• Kotobukiya Wolverine (Laura Kinney)

    Kotobukiya Wolverine (Laura Kinney)

    The successor to Wolverine has arrived! Kotobukiya has created a new Bishoujo version of Laura Kinney, better known as Wolverine. This new version is stylized in a brand new illustration and is packed with details. The base of the figure features the sound of her extending her claws, making it even more realistic. Laura measures approximately 9.4” tall and is a must-have for any fan of the X-Men!

  • Sen-ti-nel Wolverine

    Sen-ti-nel Wolverine

    If you are looking to expand your Wolverine or X-Men collection, you should for sure consider this Wolverine in Fighting Armor from Sen-ti-nel. The adamantium claws he wields on his arms are enormous, and they can really hurt someone. Additionally, a height-adjustable display stand is included with the package. The details and quality are just absolutely exceptional.

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