Who Are The Hulk’s Most Powerful Enemies?

Who does The Hulk hate the most? Who are the Hulk’s most powerful foes?

The world may never know the true answer to this question, but that won’t stop us from trying. After all, you need us to tell you who Hulk’s most powerful enemies are before answering you more pertinent questions like ‘who is the best superhero?’ There have been many people over the years looking to challenge the Green Goliath. At this point in Marvel Comic history, it’s been a while, so we need to dust off our bulky copy of The Incredible Hulk and figure out who the most powerful enemies are.

Here is a list of the Hulk’s most dangerous enemies and foes.


Emil Blonksy aka Abomination is my absolute number 1 Hulk villain and it is a fact that the Abomination is stronger than the Hulk. So you can stop arguing about it with your friends as Stan Lee said it himself. Blonksy became Abomination by accident as he was struck by gamma ray equipment when he was spying on Bruce Banner.

With the superhuman strength that he possesses, he can jump up to 2 miles at a time. The big difference between Abomination and the Hulk is that Abomination’s power does not increase with rage and his mind remains the same during transformation. Fun fact about Abomination is that his skin is green because it is covered in reptilian scales.

General Thaddeus (Thunderbolt) Ross 

When first introduced, General Ross is a military man who was an expert in weaponry and infantry. Although he doesn’t like being consulted on the project that creates the Hulk, when he encounters it, he recognizes a valuable piece of military hardware. He decides to make use of it and tries to harness its immense power.

Ross his hate for the Hulk gets even more fueled when his daughter Betty takes Bruce’s side in all of this. But he is actually blinded by the unlimited power that the Hulk holds and General Ross will stop at nothing to get that power so he can use it for his own benefit. Later on we all learn that Ross becomes the Red Hulk

The Leader

Another arch-enemy from the Hulk that we can’t leave out of this list is The Leader. The Leader is actual name is Samuel Sterns who was a janitor at the time when his body was exposed to gamma radiation. Instead of gaining super strength like the Hulk because of the radiation, Samuel got superhuman intelligence. But this came with a price, as he kept on consuming knowledge his cranium started to expand as well.

Unfortunately his emotional intelligence did not grow with him and this is one The Leader’s main weaknesses. The Leader believed with his intellect that he should rule over the human race but all know that the Hulk stopped that from happening.


We were able to witness a great hand to hand combat between Thanos and the Hulk in the Avengers movie saga. We saw that Thanos actually could take out the Hulk quite easily which is correct. But this only the case when Thanos holds the Infinity Gauntlet as without he doesn’t stand a chance.

Nevertheless the Mad Titan is an enemy that we can’t overlook in this list as he possesses exceptional strengths and qualities. Thanos who is a descent of the god-like race called the Eternals has been described as immortal and one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe. Still, he almost never existed as his own mother tried to kill him when she discovered the darkness within him.


What a lot of people actually don’t know is that Galactus’ real name is Galen. He was born on the world of Taa and therefore is also known as Galen of Taa. He is the only survivor of the universe that came before ours. We have seen Galactus doing good in the universe but even more often he would bring doom to the planets that he visits.

Galactus his power can be described as “manipulating vast cosmic power” which actually means that he can almost can control anything but also anyone. He often used his power to control people as they did his evil doing.

Red Hulk

We already talked about General Thaddeus (Thunderbolt) Ross but he is also known in his other form as Red Hulk. Ross was transformed by Intelligencia, a group of sinister super villains. While Abomination is seen as a stronger version of the Hulk, Red Hulk is a smarter version of the Green Goliath. It also took a while before the world found out that the Red Hulk was actually General Ross.

Red Hulk’s powers as more or less the same than the Hulk. He also has superhuman durability, endurance and strength. The main difference except his intellect, is that the angrier he gets, the hotter he gets. We have also seen him absorb radiation gain more powerful.


The battles between the Hulk and Wolverine have been epic so therefore he definitely should be on this list. Although they often have been allies in battle, there always seems to be a bitter rival between the two. As the Hulk is known to almost break anything, he still has problems with Wolverine’s claws and especially his unbreakable adamantium skeleton.

If you would love to get some deeper knowledge on them fighting each other, you should definitely read the Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk which you can easily find online or in the better comic book store. It is an absolute amazing story.

The Maestro

We all know that we are our own worst enemy and the Hulk had to learn that the hard way. In a distant future, Earth is destroyed by a nuclear apocalypse. The Hulk was able to survive by absorbing the radiation but it drove him mad and transformed into the Maestro that has taken control of Earth and its survivors.

The survivors / rebels who are forced under Maestro’s command were able to call in the help of the Hulk by stealing Dr Doom’s time machine. The Hulk defeated Maestro by sending him back in time right before the nuclear apocalypse and therefore changing the future.

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