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The first issue of X-Men was released in September 1963. The big difference about the X-Men was that were part human but also part mutant. Before that, the comic world only had humans who were bitten by spiders, millionaires and aliens.

This mutant development opened up a whole new world and the number of superpowers was now limitless.

Although the X-Men were very popular with comic readers, they even got a bigger following when the anime series came on television. To close the loop, they took the risk to bring the X-Men to the big screen and they have never disappointed as they were able to count on an incredible cast with Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan,…

Discover also cool Thor merchandise and other Marvel stuff.

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Wolverine Claws

If you’re looking for some good quality Wolverine Claws for a low price, you can stop your search now because you found them. Find It Here

Wolverine Collectible Claw Lamp

This Wolverine Claw Lamp is are really cool thing. You can separate the claws from the lamp in case of an emergency like being attacked by Sabretooth or when you have a cool Wolverine costume. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. I’m sorry bub. Find It Here

Dark Horse Deluxe Beast Statue

This statue depicts the character as he appears in the original X-men comics. It comes in a tin box and there have only been 850 models produced. A character booklet and pin button are also included. The tin box is also already a great X-Men collectible on its own. Find It Here

The Avengers vs. X-Men

Ever wondered what would happen if The Avengers would take on The X-men? Well, you can found out now in this great The Avengers vs. X-Men comic book. The book contains 384 pages so it will keep you occupied for a while. This is also definitely worthy for a movie. I hope somebody from Marvel is reading this! Find It Here

Marvel Zombies: Wolverine

This Marvel Zombies: Wolverine Statue is actually a limited edition. It was sculpted by Rudy Garcia and stands 10″ tall. This only for the true X-Men/Wolverine collectors as they don’t come cheap… Find It Here

Wolverine Bust Bank

Don’t worry about your money being stolen ever again with this Wolverine Bust Bank. It is made out of plastic and comes at a fair price. Find It Here

X-Men Beast Kotobukiya

This Beast action figure from Kotobukiya is just absolutely stunning. Kotobukiya guarantees quality and this is something we can’t ignore looking at Beast. The amount of detail on this X-Men action figure is amazing. Find It Here

X-Men: The Animated Series

The X-Men TV series from 1992 were my favorite TV show growing. Every episode, I would switch who my favorite character was. They were all so cool! It’s for me even impossible to choose a favorite episode as they were also so good. Just listen to the opening theme that we added below. You will feel like a kid in no time and all the good times you had watching this on sunday mornings. Find It Here

Magneto Kotobukiya Action Figure

While writing this post, we kept on argueing which one is the coolest. The Black Magneto or the White Magneto. We still haven’t come to an decision. The details on this Magneto action figure are just exceptional! Find It Here

X-MEN #1

If you’re looking for a good investment and you have some money to spare. May we suggest this X-MEN #1. It’s only $34,650… Find It Here

Cyclops Suit

This endoscope couldn’t be easier to use. Just plug & play. The list of features goes on and on for this product. Intraoral camera system, underwater camera, waterproof Micro-cameras, motor vehicle detector,… just to name a few. Find It Here

Magneto Helmet

If you’re afraid that people can get into your head then this Magneto Helmet is the perfect solution for you. It’s stopped professor Xavier from getting into Magneto’s head. It has an incredible design and is inspired by 90’s X-Men Comics. Find It Here

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