• Ninja Turtles 4 Player Arcade Game

    Ninja Turtles 4 Player Arcade Game

    Go old school with this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 Player Arcade Game. In this game, you take on the role of your favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character. Each turtle has its own unique abilities, and you must use these to defeat your enemies. Working together with your friends, you must work your way through a variety of challenging stages. This game is perfect for fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who want to spend time with their friends while having fun.

  • Polyjuice Mug

    Polyjuice Mug

    If you need something that will put a smile on your face every morning, you should go for this Polyjuice Mug. It is a perfect gift idea for the Harry Potter fan in your life. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Polyjuice Potion, it is a potion that allows you to transform into somebody else.

  • Kratos Headphone Stand

    Kratos Headphone Stand

    Are you a lover of God Of War? It’s one of the best games on PlayStation. It’s an iconic series that every serious PlayStation gamer has played and enjoyed. Finding a place to place your headphones can be a struggle. You want something that can hold your headphones but not stretch them out. What better way to showcase your love for God Of War and solve a problem than by getting a Kratos headphone stand. This stand makes it incredibly easy to pick up and use your headphones and it looks fantastic on your desk simultaneously. This holder is 3D printed and only weighs a total of 15 ounces. Spruce up your gaming setup with this incredible headphone stand.

  • Iron Samurai Helmet

    Iron Samurai Helmet

    Are you looking for a cool wearable helmet based on Tony Stark’s work? If so, this 3D-printed helmet is for you. This helmet is intricately designed to be the most authentic prop kit. It doesn’t matter if you want to display it on your shelf or desk or use it in cosplay, it’s the best iron samurai helmet you will find anywhere. The helmet comes in (4) pieces including the main part of the helmet, the back piece, and the ears. With minimal assembly, you get a beautiful samurai helmet that can be displayed or worn to complete the ultimate cosplay.

  • R2D2 Popcorn Maker

    R2D2 Popcorn Maker

    The Star Wars R2D2 Popcorn Maker from Uncanny brands is the perfect gift for Star Wars fans and those looking for an out-of-this-world snacking experience. This unique popcorn maker is shaped like everyone’s favorite droid in the galaxy – R2D2. This amazing product uses heated air to pop the kernels, giving you a healthy, delicious snack. It is fitted with a measuring cup to prevent overfilling, making your popcorn preparation stress free. What’s more, it is easy to use and clean. The appliance can be plugged into any standard house. It comes with a detachable lid (R2D2’s head) that can also be used a serving bowl.

  • Iron Man (Tech-On Avengers)

    Iron Man (Tech-On Avengers)

    Anyone that is an Avengers fan knows how cool Ironman figures are. This Iron Man (Tech-On Avengers) figure is no different. This figure is a collectible and it has a solid build quality and plenty of unique iron-man-specific features. With this figure, you get (2) forearm cannons, (2) hand repulsor effects, an option face, (2) foot repulsor effects, and even (2) different shoulders. It makes for one of the best and most authentic figures you will find anywhere. Whether you want a figure to play with or display, this one has everything you could want in a collectible Iron Man action figure.

  • Pepper Potts Rescue Armor

    Pepper Potts Rescue Armor

    If you’re a fan of Pepper Pott in Iron Man, then you’re going to love this 12.20 inch Pepper Potts rescue armor collectible figurine. This figurine is finely detailed and accurate to Gwyneth Paltrow’s performance as Pepper in the Iron Man movies. When you purchase this figurine, you’ll get two head sculpts that are interchangeable along with a removable mask. The helmet even comes with LED lights so you can light up the armor whenever you want. The light shines through the armor and drones. This collectible even comes with lots of interchangeable hands so you can change the pose and create different gestures.

  • Steel Bone Mecha Armor

    Steel Bone Mecha Armor

    JoyToy’s Steel Bone Mecha Armor is the perfect addition to any anime figure collection! These figures of the marine corps come with various DIY components and military machine guns. The figurine is based on popular anime characters and features modern military details. It has a 3-inch tall soldier and an 8.7-inch mechina with minute details. Each figure is highly articulated and includes a display base. You can change the pose of the soldier and the mechina. The JoyToy Steel Bone Mecha Armor is a must-have for any fan of anime or modern military action figures or you can even gift it to someone who has other soldiers of the same group!

  • Ranger Javelin

    Ranger Javelin

    Ranger Javelin is a sixth scale figure. It is a 14.2” tall articulated figure. It comes with a completely original body with more than 27 points of articulation, metallic weathering, textures, a highly detailed sculpt, and multi-layered paint application. The figure includes an Assault Rifle accessory and interchangeable hands. It also comes with LED lighting components in the eyes and jetpack. The body of the Ranger Javelin sixth scale figure is completely original. And there are more than 27 points of articulation on the body. The sculpt is highly detailed. The sculpt replicates realistic textures. You will also get an assault rifle, which is an accessory.

  • Cyberpunk Mask

    Cyberpunk Mask

    Are you a cyberpunk fan? If so, you’re going to love this Cyberpunk mask. It features a lot of the elements you would expect. It’s a luminous mask with LED lighting. That way, you can wear it and feel like you are in the middle of a Cyberpunk universe. There is a lot to like about this mask. Not only is it high quality, but it features a unique design and it would look good not only while wearing it but also while on your wall as a decoration. It’s a good gift for someone that is into everything Cyberpunk.

  • BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

    BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

    This two-wheeler BMW motorcycle incorporates a slew of new innovations, including smart clothing, a full stand without a kickstand, and data glasses instead of a helmet. This motorcycle is designed to address the needs of the future; it supports connectivity with many types of devices, and most of the motorcycle’s operations can be automated. This bike provides mobility combined with modern capabilities and digitalization to provide you with a matchless user experience. For instance, the data glasses give the user the protection they need and allow them to feel the roaring and acceleration of the motorcycle and experience the excellent feeling of wind in their hair. The body of the motorcycle, including the seat, the cover on the upper frame, and the front wheel, is made from carbon fiber. The upper part of the front wheel has a metallic reflector that shields the user from the wind when in motion. Additionally, it improves the bike’s aerodynamic qualities. The tyres are suitable for different terrains, and the handlebar allows the user to hold the motorcycle firmly when riding.

  • Scorpion XM Statue

    Scorpion XM Statue

    A Marvel collectible is one of those things you have to own. You can do this by getting the Scorpion premium collectibles. This is the perfect addition to your collection because it is a limited edition. Scorpion is a super-powered criminal menace in the marvel universe. This statue comes with the option of an alternate display because of the Armored interchangeable head. It also has armor plates for both the chest and tights. The statue is made from cold-cast porcelain which looks and feels great to touch. This is a great product to get for yourself or even someone as a gift. You are going to love this purchase.

  • Flouron Fibre Optic Headset

    Flouron Fibre Optic Headset

    The Flouron Fibre Optic Headset is an exceptional solution that can be used in a wide array of settings. Whether it is a film set, fashion shoot, or performance art, this headset is going to be a beautiful addition that plays the part perfectly. It’s elegant, offers impressive coloring, and delivers an emphatic solution that is easy to put on instantly. When it comes to going with something that is easy on the eyes and is going to remain comfortable for long periods, this is the headset for your needs. It is the perfect option for those who want something gorgeous.

  • Motast Wireless Earbuds

    Motast Wireless Earbuds

    Listen to your music the way it was meant to be heard with Motast Wireless Earbuds. These earbuds provide incredible active CVC 8.0 noise cancellation, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes or take calls without any background noise getting in the way. They also feature 5.1 Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can listen to your music without having to worry about tangled cords. With one-step pairing and smart touch control, you can connect to your device within a few seconds! Plus, they come with a 140-hour playing time and a handy carrying case, so you can take them with you wherever you go and listen to your favorite songs for hours. Whether you’re working out at the gym, traveling on a plane, or just relaxing at home, the Motast Wireless Earbuds are the perfect way to enjoy.

  • Deadpool X-Men Suit

    Deadpool X-Men Suit

    This is a figure of Deadpool dressed in a typical X-Men suit that makes him look like he belongs with the team. As you probably know, Deadpool is all about being a fun read, so having a figure out there of him dressed up like this is likely due to an interesting situation. It comes with 4 accessories so you’ll be able to play with him and display him in a variety of ways. It is 10.5 inches tall so it’s a great addition to a shelf you have set up for figures already. This is a premium toy that is sure to be a great fit with anyone that loves comics or Marvel movies.

  • Cyberpunk Mohawk

    Cyberpunk Mohawk

    Looking to make a fashion statement in your upcoming photoshoot or party? Look no further but this cyberpunk Mohawk wig is the real deal. The wig is made of computer components, both real and printed. Has rainbow colors on the circuits and bits hence suitable for parties, film productions or even Halloween. The cyberpunk mohawk wig is handmade, superior quality material and feels light on wear. Do not worry about getting the right size as it has adjustable straps which can be resized to fit your head. Get this piece for yourself or a gift for your loved ones as it sure is a cool addition to your outfit.

  • Morpheus Sunglasses

    Morpheus Sunglasses

    Are you a fan of the Matrix movies? Have you always wanted to own the sunglasses worn by various characters in the Matrix movies? Those cool Morpheus sunglasses have always been a favorite of the fans. Now you can own them too and look as cool as Morpheus. These rimless sunglasses not only look cool but they also come equipped with anti-UV coating for protecting your eyes from those harmful rays. The silver colored sunglasses are made of alloy and weigh just 79 grams. You won’t even know you are wearing glasses. Stand out from the crowd and be prepared to handle the extra attention with these affordable and durable sunglasses.

  • Futuristic Gaming Soundbar

    Futuristic Gaming Soundbar

    Gamers value an immersive experience – it’s not all about the video, the audio is perhaps just as important. This gaming soundbar delivers good looks, deep bass and midrange speakers that hit the highs, as well as the lows. The futuristic design provides RGB Lights that sync in tune with your gaming experience. Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 & wired Multi Connections mean that your audio experience is tailored to the hardware that you have available – and the 12/24H clock with dual alarms, FM radio and thermometer add to that functionality. If you are gaming on your desk, this is the ideal solution for providing crisp, clear sound.

  • Lightsaber Popsicle Sticks

    Lightsaber Popsicle Sticks

    If you are a Star Wars fan, there is no better way to enjoy an ice-cold and refreshing dessert during the hot summer months. This Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker is one of the best things you can get. This ice pop maker allows you to wield your very own lightsaber and enjoy a nice and refreshing popsicle at the same time. You can use any liquid you want to make the popsicle and the handles look just like they do in the movies. It comes with (2) Luke sabers and (2) Vader sabers. Also, it comes with a Star Wars-branded mold tray.

  • Neon Tech War Machine

    Neon Tech War Machine

    The Neon Tech War Machine is created by the Hot Toys Team as a unique masterpiece to truly amaze their fans. This figure is a fluorescent painting with delicate craftsmanship. The Neon Tech War Machine figure is specially crafted in diecast material and stands 12.59 inches tall. The figure comes with a helmet head with an LED light-up function, sophisticated streamlined armor design, movie-accurate proportion, and multi-layered waist armor. It’s armed with heavy weapons including a gatling gun, sub-machine guns on both arms, missile launchers, and a figure stand with a specially designed graphic card. Make sure to buy the product right now.

  • Ultron Mark I Figure

    Ultron Mark I Figure

    Are you a big fan of the Avengers? Who isn’t? Are you a big fan of Ultron? Ultron is one of the best villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What better way to celebrate your fandom than having a specially-designed figure stand that you can set up in your media room. This particular Ultron Mark 1 figure is around 32.5 cm tall. It’s made out of majority plastic with some rubber for flex and it looks like the real deal. The figure isn’t a complete statue with 24 different points of articulation. It’s an action figure stand that is certain to get noticed if you display it prominently.

  • Deviljho Skull

    Deviljho Skull

    If you have ever encountered the Deviljho in Monster Hunter, you probably hate the Big Green Pickle as much as we do. He always barges in at the worst time! But these days are now behind us as we killed him and asked the Admiral if we could mount his skull. We just love the questions we get from people who ask which animal this. The goal is to say Deviljho with a straight face and tell them to google it. Oh the look on their face!

  • Flux Capacitor

    Flux Capacitor

    You should have seen our editor when she found this. She is probably the biggest Back To The Future fan in the world and she went absolutely bananas about this one. We can only say that she was right. How cool is this Flux Capacitor 1:1 replica? It even comes with adjustable lights and sound. Our editor’s birthday is coming up. I had to write this while she is standing behind me right now. Please help me!

  • Pacific Rim: Extinction

    Pacific Rim: Extinction

    Pacific Rim: Extinction is a two- to four-player board game in which players fight to save humanity from the destructive kaiju, monstrous creatures controlled by an ancient race. This starter kit contains everything you need to get started. In this scenario, players control the Gipsy Avenger, one of the world’s most advanced Jaegers, as they take on the evil Shrikethorn. Choose to save humanity or destroy it as you equip your Jaegers with new weapons such as high-tech mods and experienced pilots or mutate your kaiju with strange and dangerous abilities.

  • Piccolo Tamashi Nations

    Piccolo Tamashi Nations

    If you are on the hunt for a Piccolo Action Figure, this should be it. You won’t find any more qualitative action figure that is so detailed and well-designed. When we are posting this, it is only $38 so that is a steal. It comes with a main Body, two optional heads, two left and three right optional hands so you can change his appearance so you will never get tired of him.

  • Claptrap 3D Wood Puzzle

    Claptrap 3D Wood Puzzle

    A great gift for any Borderlands fan is this Claptrap 3D Wood Puzzle. Maybe this can help, get them away of the screen but still have fun with Borderlands. This set includes everything you need to assemble a wooden, paintable, and customizable 3-D model of Claptrap, the character from the Borderlands video game series!

  • Marvel Crisis Protocol

    Marvel Crisis Protocol

    If you can’t get enough of the Marvel Universe but you realized that you spend way too much behind a screen, we have got you covered. You should give Marvel Crisis Protocol a try. With this starter pack, you get 10 miniatures that you can paint yourself and afterwards you start saving the world or lead it to destruction.

  • Pacific Rim Uprising 3D Wood Puzzle

    Pacific Rim Uprising 3D Wood Puzzle

    Although we were blown away by the first Pacific Rim movie, we are still not sure about the Pacific Rim Uprising movie. We felt that it missed something but unfortunately we can’t really explain what that is then. Nevertheless, we do like this Pacific Rim Uprising 3D Wood Puzzle that features the Gipsy Avenger. It will keep you occupied for a couple of days for sure.

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Art of the Game

    Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Art of the Game

    We played the Marvel Spider-Man video game on Playstation for hours. They made us wait for a while to have a great Spider-Man game again but they really nailed it with this one. This book is filled with over 100 colourful pictures of Spider-Man, his suit and equipment, his allies MJ Watson and Aunt May, and his deadly foes.

  • The Riddler (The Batman) Action Figure

    The Riddler (The Batman) Action Figure

    The Riddler from The Batman movie is in our opinion the most scariest version of the Riddler that we have seen so far. If you are intrigued by him as much as we are, you can now own him as action figure. As an extra, it also comes with a collectible art card with a photo and bio on the back.

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