Wolverine Gifts

If you’re a fan of Wolverine then you know that his powers and abilities are pretty amazing. He’s able to heal from almost any wound, has retractable bone claws on his hands and feet, super strength, enhanced stamina and is incredibly agile. All in all, he’s a superhero powerhouse!

Wolverine is one of the best Marvel characters ever created. He has been in the comics since 1974 but has also had a pretty badass film career. If you love Wolverines then you’re in for a treat, because we have put together a list of some great Wolverine gifts.

These are our favorite Wolverine Gifts

Wolverine Action Figures

Everyone knows Wolverine is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe. A Wolverine figure will be a perfect addition to your collection whether you have seen him in the comics or not. The smooth skin, adamantium claws and even more characteristics make him one of the most recognizable characters in toy-world. If you’re planning on giving a gift that can represent their favorite hero when they’re older, then a figure of Wolverine will sure to do the trick.

Wolverine Statue

A Wolverine statue is the perfect gift for a Wolverine fan. It brings two things to life: the mystique and violence of the character, and the mythos of comic books and film. In some cases, statues depict scenes from the comics in which Wolverine has encountered extreme physical harm – an image that serves as a reminder of how brutal and domineering he can be when he wants to be. Yet other statues convey the humanity of a character who has been described as a monster by some and a hero by others; they portray him as human after all.

Wolverine Funko

If you’re a Wolverine fan, there’s no better way to celebrate than with funko figures. There are numerous figures available for purchase online and in stores, including Wolverine, Deadpool, Iron Man, and more. The figures can be imbued with various effects and abilities enabling your wolverine to take on greater significance in your life. They are a great and cheap gifts for Wolverine fans.

Wolverine Omnibus

Give a Wolverine omnibus to your favorite X-Men or mutant. This volume collects all of the classic X-Men stories from across the years, plus bonus material and introductions by current writers. It’s loaded with stories about super-villains, high-tech intrigue, political drama, and even a little romance. Whether you’re reading to discover new tales of adventure or to relive favorite moments from past titles, this expansive tome will entertain and enlighten with its many twists and turns.

Wolverine Movies

A Wolverine movie should bring instant excitement. It will introduce new characters, locations and plot elements that will immediately invite you to read up on the films’ backstory. The more you know about the characters and the world of X-Men, the more fun you’ll have discovering new details about the upcoming films. Whether you’re a complete novice or a confident film buff, these movies will help you enjoy the cinema experience as much as the last time around.

Wolverine TV Series

Love him or hate him, there is no denying Logan is one of the most popular comic book characters out there. It may be hard to believe that an anti-hero could inspire such passion in many people around the world, but believe it. That’s exactly why he also got his own TV shows Wolverine and the X-Men & Wolverine.

Wolverine Claws

Who doesn’t love Wolverine? The anti-hero is one of the most polarizing figures in the Marvel Universe. While many enjoy his films, others find him objectionable due to his cruel and frequent battles with mutants and monsters. If you are one of those who thoroughly enjoy the X-Men films and comics (and by that I mean the TV show as well as the movies), then a set of Wolverine Claws is a perfect gift for your favorite fan. It will be welcomed with open arms by fans and critics alike who will surely appreciate how incredible they are.

Wolverine Shirt

When many people think of Wolverine shirts, they think of the comic book hero and actor Hugh Jackman. There is no doubt that Wolverine Shirt has my favorite super hero on it. He is one of my all time favorite superheroes and I am always willing to buy anything featuring him. If you enjoy reading comic books and want to get your hero on some shirts then this is an awesome shirt to get.

Wolverine Tin Sign

There are many different types of gifts for the avid comic book reader in your life. It may be wise to buy a gift card for a specific issue or event as they will likely want to use it on something related to the comic book they are reading. A Wolverine Tin Sign would make an excellent gift for any age group because the message behind it is universal and timeless. On our site, we feature many different types of supplies and bookmarks that can make great gifts for the avid comic book reader in your life.

Wolverine Jacket

The Wolverine Jacket is the perfect choice for those who love superheroes and comic books. It is fitted with the latest technology and has been crafted in US to combine style, comfort and functionality into one gift that is both fashionable and timeless. This faux leather jacket will look great on anyone from the 18-year-old fashionista to the 100-year-old granddad wearing his cane.

Wolverine Compression Shirt

Enjoy working out as your favorite superhero Wolverine. The Wolverine shirt is the perfect gift for any Wolverine fan, fan of action movies or simply someone who loves the ‘X-Men’ franchise. It’s nostalgic, it’s stylish and it protects against cold climates while still being comfortable. The quality of the shirt is well above average for a sports shirt and the print is crisp without being overly busy or distracting. If you’re looking for a decent gift for anyone who loves comic books or movie superheroes then this is it!

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