metronome for Violin

The SOLO Mechanical Metronome is a uniquely loud sound metronome for violin, guitar, drum, and piano. It will help develop rhythm, maintain the tempo, play accurately, and boost your musical awareness. It comes with incredible features like an audible clock and a bell ring to keep your rhythm. Find It Here

World’s Smallest Violin

The Dengguoli Mini Violin is a dollhouse miniature musical instrument with a bow, stand support and a case. As the world’s smallest violin, it’s made from wood and features four strings. It’s 100% brand new and high quality and can be used as a collection or a decorative ornament. Find It Here

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